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By popular demand, Ice Age has been moved to the front of the summer schedule. Starting as soon as possible, the full story and additional features will be added to this site. Check the Upcoming Page for the revised schedule.

I have been deluged with emails about this, so let's set the record straight:
1. Yawgmoth was a planeswalker in pre-revisionist history. Now The Thran has messed around with the story and says he isn't, but this site is only concerned with what happened before the "Weatherlight Saga".
2. The listing under "Home Plane" means the planeswalker's base of operations, not his place of origin. Thus, although Yawgmoth came from Dominaria, he operates from Phyrexia. Similarly, Serra and Feroz were not born in Ulgrotha, but they spent a great part of their lives there-hence the listing.
Did you know...

Barl, the Lord Ith was the great leader of the Council of Mages. During the Dark Ages, he was imprisoned by the evil Mairsil but escaped, avenging himself and leading Tivadarís Crusade with the wizard alliances against the goblins and orcs. The revolution was short-lived, however, and failed to prevent the further desecration of Terisiare and the rise of the Ice Age. Note: This storyline is pre-revisionist history and was rewritten in the novel, The Gathering Dark.

Update: 10/8/99
The Dominian Planetarium is open here. See as-close-as-possible and in some case official representations of what planets such as Phyrexia, Rath, Dominaria, and Cridhe look from space. Also includes geographic notes on the planes and their moons.

Update: 8/2?
The fiction section is open, here. We're offering two stories right now, based on Arabian Nights and Homelands, with several more to come. Also, there's a better interface now, with complete links to all major pages in every section.

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