Technical Details

for the Info Network

Server-Side Technologies

The Info Network is written in AOLserver TCL with the PostgreSQL database. It is run on a Micron 266Mhz server running RedHat Linux. Our Internet connection is a DSL line provided by Cais Internet and supplied by Covad.

Client-Side Technologies

The site uses cookies to keep track of users and for password protection. Otherwise, the site is fully-compliant HTML 4.0 Transitional. Thus, it works with any browser, regardless of age. Consistent with our content-focused philosophy, our site does not include any needless graphics or poor design.


While we strongly recommend that everything is kept on our server, the full source code to the site is available. The site is under the Anti-Copyright License, thus, we request that you submit all changes to us so that everyone may benefit. However, we advise against duplicating the Info Network on your own server, and thus splitting the content. We will not guarantee support for those who decide to do this, however, we do require that you submit all modifications to us. - the info network

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