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Making Hooker History:
Porn Star Sunset Thomas Puts Out
At The Bunnyranch Brothel

--Interview by Rick Sandack--

Page 2 of 2 | What are a few of your favorites?

Latex and Sex by Michael Ninn. I liked the storyline...and the sex scenes were cool. I also liked Sunset's Gang Bang. It was really cool. I did a double penetration with Peter North and Sean Michaels in that one, and those two are the biggest guys in the business. Sean was in my ass and Peter was in my pussy. That was hot. They had hard dicks the whole time. It was easy, fun, and the money was good...and I came too many times to count.

Any favorite female performers?

I like them all. Nina Hartley's great. The first time I had sex with a girl, actually, was when I was seventeen. I moved out of my mom's house and was rooming with a pretty redhead. We'd buy porno movies and watch girl-girl scenes, because I knew I liked women even in high school. So at one point I asked my roommate if she'd ever thought about being with a woman. She said yeah, that she'd had thoughts about it. Then I wanted to take a shower and asked her if I could use hers instead of mine. She said there was no problem, and after I got in she got in with me. I was very scared. She washed my back and I didn't know what to do, so I got out real quick. Then she followed me into my bedroom, we smoked a couple of doobies, lit some candles to make it romantic, and eventually started kissing and caressing each other. She went down on me first...I came real fast. Then I ate her and thought, 'Okay, this is a different taste,' and as she started coming, the taste just got sweeter and sweeter. I pretty much got used to it after that. Now I love it! We even took candles and jammed them in our pussies. That was a mistake - they melt inside your pussy. To this day I think of that every time I see a candle.

What's a major turn-on to you these days?

I love getting my toes sucked. They're the most sensitive part of my body. It makes me very horny. Now my new kick is being on top. Maybe it's a control thing. I also like it when a guy comes on my face...not in my nose or eye, though. And I like to swallow; like when I'm home and not feeling good, I'll jerk off Zach and have him come in my mouth and swallow it. It makes my stomach feel really good. Plus my husband is very sexual. He likes it five times a day, but he don't get it five times a day.

What do you find most attractive about him?

I like his pretty blue eyes. He's gentle and dresses in nice suits. He's someone I can really talk to. I can be myself around him...and he's great with his tongue. I mean, he's got a tongue that doesn't stop. And nothing perverted bothers him. Like one time I did him and his brothers and one nephew. I liked it. And you could tell they were brothers because their dicks were the exact same size. It was pretty freaky.

So who came up with the name 'Sunset Thomas'?

Zach did. We were driving down the road eight years ago and he said, "You know what, honey?'re pretty as a sunset" - and it stuck. Then I was trying to figure out a good last name to go with it and 'Thomas' just popped up.

And you've been popping up guys ever since.

Yeah, I love it, especially when I lap dance. Certain clubs let you sit on their laps. I like feeling cocks getting really hard. I also like talking to them as I give them a lap dance. I'll get really close and whisper something in their ear like, "You know what I'd like you to do? I'd like you to take your big hard cock and stick it in my nice wet pussy, and as you start fucking me harder and harder, I want you to look down at your cock and see my pussy lips going in and out of your cock. And as you keep fucking me, you can feel my hot pussy juices coming over your cock. And then you know what I want you to do when you're ready to come? I want to take your cock and cram it up inside my pussy and shoot your load so that I can feel you pulsating inside of me." And they're like, "No shit, Sunset?...You want another lap dance?!"

And how do you feel knowing guys all over the country are whacking off to you?

I think it's awesome...that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. Lonely guys who can't really get anyone, or are worried about contracting diseases, they can go home, pop in a video, and jerk off to me.

Besides your videos, what materials do you sell your fans?...panties, bras?...

All of the above. I had a fan who wanted to buy my panties with my pussy juices dried up in them, so, hey, I sold them for thirty dollars. And a lady fan wanted a brush with strands of my hair in it, which was kinda weird. One time I was on the road and a fan at a club asked me to cut off some of my pussy hair so he could put it on his beer cooler. I cut off a few and he paid me fifty dollars. But, you know, fans are the ones who really keep me in this business. I thrive off their attention. And out of respect and concern, I give it right back to them. And I really do eat it up, instead of acting like some porn stars who think their shit doesn't stink.

Any last thoughts on being the first adult film actress to openly admit to working in a legal brothel?

I just want to get close to my fans...and you can't get any closer than that. And, yes, I do expect to come - I mean, I'd be pretty disappointed if I didn't.

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