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"I am notifying you that I have sold my Acuscope from the internet listing. So please change the internet listing to reflect the fact that the equipment has been sold. It was a great way to sell a piece of equipment. I got many inquiries. Thanks, Ciara Gail, N.D".


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Posted July 2000

  • To all those practitioners who are interested in providing in-house colon hydrotherapy to their patients ......I am selling a never been used, still in the original box, Dotolo Toxygen colonics machine. The list price for this machine new is $ 4500.00. I am selling this unit for $ 3500.00. I am willing to "haggle" with the price to an intereted buyer. If you want more specific information about this machine you can call Dotolo at 1-800-237-8458 (the model # is B-SC-UV). To purchase the machine please call me (Jann Gruska) at 480-966-9686 or you can email me at This is a great therapeutic modality to offer in your practice and can quickly pay for itself.

Posted July 2000

  • Leica Microscope objectives for sale:
    -- PL fluotar 100x / 1.30 oil
    -- HC PL fluotar 10x / 0.30
    -- HC PL fluotar 5x / 0.15
    -- PL Fluotar 2.5x / 0.07
    -- N Plan 2.5x / 0.07
    reply to

Posted July 2000


Posted: June 2000

  • Chattenooga manipulation table- refurbished, looks brand new. Hydraulic lift, lumbar lift/ descend, adjustable head rest, arm rest. I am leaving the area and unable to take with me. $1,200 firm
    Call 206-232-4515 for more info.

Posted: June 2000

  • Precision Microcurrent unit for use in frequency specific Microcurrent treatments. Includes: One set of new pads, vinyl gloves, 2 pairs of silk glove liners, laminated protocol charts, and video instructions which show protocols being used. Just $2,250. Call 503-684-7851 or

Posted: May 2000

  • Clinic Closing, EAV Screening Device for Sale, A Listen System. Almost new. Complete with manuals, video, and text book. Increase your revenue while better serving your clients. Test for parasites, food and environmental sensitivities, candida, nutritional deficiencies and much more. Call 416-530-5956 for Samantha for more information. Asking $15,000 or best offer. You can visit <> for information on EAV systems.

Posted: February 2000

  • VVegatest Expert For Sale. Complete with test kit of 150 food vials. Purchased 9 months ago for $7000.00 but now they sell for close to $8,000.00. Will sell for $6500.00. Please contact me at email address:

Posted: January 2000

  • Medtronik RM10s. Less than 1 year old. Used for EAV, Vega, and tooth potential testing. Brass (for EAV) and silver electodes (for vega) and tips included. Small medication test adapter included also. 3 vial test sets (allergens, tox, and organ) from apex. Unit is totally portable and operates off AC or battery pack. $2200 for all or make offer. Call (512) 374-0999 or email

Posted: January 2000

  • Biopath Listen System using electrodermal screening. A great way to test for allergies of all kinds. Excellent practice builder- $2500.
    Ultrasound/EMS combo unit- $800.
    Biodynamics Body Composition Analyzer (bioimpedance method)-$800.
    Detecto balance beam scale-$200
    Pharmacy items (e-mail me for a list of supplements and herbs). Dr. Craig Baldwin 206.720.4761 (home and fax)

Posted: December 1999

  • FOR SALE - Natural Pharmacy incl. supplements, homeopathics, etc. Detailed list available w/ email inquiry BioElectronicsVincent [BEV] lab analyzer of physiologic terrain of blood, saliva and urine. Measures pH, resistivity and redox potential. Includes 2 electrodes. Mint condition. $6,500 obo. Chiropractic adjustment table with lumbar drop, very good condition gurney with IV pole, very good condition mahogany rolling file cabinet, very good condition framed artwork, wide variety
    Call (425)450-1550 for Dr. Beverly Yates. Fax: (206)782-3908 Pacific Time Zone. email:

Posted: September 1999

  • I have in possesssion one Biozone H.O.T Ozone generator for sale. Can be used for full blood-ozone application (auto hematherapy) or rectal insufflations. An invaluable state of art German precision machine. Compliment any surgery or domestic situation.Had little use since purchased 5 years ago. Pictures and price available upon request. Email me at - purozone@those

Posted: September 1999

  • For sale: Bio-energetic screening computer system. Includes furniture, sample set and training in use. Asking $5,090.00 but willing to negoetiate this price. Please call Carol at 406-721-1187 if you are interested. Thanks."

