A Brief History of Foxborough

"How can you know where a community is going, unless you know where it's been?" ... Jack Authelet, Foxborough historian

A sign of the times ...

This was one of the two original Foxboro Signs located at the north and south end of the Foxboro Common. They were created in 1936 and remained on the common until 1978.

At that time, they were replaced with this version of the sign, in place until 1996, when they were replaced with brick message boards. However, the sign pictured above was restored and still stands on the east side of the common today.

The information you are about to view, is a very small sampling of an electronic slideshow that was created as a class project by a Foxborough High School Personal Computer Use Class. This project was requested by the Foxborough Savings Bank, who wished to have a computerized pictoral history of the town on display in its lobby for its patrons. The project was presented to the Bank's Board of Directors, and to the public, in the Spring of 1996.

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