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Table of Contents

I.   Enforcement

II.  Procedures
        Enacting New Policies/Rules/Procedures

III. Affiliation
          Member Status Assignment Procedure
          Member Status Deposement Procedure
          Contributor Status Assignment Procedure
          Contributor Status Deposement Procedure

IV.  Facilities
        Door policy
          doorentry.allow List Additions
          doorentry.allow List Removals
          doorentry.deny List Additions/Removals
        Media Access
        Guest Access
        Living at New Hack

V.   Monthly Meetings

VI.  Network Usage Policies

VII. Network Policies

I.   Enforcement

It is duty of all Members and Contributors to enforce and adhere
to all of the rules in this document. This document is to be
publicly accessible, so that the rules may be enforced with

II.  Procedures

Rules are good, up to a point. We need rules so that our
membership (new and old) can agree on where we draw the line and
they let everyone know where they stand.

Therefore, we should consider the following whenever a proposed
policy is under discussion:
  1.   Does the policy attempt to solve a problem?
  2.   Is that problem important enough to deserve its own policy?
  3.   If followed, will the new policy fix the problem?
  4.   Are we willing to punish members for ignoring this policy?

If the answer is "no" to any of those questions, then we should
ditch that policy.

General Basis of Rules:
  1.   to protect each other
  2.   to protect our equipment, projects, and privacy
  3.   to protect New Hack City

Enacting New Policies/Rules/Procedures:
  1.   New policies are created by the voting membership.

  2.   Policy proposals may be made and voted on at monthly
    meetings or in email sent to the appropriate internal mailing

  3.   New policies require a simple majority of the voting
    membership for approval, unless any Member registers an
    objection. In which case, the new policy requires 2/3 
    approval of the membership.

  4.   Once a policy is approved, it is added to this document.

III. Affiliation

We have limited facilities and resources, so we cannot include
everyone. Our goal in detailing the roles and categories of
membership is to avoid any bruised egos or lame wishy-washy
talks. Everyone involved with NHC should have a clear
understanding of their relationship with NHC-- no one should ever
wonder if they are a member or if they are allowed to be at NHC.

NHC maintains public lists of members, contributors, and alumni.
These lists are to be consulted to resolve access or privilege

There are three categories of NHC humans:
  1.   Members - The people that run the city.

  2.   Contributors - People who have been invited to use the

  3.   Guests - "Please don't touch that."
Members are active parts of NHC-- really that's important!

New Hack members should take seriously their duty to remain
active and contributing to the city. Membership is not a sign of
eliteness or status! Rather, it is a statement of commitment and
sincerity. Bleed for the city and the city will bleed for you.

Members that have to take hiatus or reduce their involvement
should make clear to the NHC community their intentions (email us
and let us know what's up).

Members that clearly and substantially fail to attend to their
duties should not expect to hold their membership benefits
forever (though probably for a long time). Inactive members are
still members, they're just inactive.

  Member duties:
     ·  All members are expected to attend meetings.
     ·  All members are expected to contribute to NHC: money,
       talent, equipment, as the case may be.
     ·  All members are expected to work on projects.
     ·  All members are expected to know and abide by NHC rules.
     ·  All members are expected to inform the contributors & guests
       of NHC rules, and regulate appropriately.

  Member benefits:
     ·  All members are entitled to vote in NHC meetings.
     ·  All members are entitled to receive NHC meeting notes.
     ·  All members are entitled to use NHC network facilities.
     ·  All members are entitled to come to NHC at any time.
     ·  All members are entitled to a key, even if only on a need-by-
       need basis.
     ·  All members are entitled to bring equipment to NHC.
     ·  All members are entitled to a permanent workspace (desk,
     ·  All members are entitled to an account on the user box and
       space on the webserver.
     ·  All members are included in the appropriate internal mailing
     ·  All members are entitled to bring guests to NHC.
     ·  All members are entitled to propose people for contributor

  Member Status Assignment Procedure
  To all members, an existing member must propose membership
  status assignment with explicit and clear reason. Two other
  members must issue explicit statements of support (second and
  third) with clear reason. If a significant portion of active
  members voice approval and there is no serious objection, the
  candidate for membership will be added to the appropriate
  lists and an announcement will be made to all contributors.

  Member Status Deposement Procedure
  First a member must propose deposement, with a 2nd and a 3rd
  (with reason). Then, an ugly debate should occur, with
  everyone feeling really guilty and uncomfortable. The debate
  should be open to at least all members (minus the one being
  Deposement will proceed if: All active members express either
  support for the deposement or no-objection (abstain). or if:
  An absolute majority expresses support for the deposement. The
  member should have access restricted at this point.
  Before the deposement is considered complete a meeting must be
  convened open to all members and contributors to discuss the
  deposement. This must be open to the person that is being
  considered for deposement. This may be piggy-backed on the
  monthly meeting.
  If serious cause is presented, members will reconsider
  deposement after the meeting.

Contributors are people who make limited use of the NHC
facilities but are not members. A contributor is someone who is
clearly and explicitly invited by a current member of New Hack
City to make use of the facilities or collaborate on projects.
Contributors implicitly include the members' significant others
and sometimes close family.

Contributors are not entitled to propose people for contributor

  Contributor duties:
     ·  All contributors are expected to know and abide by NHC
     ·  All contributors are expected to inform other contributors &
       guests of NHC rules, and regulate appropriately.

