T H E   B A N D
L I L Y   L A Z E R
M I G E   A M O U R

G A S   L I P S T I C K
Z O L T A N   P L U T O

Instrument: Vocals
Birthday: 22.11.1976
Sign: Scorpio
Brothers/Sisters: Mige&Linde
Pets: Gas&Juska
Favourite film: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas
Lucky number: 0
Favourite city: Necropolis
Favourite dish: Body of Christ
Favourite drink: Blood of Christ
Special interest: 1980's, Mige's photography, The Origin of the Blues, Eastern European Folklore, Enochian, Malleus maleficarum
What I don't like: The Beatles, red meat, the misuse of mind altering substances
Idols: Gene Simmons, Edgar Allen Poe, Rauli Somerjoki, Clint Eastwood
Best song ever: Sininen uni by Tapio Rautavaara