iMesh-Sharing the world

A new exciting 2.20 Beta iMesh version is out!

Download files in the speed of light!!!
The new iMesh version has improved downloads which will allow you to get your files quickly with no interruptions and disconnections.
Download iMesh now and discover a whole new world.
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SandBar Internet Multimedia Remote Control
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The sandBAR is the world's first and greatest Internet Multimedia Remote Control. It features many of the top Internet applications all in one easy to use package.

Wanna share, search and download files, directly from one desktop to another?

With iMesh you choose the files you want to download and share. The iMesh unique technology lets you download your files from several users at the same time. When you disconnect from the Internet or close the iMesh application, all your partially downloaded files are saved, to be resumed from the exact place they stopped next time you connect.

Come join our community and discover a whole new world with iMesh - a world of sharing.

download iMesh

download iMesh

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