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"I had companies in my portfolio that were pre-revenue that were worth four or five times what his company was worth..."

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Alsop full interview (audio & transcript)
An interview with venture capitalist Stewart Alsop and Progress Software Corp. CEO Joseph Alsop.
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Is there a new economy?
TV clip: Stewart and Joseph Alsop discuss the myths and realities of the new economy.

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The new economy, defined
TV clip: Stewart and Joseph Alsop define "new economy."

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Post-crash rationality
TV clip: Stewart and Joseph Alsop on post-crash rationality.

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The dot-com bubble
TV clip: Stewart and Joseph Alsop on the dot-com bubble.

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Spinoffs and R&D;
TV clip: Stewart and Joseph Alsop talk about spinoffs and R&D.;

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What's the next big thing?
TV clip: Stewart and Joseph Alsop predict the next big thing.

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