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(This page has now been divided into 4 parts)

Baffled by Bities? Confused with Crumblies?

Let us explain!

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Acca- Academic (university-type!)
Aggro- Aggressive
Agro- Australian icon, children's TV puppet, made from a bathmat!
Alco/Alkie- Alcoholic
Akubra- Brand of hat
Amber Nectar/Amber Fluid- Beer
Ambo- Ambulance or Ambulance Officer
Ammo- Ammunition
Ankle-biter- Infant
ANZAC- Australian & New Zealand Army Corps
Arvo- Afternoon
Auntie- The Australian Broadcasting Corporation or ABC (Channel 2)
Aussie salute- Using hand to wave away annoying flies


B & S Ball- Ball held for Bachelors and Spinsters, singles crowd, often held in the bush or
remote location and often involving copious amounts of alcohol and sometimes mud!
Back blocks- Outer suburbs, beyond the city
Back of Bourke- Beyond remote outback town in northern New South Wales;
used to describe anywhere far away
Baggy green- Term for the Australian Test Cricket Cap
Bail- Depart or leave
Bail Up- To rob or hold up; bail someone up in the street for a chat
Bananabender- Person from Queensland State (Queenslander)
Barbed wire- Term for XXXX beer
Barbie- Barbecue, the backyard barbie, an Australian institution!
Bargain- Exclamation showing approval
Barney- Argument,fight
Barrack- Cheer loudly for your favourite footy team
Barra- Barramundi fish
Barro- Embarrassing
Bathers- Swimsuit
Battler- Someone who struggles to get by, financially, against the odds
Bean counter- An accountant
Beanie- Woollen hat
Beaut- Beautiful, good - "You beaut!" (also 'Bewdy')
Bender- Heavy drinking session
Berk- Idiot, fool
Berko- Go berserk, mad, crazy
Betcha- I bet you!
Biffo- A fight
Big bikkies- Lots of money
Big smoke- The city
Big sticks- Australian Rules football goal posts
Bignote- A bighead
Bikie- Motorbike rider
Bikkie- Biscuit
Billabong- Waterhole
Billy- Tin used to boil water for tea, in the bush
Bingle- Car accident
Bit of a brothel- A mess!
Bities- Biting insects
Bitser- Mongrel;'Bitser this, bitser that!'
Bizzo- Business
Black Stump- Non-specific place in the outback
Blob- No runs in cricket- 'out for a blob'
Bloke- Man,guy
Blokey- Male domain, male-orientated
Blotto- Drunk
Blow-in- Newcomer
Blowie- Blowfly
Bludger- Lazy person
Blue- Argument, fight
Blue Heeler- Term for an Australian Cattle Dog
Blue swimmer- $10 note, blue in colour
Bluey- A redhead! Or a swag
Blundstones- Elastic-sided work boots - 'Blunnies'
Boardies- Board shorts (for surfing)
Boatie- Person into sailing
Bonza- Great!
Boofhead- Idiot
Boomerang- Scheme which backfires on you; originating from the Aboriginal weapon
made from a curved piece of wood which returns when thrown in the air
Booze- Alcohol, normally beer!
Booze bus- Police vehicle used in Random Breath-Testing exercises
Booze cruise- Boat trip along the river either stopping at various pubs
or offering plenty of alcohol to onboard passengers
Bottleshop- Liquor store, off-licence
Bottleo- Bottleshop
Bozo- Idiot
Brekkie- Breakfast
Brissie- Brisbane, Capital of Queensland (Also Brizzie)
Britney Spears- Rhyming slang for beers - "Couple of Britneys, mate"
Brownnose- A creep or crawler
Brumby- A wild horse
Buckley's- No chance!
Buck's night- Stag party
Bum- Buttocks
Bunch of Fives- Fist
Bundy- Dark rum from Bundaberg, Queensland, sugar cane region
Bunyip- Mythical Australian creature with a piercing cry
Burl- Attempt, try
Bush- Outside the city
Bushed- Tired
Bushie- Member of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Bushman's brekkie- To have no breakfast!
Bushranger- Highwayman (eg. Ned Kelly)
Bush Telegraph- 'Grapevine', word-of-mouth
Bush tucker- Food gathered from nature, in the outback
Bushwalking- Hiking in the bush
Bust a gut- Work hard


