Ninpen Manmaru Project
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Welcome to the Ninpen Manmaru Project, the aim of this is to get the game translated into english. This project is by Simon Fang (translator) and Alex Kid (hacker).
Updated 16th May 2001
As you can see the web page is a little simple, but i do it up later.

What is Ninpen Nanmaru?

Ninpen Manmaru is a 3D platform game for the Sega Saturn. It was made by Enix and Tam Tam.
It is based on the comics (manga) made by Mikio Igarashi (Gangan Comics) . There is also some animation, but i have never seen either.

What has been done so far -
*Located the text for all story sequences.
*Worked out how to use all English fonts in 16x16 format.
*Worked out the pointer including the timing system.
*Done a test version to make sure all runs well, it does. But no screen shots to show yet, i don't have any screen capture device nor digital camera.
*Got a translator Simon Fang. If you want to talk with him, send him an email
*Translation finished.
*Worked out the correct way to hack it, made it even easier.
*Finished hacking and made a beta version. I will release a public version once the game has been tested.
*Released a P.I.Y. based on the beta version of the hack.

Patch It Yourself

If you already have the Ninpen Manmaru game you can now patch it and make it into english.
The P.I.Y. files - beta v0.2, please read "Biblio.txt" for my notes.
To learn how to use the P.I.Y. please click here

I need help!

Does anyone know how to hack a "grp" graphic file? I have no idea. Here is an example fo the file,

If anyone is feeling artistic, a small "Ninpen Manmaru" banner to put on top of the page would be nice.

Also if any one is can figure out how to make a patch file for a 50MB iso file, please tell me. Then i can make a patch to show what i have done so far. Don't worry the full game will be put on the net when the hacking is done.
Please email me if you can help :)

This site was made by Alex Kid.
It was started on the 22nd Feb 2001.

Ninpen Manmaru Enix / TamTam, 1997