Posted: March 1999

  • I have a Zeiss KF-2 microscope for sale. I purchased it in Germany in 1986. It has four objectives. One is phase-contrast 40X, another is oil-immersion 100X. The microscope has hardly been used, and is in excellent condition. The original 220VAC power supply was removed, and a 12VDC supply installed instead, for use at a remote location. This modified power supply (mounted in the base of the microscope) can be powered by a small 110VAC-to-12VDC transformer.
    Also included are the focusing eyepiece for the phase contrast, a cleaning kit, a dissecting kit, a plastic covering cloth, and a Zeiss carry-case. This carry-case is also original equipment. It is in good condition, but the little steel closures on the outside are slightly rusted, and should be replaced. This latter is the only flaw in the system.
    The microscope is standard Zeiss construction (grey baked enamel on metal), and looks brand new. I will guarantee its excellence. If you wish to make an offer, I can provide additional information, along with pictures via email.
    Contact: Robert Tkoch, 334 State St. #106, Los Altos, CA 94022 USA, tel. 408-221-3588, email:

Posted: February 12, 1999

  • SRS - "Perry/Orion Teacher" surface EMG unit with 4 channel, Movement over Time, and "Teacher" software. Uses "Perry" Vaginal or Anal Sensors to treat Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction (efficacious, non-surgical Tx for Urinary or Fecal Incontinence) & surface electrodes for sEMG Biofeedback and Assessment. Has had little use (as teaching tool) , and is complete with Kodak Printer and carrying case. New cost over $10,000 . Asking $3,500 or OBO
  • BMR "Neurotech 16" Electrostim Units 8 channels, fully programable, office E-stimulators. 2 Units: 1 new and 1 with little use (as teaching tool) New cost was over $1,500 each - Asking $600 for new unit, $400 for used unit.
  • BMR "NT 2000" Electrostim Unit small 2 channel, fully programable device Very little use as demo unit. Cost new over $500, Asking $200,. Contact: Patrick Barron, ND, Oviedo Physical Medicine, 1-800-400-1892

Posted: February 2, 1999

  • Electro-Acuscope 80 for sale.  Used and in excellent condition.  I have original owner's manual, new battery, and few new probes.  Asking $1700, open to offers. Ciara Gail, N.D. , Phoenix, AZ, 602 946-5253, e-mail

Posted: January 30, 1999

  • Ozone Machine: Biozone HTU500 Ozone Generator. Includes tubing, diffuser, destructor, plexi-glass stand, oxygen tank, regulator and manuals. Originally paid $2,500.00 Canadian dollars. Hardly used in new condition. Open to all offers. Contact Dr. Doug Lobay ND, 210-1980 Cooper Road, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 8K5. Phone # (250)-860-7622. E-mail

Posted: January 17, 1999

  • Used electronic microanalyser "CAMEBAX  SX  50" for sale. Manufactured in 1988. $ 100 000.
    Contact Roman Eismont, email:  Fax: 7 812 249 5114

Posted: December 31, 1998

  • I have a number of treatment tables for sale in our huge warehouse full of surplus medical equipment from hospitals, clinics, labs & doctor's offices. These table range in price from $175 to $325 each. Excellent condition. Also have a large supply of used office furniture on hand. Marie Bjorklund, email: . BestUse, 8124 304th Avenue SE, Preston, WA 98050, Toll Free: 888-878-6874, FAX: 425-222-9678

Posted: October 8, 1998

  • Aloka SSD-500 ultrasound for sale. Sony printer, trackball, separate power supply and cart. Can be set up for OB (just need 5mghz transducer), presently has 7.5mghz transducer for musculoskeletal evaluation, small parts. $13.5k. Contact Rick Marinelli (503)644-4446. Email

Posted: September 28, 1998

  • For Sale: Canon 1520 copier and stand works fine. $200.00 Contact Muriel Anderson at 206-726-0034, email:

Posted: August 22, 1998

  • Microscope for Sale:  Leica DMLB microscope with dark field, phase contrast, and bright field combination condensor.  Hitachi video camera and connector cables.  $10,000 Canadian which is less than $6500 US at today's exchange rate.  Contact Peter at 705-789-6751. email:

Posted: July 17, 1998

  • Vega Machine For Sale. VegaTest II complete with carrying case, extra hand electrode, instruction manual (Short Manual of Vega Test), test kits and 114 food vials. $2,000 for the whole kit and kaboodle. Remember, Vega units are no longer available in the United States. Save yourself the expense and hassle of importing a Vega unit (and avoid the possibility of having the unit confiscated at the border). Contact: Michele Goodwin, N.D. 555 Soquel Ave., Suite 260-H, Santa Cruz, CA 95062; (408) 459-9206 email:

Posted: March 26, 1998

  • 1) Basic MacRepertory 5.3 for Windows 95 - including many extra repertories and Materia Medicas, License, Dongle,etc. $2,300 value for only $800.00
    2) Vega MIDITEST set 702 with 4 vial boxes and many test sets- complete set-up, $4,800.00 value for only $1,800.00.
    If interested, send e-mail to or call Dr. John Turetzky at (808) 487-8833 or fax to (808) 487-8859.

Posted: February 1, 1998

  • FOR SALE: Elmed Diathermy machine, excellent condition. Originally costs over $4000. Will sell for $2000 or best offer. Drs. Connie and Marcel Hernandez, (650) 857-0226 or e-mail

Posted: December 27, 1997

  • Are you interested in purchasing a relativley new AVITAR EAV diagnostic unit? This machine is state of the art EAV testing and is a good adjunctive source of revenue to a medical practice (We typically charge $100.00 per session). The machine is easy to use and office staff can be trained to use the machine effectively, while the doctor is seeing other patients. We are looking for someone to take over our lease. The monthly payments are about $260.00 (buy out cost is about $11000) We aleady have some equity invested. Contact Geoff at (425)820-4148

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