  Contributor benefits:
     ·  All contributors are encouraged to attend meetings (although
       sometimes members may conduct closed meetings).
     ·  All contributors are entitled to receive NHC meeting notes.
     ·  All contributors are encouraged to contribute to NHC: money,
       talent, equipment, as the case may be.
     ·  All contributors are listed by name on the doorlist, and can
       come to NHC whenever someone is there to let them in.
     ·  All contributors are encouraged to work on projects.
     ·  All contributors are entitled to bring guests to NHC.
     ·  All contributors are included in the appropriate internal
       mailing lists.

  Contributors are not entitled to, but may possess on a case-by-
  case basis:
     ·  A key.
     ·  The ability to vote in NHC meetings.
     ·  A permanent workspace.
     ·  Accounts on the user box.
     ·  Space on the webserver.

  Contributor Status Assignment Procedure
  For a member to propose someone to be a contributor, s/he
  notifies members by email, waits for approval, and after a
  reasonable time, adds them to appropriate lists). In the proposal email
  the member must explain why s/he wants them to be a contributor. If
  nobody disagrees within a reasonable period of time, then we've got a
  new contributor. If anyone objects in email, the proposal is tabled
  until the next NHC meeting.
  Contributor Status Deposement Procedure
  There are two mechanisms for deposing contributors:
     1.   As a general matter of housekeeping, a Contributor is
       automatically deposed to alumni status when s/he fails to
       participate in New Hack City for an extended period of time. When
       this form of deposement occurs a member should take them off the
       access list and send an email to the contributor in question,
       CC'd to all members and contributors.
     2.   An active Contributor may be deposed by members. In email
       (sent at least to all members) or in a fully attended meeting,
       one Member must make the suggestion of deposement with an
       explicit and clear statement of reason. This must be supported by
       two other members (both with statements of reason). If serious
       object occurs an argument ensues.
       If there is no objection by other members the contributor
       is to be informed and if suitable moved to the alumni
       list. Additionally, an announcement is to be made to all
       contributors as to the fact of and reasons for
       deposement. Members should be prepared to discuss the
       deposement at the monthly meeting, however individual
       members have the right to anonymity of statements voiced
       only to members.

Guests are anyone else who steps foot in New Hack or uses NHC
facilities/services. Unlike Members and Contributors, guests are
not "part" of New Hack. Guests are not expected to contribute to
the city or vest any affiliation with New Hack. Guests are not
expected to know or be familiar with our policies and rules,
however they are required to adhere to them-- this of course
means that guests must have a host (member or contributor) who is
responsible for ensuring that they abide by NHC policies. Guests
are expected to be respectful and chill, yo.
[See: Facilities - Guest Access]

  Guest duties:
  ·  Be respectful of people at NHC trying to do work.
  ·  Be chill, yo.

  Guest benefits:
  ·  [This Space Left Intentionally Blank]

IV.  Facilities

These policies are simple things that, if always kept in mind,
will keep the city running like a well oiled hand job.

Door policy
  1.   Never let anyone in that isn't clearly supposed to be there.
    Only people on the doorentry.allow list should be permitted to
    enter the facility unchaperoned!

  2.   Guests may be admitted only by their chaperone or an
    explicit proxy of their chaperone.

  3.   If somebody shows up at NHC and they're not on the doorlist
    do not let them in.

  4.   If somebody is hanging out at New Hack.. and you don't know
    them (and they aren't the guest of someone present) ask them to
    leave. Call the cops if you need to-- cause that's trespassing!)

  doorentry.allow List Additions
     1.   All members and contributors are to be on the
       doorentry.allow list.

     2.   Alum may be added to the doorentry.allow list by any member
       without notice.

     3.   Members may add people to the doorentry.allow list after
       informing all members via email (and receiving no serious

     4.   Contributors may propose additions to the doorentry.allow
       list to the members.

  doorentry.allow List Removals
  Members may remove at anytime any non-member/contributor from
  the doorentry.allow list. This action should be followed by an
  email of notice to members and contributors.

  doorentry.deny list additions/removals
  Members may add/remove people to the doorentry.deny list only
  after notifying all members via email (and receiving no
  serious objection).

Media Access
The NHC members may grant permission (as a group decision) to
certain media entities to record on the premises. NHC should be
provided with copy of any content published in any medium that
originated at or by NHC. Media is restricted to the "social area"
of New Hack City. Work areas are not open for record or witness
by media agents or entities. Journalists should sign the media
access policy.

Guest Access
Guests should be accompanied by a Member or Contributor. Guests
should not be left alone by a Member or Contributor (except for
limited short periods of time-- run out to grab coffee or what have
you). Hosts are responsible for seeing that the Guest obeys all
New Hack rules and policies. There are no implicit guests-- no
general guests of New Hack. If you let them in, you are their
host. Guests should not interfere with the productivity of
members or contributors. [See: Affiliations - Guests]

Like media restrictions no guest is allowed to record images of
any sort outside of the "social area". Workspaces are not open
for record by guests, even during public events.

Public parties will only occur after planning has been completed
and the party discussed at a monthly meeting.

Living at New Hack
No one under any circumstances is permitted to live at New Hack
City. However, it is okay to take a nap or crash on a couch (if
you have been working on a project all night, etc.).


V.   Monthly Meetings

A quorum is reached when 6 (or half, whichever is lower) members
are present. The meeting may progress only with a quorum.


Monthly meetings are open only to members, contributors, and
specifically invited guests.


VI.  Network Usage Policies


VII. Network Policies