The Fanfiction of Rachel Nobel

Facing November (160K)

SUMMARY: "Paper Hearts" retold from an alternating
first-person point of view.

Feared Drowned (6K)

SUMMARY: First-person Scully. A dock. EMTs.
Waterlogged Mulder. And the title says it all.

If At All (9K)

SUMMARY: Scully reads the file documenting her abduction
(spoilers for "Duane Barry"/"Ascension"/"One Breath").
First-person from her point of view.

The Last Meeting Place (15K)

SUMMARY: "Gethsemane" never happened; this is a very,
very post-"Demons" alternate ending to the fourth season.

Not Fade Away (23K)

SUMMARY: First-person Scully during and after "Kill

One Small Step (9K)

SUMMARY: Scully reflects on the passage of time -- and Mulder.
Set during the C-word arc.

Silence On the Moon (10K)

SUMMARY: Mulder's thoughts as he sits by Scully's side during
"One Breath."

Torn and Most Whole (24K)

SUMMARY: It's Christmas, it's angsty, it's redemptive, and
Mulder and Scully are both there. From Scully's point of

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