Cab Sav- Cabernet Sauvignon wine
Cabbie- Taxi driver
Cack- A cackle, have a laugh, or someone with a sense of humour!
Cadbury- A cheap drunk (As in the Chocolate ad: " A glass and a half" )
Camo- Camouflage clothing
Cancer stick- A cigarette
Cas- Hospital Casualty ward
Cask- Boxed wine in a bladder
Castle- Cricket stumps
Cheerio- Cocktail sausage, also means 'goodbye'!
Cherry Ripe- Chocolate-coated cherry bar
Chippy- A Carpenter
Choof off- Leave, depart
Chook- Chicken, term of affection, 'Chooky'
Chrissie- Christmas
Chuck- To throw, or be sick
Chuck a spaz- Be angry (Also 'chuck a mental')
Chuck a U-ie- Make a U-turn
Chunder- Be sick, vomit
Coathanger- Nickname for Sydney Harbour Bridge
Cobber- Mate, friend
Cockie- Cockroach or Cockatoo
Coldie- An ice-cold beer
Compo- Worker's Compensation pay
Convo- Conversation
Cooee- A call used to find someone lost in the bush
Cool Bananas- Everything's great, fine!
Cop out- Give up or in
Cossie- Swimsuit
Couch Potato- Person who watches TV for long periods of time!
Country mile- A great distance
Cow juice- Milk
Crash- Go to sleep, often at someone else's house!
Crash hot- Wonderful, the best
Crim- Criminal
Croc- Crocodile
Crock- Nonsense, rubbish
Crook- Ill, sick (or thief)
Croweater- Person from South Australia
Crumblies- Elderly parents
Cuppa- Cup of tea
Cushie- To have it easy
Cut lunch- Sandwiches


Dag- Idiot, or unfashionable person, wearing 'daggy' clothes / hairstyle (from sheep poo stuck to it's wool = dags)
Daks- Men's trousers
Damper- Bread made from flour and water on a campfire in the bush
Date roll- Toilet paper
Dead horse- Sauce
Deadbeat- Tired
Deadcert- Definite, certain
Deadhead- Good-for-nothing person
Deadset- Truthful
Dekko- Take a look
Dero- Homeless person, derilict, hobo
Didgeridoo- Aboriginal musical instrument made from a hollowed log
Digger- Australian soldier (usually WW1 vets)
Dill- Idiot
Dinkie-Di- Genuine, honest
Dipstick- Stupid person
Dob in- Inform on someone (Dobber = Informant)
Doco- Documentary
Docs- Doctor Marten boots, popular in Australia especially amongst young people
Doona- Duvet, quilt
Doozey- Something nice or pleasing
Down Under- Referring to Australia or the South Pacific region
Drink-link- Cash machine(ATM)- a source of cash for buying beers
Drizabone- Brand of waterproof wax coat
Drongo- Idiot
Duck- No runs in cricket
Duck's dinner- Drink of water, with nothing to eat
Duds- Trousers
Dunny- Toilet, referring to the old outdoor unplumbed variety


Earbash- Non-stop chatter
Ekka- Exhibition
Esky- Insulated cooler box
Exsie- Expensive


Face Fungus- Moustache or beard
Fair dinkum- Good, honest, truthful
Fair go- Reasonable chance
Fairy bread- Children's party food favourite - bread and butter with 100's & 1000's on top
Fam- Family
Fang- Snack, lunch
Fang Carpenter- Dentist
Fang it- Drive fast (inspired by Fangio)
Farnarkel- Mess around, talk rubbish
Feed- Meal
Fess up- Confess, own up
Fireie- Fire fighter
Five-finger discount- Act of shoplifting
Flannie- Flannelette shirt
Fleabag- Term for the family dog (non-pedigree)
Floater- Meat pie served with mushy pea soup
Folkie- Person into Folk music scene
Foodie- Person interested in fine foods
Footie- Regional term for either Australian Rules Football, or Rugby League or Union!
Fossil- Geriatric, old person
Franger- Condom
Freddo Frog- Small frog-shaped chocolate bar for children
Freebie- Something that costs nothing
Freshie- Freshwater crocodile
Fruit loop- Idiot
Full-on- Expression of approval or surprise; intense
Furniture- Cricket stumps
Furphy- Rumour or lie

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