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When all is said and done a game is only as good as the units you get to play with. Sacrifice has gone out of its way to give us the most unique looking set of creatures this side of a Lewis Carrolls breakdown. With names that confound (Rhinok, Ikarus, Frostwolf) and models that defy description Sacrifice will have many a player dying horrible deaths because they are marvelling at the wonder of their own troops (My vote for coolest is the Ikarus-trust me)


Martin Brownlow - Lead Programmer
Eric Flannum - Lead Designer
Jon Gwyn- Character Modeler

GP: With 50 unique creatures where do you start? General look? Names? Colors?

Jon: We started with the look. There are several models that are deviations on the same theme, so once the overall shape was determined, that creature could then be redesigned to fit into the other 4 slots. The names were unimportant to the development process mostly, but we did all know them by names that have been completely replaced for the final game, so the new guys have no idea who were talking about when we say "Klappon", Hosebat, stomper..etc.

I developed a color scheme for the different creatures based upon the god they serve. Its not obnoxious and bright, but you should recognize the bluer creatures as being Stratos, and the green tinted ones as Persephone, brown as James, red orange as Pyro, and purple and bloody as Charnel.

GP: Which inhabitant of the Sacrifice world are you most proud off?

Jon: I really like the Dragonfry. I wanted to do a different dragon for each god, and I thought that a Chinese dragon would be cool for Pyro. He has rows of paddle like wings on each side of a legless hornet type body, with the Chinese New Year dragon as a head and the garish color. He's animated brilliantly with his wings doing a sine wave as he floats above the ground. He's really awesome and big.

GP: Which one would you least want to meet in a back alley, when you owe them money?

Jon: Probably the Rhinok. He's the earth dragon and is a really tall and mean customer.

GP: Is it harder to name the creature or design it?

Jon: It depends. A lot of times a design idea will just flow out and you donít have to think about it at all, whereas you can agonize for hours over a simple name. Do you want the name to describe the creature shape, its ability? is it silly or already taken. Sometimes the design springs from what you consider to be a cool name. They help each other out.

GP: What will be the maximum population each player can support in a game?

Eric: The maximum population is really determined by the map. In general we have to think of our low end systems where this is concerned so you will tend to have anywhere from 40 - 80 creatures total (not per side) on any one map.

GP: Which is the most powerful inhabitant?

Eric: Actually this depends almost completely on what situation you find yourself in, But I find that I am partial to the Silverbacks when it comes to overall power.

GP: If you could only use one unit per god which ones would they be?

Eric: This is very hard to answer because I have many favorites, but the final creatures for each of the gods are very spectacular when you finally see one. These would be:

Charnel - Hellmouth
Stratos - Silverback
Pyro - Phoenix
Persephone - Dragon
James - Rhinok

GP: Which unit(s) is/are you favorite(s)? Did I hedge that question enough?

Eric: The Ickarus for sheer comedic value!

Martin: Ikarus. That guy is just so funny looking, and moves in the most amazing way. Jon and Manjit (modeller/animator) both outdid themselves on this character. And it'll only get better when the voices go in :)

Jon: - dragonfry, spitfire, scarab, frostwolf.



God James in action

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