Neil Madden

I am a student at the University of Nottingham, England, studying for a BSc in Computer Science. Before this, I did a year working at IBM Hursley Labs, where Paul Duffin introduced me to the world of Tcl. I now try and use Tcl as much as possible for my coursework, before converting to Java.

I have started a page on AI with Tcl at Artificial Intelligence with Tcl. Please browse and add changes. My ultimate intention is to collect as many ideas and routines, and then package them up as a sort of "easy-AI" package, which I will then release to the community.

For more information about me, visit my homepage at - a commercial site, but my Uni homepage is now no longer visible to the outside world.

I am currently working on a CGI IDE for Tcl and I am quite excited about it. It uses various bits and bobs from other packages to create a really useful IDE, which allows you to see the output of your code, and to generate code from desired output. Once I get it running well and figure out all the licenses for the different parts (they all look ok), then I'll release it properly.

Tcl is taught on my degree course, along with Perl, but viewed as very much second rate to Java, and Haskell which are what we are pushed towards. But I will fight!

27/5/2001 - New Tcl related things I am working on:

- Tcl CD Audio Package for UNIX. A simple extension to allow Tcl scripts to play audio CDs using the CD-ROM drive. Uses the libcdaudio library. Available from Currently at version 0.1 (usable, but you have to be careful about passing valid file descriptors (causes segfault otherwise :-( ) - A Haskell binding for Tcl. Still in preliminary stages. I am trying to use haskell's Foreign Function Interface to expose the Tcl C-API to haskell, thus allowing you to embed a Tcl interpreter in Haskell, and write Tcl extensions in Haskell. For more information on Haskell (a very modern functional language), see

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