Hi there. You're at Bak's FT3 home. What can I say about FT3??

Everybody knows that Triton guys are inactive (from demoscene i mean). The 23/05/99 this message was published at Starbreeze:
FT2 has been put on hold indefinitely. Most of you've probably figured that much out already since pretty much nothing has happened over the last year. We have to face the fact that it's impossible to maintain the program while I run Starbreeze and Fredrik is working at Ericsson. We're considering a public release of the source-code so that others can take up the trail where we left off, but so far we've not decided how, when or if this will be done. If this was an ideal world, where there was infinite time and no need to make a living, there would definitely be a multiplatform Fasttracker3. Unfortunately this world is nothing like that.


As you can see a FT3 coming from Triton is something impossible so I decided to make my own FT3 version, for me, and for every Fast Tracker 2 lover out there.

[Here] you have a beta version. The program has a lot of bugs and is still unfinished. But with your support I hope it will be finished soon.