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june 28, 2001





U of T, faculty association and law prof reach agreement
Fact-finding into possible influences on grade misrepresentation comes to an end

June 18, 2001 -- The University of Toronto has reached an agreement with the U of T Faculty Association and law professor Denise Réaume that ends any further inquiry into possible influences on the grade misrepresentation by 25 first-year law students. Following is the University Administration's statement:

1. The University of Toronto, the University of Toronto Faculty Association and Professor Denise Réaume have resolved their differences arising out of the events occurring at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

2. The University of Toronto accepts that Professor Réaume did not counsel or intend to counsel students to cheat or otherwise commit an academic offence. No student who has committed an academic offence has implicated Professor Réaume in the explanation of their conduct.

3. The University regrets having named Professor Réaume in the media and on its web site in connection with events at the Faculty of Law. Professor Réaume is an accomplished academic and the University apologizes for any harm caused to her reputation for integrity.

4. Notwithstanding that there are views to the contrary, the University's administration believes that Professor Réaume's remarks to her class were inappropriate.

5. However, the University reaffirms its commitments to principles of free speech and academic freedom which include the right to "raise deeply disturbing questions and provocative challenges to the cherished beliefs of society at large and the University itself."

6. The work of the Law Fact-Finding Committee will be terminated. The University will not be proceeding with any further investigation.


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