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Lagaan's Forecast June forecast by Bejan
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Astrology, Tarot & Numerology provide you with the most comprehensive forecast for the millennium.


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What does your future hold? Wish some crystal ball could tell you all? Well, astrology can provide you with some answers. We bring you the best of this ancient science.

Hora Chakra : Know the best day & time to begin anything

Predictions consitute the bedrock of astrology. Keeping that in mind, Astrospeak deals with several forms of predictions viz, Tarot Cards, Sun Signs, Numerology ( the science of numbers) and the I-Ching (the Chinese system of astrology)

To add to the allure of astrology is the Bhrigu Samhita, an astrological classic written by 'Maharishi Bhrigu' during the Vedic era. For centuries, Brahmins have observed the guidelines mentioned in it not just to foretell the present and future but also to look back into events of the past. Later, this form of prediction became popular as 'Jyotish'. 

The Lal Kitab is an all-embracing book which touches upon palmistry, remedial measures to day-to-day problems and birth-chart interpretations.It is said that the solutions and remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab are infallible. Their accuracy, however, can only be found out by checking out the predictions.

In the Vaastu Shilpa segment, Astrospeak brings you a summary of the principles of vedic architecture and tips on how you can enhance your well-being by following certain rules of planning and layout.

And that's not all !

Check out the depth of your love for your partner in the Astro Fun section by 'ticking on' to the Lovemeter. Added to the old favourites are some new attractions: Mantras & Shlokas, Gems & Stones, Zodiac Compatibility; Prashnavali and much more. Read about Feng Shui - the ancient Chinese practice of arranging one's physical environment to maximise balanced energy-- or find out how wise our ancestors were while deciding on their dwelling in an article on Vaastu.

Keep the doors of your mind open to more from India's most exhaustive site on astrology....


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