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Duane Turner in the SOD house car is the 2001 Burcher
Motorsports points Champion!


---Last Update:  April 4, 2001---

Limaland Motorsports Park is now on the Tracks Page!

Look below to download the SOD series, and the SOD cars. For the series to work, you must download the entire SOD carset. Then you also must start a new career, then the series will be listed at the bottom. To download the items, simply click to download, then select open, and unzip. All the files will unzip in the proper folder ready to race. Any problems, e-mail me.

For a complete listing of SOD drivers, results, schedules and other information
on the Michigan based series, visit the SOD home page



Directions For Use:
  • Click drivers name to download skin in .exe format
  • After download, click open, then unzip.
  • All skins painted by Duane Turner unless otherwise noted
  • you do not need "x-font" for  the skins on this page. However you may need it for other skins from other web sites. You can download x-font here. X-FONT. This should unzip in the proper folder, if it does not, go back to your "data" folder, create another folder called "car fonts", inside the car fonts folder, create another folder called "x", then inside the x folder, place the x-font entitled "font.tga". 
  • If you need further assistance, please e-mail me, or visit for a complete guide to installing skins. Find the Sprint Car section, then click Guides.
  • If you want to try your hand at painting cars, there is a template below to get you started. The zip file includes a diagram of what parts are what, and skins.str file that is needed for each skin.


Click here to Download the 15 race SOD series! (40kb)
You must have all 38 SOD skins installed for series to work!

Click Here for the Complete Carset! (2.46 MB)

Click here for non SOD cars, painted by Duane Turner


New SOD House car. Simply click picture to
download and it will replace the old car!

Aaron Call

Jimmy Johnston

Jeremy Campbell

Andy James

Gregg Dalman

Steve Irwin

Sean Robinson

John Naida

Eddie Smith

Dain Naida

Fred Bliss

Wayne Morrison

Craig Keel

Jerry Whitney

Jim Dayton

Kyle Sauder
2ssnap.JPG (8340 bytes)

Mark Irwin

Jim Wohlfeil

Frank Taylor

Gary Hayward

Jim Payne

Stephan Perlmutter

Bill Johnson

Leo Smith

Kyle Poortenga
84snap.JPG (9017 bytes)

Jimmy Turner

Keith McCreedy

John Hawk

Dave Davis

Tom Fedorczyk

Cody Smith

Rick Branham

Jim Goetgeluck

Jimmy Jackson

Doug Deuel

Carl Fry Jr
57snap.JPG (8753 bytes)


SOD House Car
2.jpg (32020 bytes)

Tom Lowe




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