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                M  I  S  S  I  O  N    S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T
                20010308 BETA v.1.3


New Hack City is:
  • a hacker collective - hackubator of dangerously curious minds
  • a workshop - facility for techn0muhlogical endeavors
  • a group of friends - hugs, music, and an occasional shindig Philosophy We believe in collaboration. Our core assumption is that by pooling talents and resources, we can produce cool stuff. We choose to follow our own enthusiasm wherever it may lead. We don't suffer from the profit motive, so we often wind up someplace unique. We pursue projects because they pique our curiosity-- not because they might generate cash, or make us famous, or get us laid. We believe that the best teacher is hands-on experience. Experience helps us differentiate between how something is supposed to work and how it *really* works. Discovery, exploration, invention, and expression: it's what we call Hacking. This is what makes us "New Hack City." Current Objectives
  • Providing access to technologies of all kinds We have broad tech interests-- and we like to share them. We are interested in the vanguard of computer networking, vintage technology, and even art, music, and other stuff seemingly unrelated to computers and networks.
  • Enabling research & development We like it when we can help people discuss new ideas, test theories, or just show off something cool. We are happy to serve as a proving ground for new inventions.
  • Ongoing improvement of New Hack City Our success as a hacker collective is gauged by how well we meet the continuing needs of our membership. Constant assessment and renewal of our organizational and physical infrastructure helps us to create an environment that is accomodating, efficient, and stimulating.
  • this mission statement will self-destruct in 30 seconds