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    Did ANYONE attend the Pistols tour in 1996?

    I thought it would be amusing to see the Sex Pistols Reunion Tour. (I often have bad ideas!)

    Since I lived North of the Mason-Dixon line in 1977, I was unable to see the first Pistols tour. I still don't understand they played venues only in the Deep South, but Malcolm McLaren has made more money than me promoting punk, so I dare not question it.

    I liked the quote from John Lydon that the Pistols sort of just *fizzled out*, and that wasn't a fitting end.

    I think fizzling out was the perfect ending for them.

    I called Next Ticket. A scripted voice explained that Sex Pistols tickets were available for a date, at a specific venue, for a price, VISAŽ preferred.

    My mind popped! I see incongruity in the idea that the Sex Pistols prefer we purchase tickets with VISAŽ. Weren't they into the whole swindle thing? Credit cards kinda fly in the face of their message. I think it's odd that VISAŽ would even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Sex Pistols.

    Then it hit me: A TV commercial for VISAŽ!

    Long shot of the stage with the Pistols performing live.

    Voice over:
    The Sex Pistols have reunited and are taking the world by storm, bringing their own special brand of anarchy and excitement to venues all over America. You can't miss this tour. And when you go, remember to bring your VISAŽ card, because the Sex Pistols don't take no shit, and they don't take American Express.

    A close-up of Johnny singing Pretty Vacant.

    Voice over:
    VISAŽ, the official credit card of the Sex Pistols.

    Even though I have a VISAŽ card, I didn't buy tickets for this show. I changed my mind! Thanks anyway.

    Where are the links to Reunion Tour concert reviews?

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