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:  READ THIS before posting if you cannot PUBLISH
Before you post about your 204/201 and whatnot publishing/uploading error, please check out existing threads on the subject. And read my little rant.


Would you people please stop moaning and groaning about no help coming, nobody caring about your problems, blogger not being "up to it", etc?

Blogger is a GREAT FREE service.

Just don't expect a great free service to be flawless at all times and fix glitches within the next half-hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please be a little bit grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what is going "wrong". Patience is mother of all virue ; ) - and calmness comes next.

As somebody said, the blogger team is rather small right now. And if I've read Ev's site right, he's either on the plane off for the week-end, or sleeping. I'm not sure which way his last post is to be interpreted.

The problem will be fixed, don't worry. It most probably has to do with Ev's tweaking of the publishing UI. Just publish later, and in the mean time get some quality time off your computers ; )


[oh, and if you think this message should be read by others, just stick your whining as a reply to it, that will keep it up at the top of the threads. Now off you go.]

Take care all of you,
Tara Star [5/12/2001 12:46 AM]

i guess people will get get mad no matter how much or little the actual cost is for the service.
arianna [5/12/2001 1:05 AM]

'the blogger team is rather small right now'

Is one person even considered a team?

gary [5/12/2001 1:25 AM]

Oh, and I think he missed his flight because of all this. If not, that means he posted from the plane, which would be really cool, but not probable.
gary [5/12/2001 1:27 AM]

It's frustrating, no matter what the reason but still nice to know WHY we can't publish. For me anyway, it's comforting to know it's not user error! Feedback is a good thing.
Andrea . [5/12/2001 9:06 AM]

I admit, it's annoying that Blogger seems to be having stomach pains, but I understand that this is a FREE service and that problems are bound to happen. Hopefully this "Error 210" type deal stops, 'cos I've tried everything from signing out repeatedly to disconnecting and then reconnecting. Nothing works. I hope it's fixed soon.
Nataku no Miko [5/12/2001 11:22 AM]

Yo! Put a post up on homepage: "System Down."

How hard is that?
janie angus [5/12/2001 12:04 PM]

I agree with ya, it's free, so snags are to be tolerated - Ev's done great by us all so far, no reason to think ill of him or the service. HOWEVER, a list of error message definitions somewhere on the site would be greatly useful, so we could find out if the errors are something correctable on our end or not. There used to be a list like this - what happened to it?

dave [5/12/2001 12:09 PM]

Tara, Very well said. Blogger is free, available and working right MOST all the time, and when it doesn't - remember - it's ONLY a blog. It's Only a blog. It's only a blog. Sometimes, it's when Blogger is down that I realize I MUST get out and see civilization. So, I'm out the door. If you're letting the 210 blahs get to you ---- Go enjoy the day!
Published By Mike Swickey at [5/12/2001 2:08 PM]

Nice idea Dave, List of errors and what not. If I were Ev, I'd take that into consideration.
david =T [5/12/2001 2:55 PM]

I would pay for the service if it worked all the time.
andrew hoshq [5/12/2001 3:05 PM]

There is already a list of errors:


Of course, it won't help in this case.
gary [5/12/2001 3:22 PM]

Janie, posting on the homepage can only be done by Ev.

I'm not Ev.

So posting on the homepage is impossible for me.

Did you like my syllogism?
Tara Star [5/12/2001 3:35 PM]

umm - i get a bit rantlike towards the end of this. :)

i assume Ev missed his plane and caught a later one because he hasnt had a chance to fix our little problem.
i understand that there is only Ev to fix it so i am mumbling to myself about the evils of the blogger servers but not whinging about Ev because he's a champ and i know he'll fix it when he gets back.

and regarding this comment
"Yo! Put a post up on homepage: "System Down."
How hard is that?"

i'd say pretty hard if you arent near the computers running blogger and having a bit of a rest. one person works on blogger. one. he is not there with the computers right now. so go whine to your toaster because nothings getting fixed till Ev's back on the scene.

hope you enjoyed your break Ev because you're coming back to hell. :)
rebecca jordan [5/12/2001 3:47 PM]

Of course RIGHT ON TOP of the home page is a request from Ev that people let him know if there are problems.
Derek Lyons [5/12/2001 4:09 PM]

Well. I do not doubt that he'll notice there is one when he comes back. Seeing the number of messages in discuss, there must a proportional amount of mail on the topic in his inbox...

ugh : (
Tara Star [5/12/2001 4:18 PM]

{{{{{{{hugz Ev}}}}}}} My post can wait!! There is life off the net! Live it!!
Da Mama [5/12/2001 4:48 PM]

wow, there isn't a little bit of angst going on here or anything.

i was hoping some of this information might be useful. sadly, no. i'm really quite sure that all the people who came to this page came here looking for a solution, not in an attempt to gang up on Ev or cause a mass uprising or anything. there's really no reason to be condescending to us all just because we're posting about the problem and seeing if anyone has an answer-- the only thing we CAN do at this point.

that WOULD be the point of this troubleshooting thing, no?
Amanda Hope Smith [5/12/2001 4:51 PM]

Aiya, far too many people like to complain about these things, ne?

It's free. It's a good service. Dang, it's a -great- service. You don't like it? Pack up and go.

I myself adore blogger and have waited through every upgrade period, every little server mini-malfunction since I joined. Even when all my friends started whining and complaining, I just sat there and waited.

And, you know what? Blogger has -always- come through for me. And it will in this case.

Patience is a virtue. Be patient and Ev will get this little error fixed up and the service running.

There, my useless little tirade on the matter.
Kirana Kitano [5/12/2001 4:53 PM]

Here's a novel concept. If Ev needs help, why not ask? I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses blogger that has multiple years of sysadmin experience (some of them running websites with millions of hits per day) that is currently underemployed and would be more than happy to volunteer services to keep blogger free and reliable...
Chris Sullivan [5/12/2001 4:53 PM]

I don't think it's whining to expect your publishing system to work when you go to publish. Who said anything about expecting this to be "flawless"? I still like Blogger, but just because something is free does not excuse it from working at all. I've already gone to publishing manually.
Love The Wife [5/12/2001 7:25 PM]

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