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1995 Passages Year in Review

The world lost talented people from all walks of life in 1995. CNN Interactive's Passages takes a look back at the lives, contributions, and legacies of many of them.
- 1995 Highlights -

Politics Year in Review


For a non-election year, 1995 was a tumultuous 12 months of politics. The year began with a legislative blitz and ended in a partisan stall as Republicans and the White House staked out positions on the budget.

The balance of power in Washington shifted even further to the right as a record number of legislators, including 12 Senators, announced plans to retire. Sex and financial scandals rocked several political careers.

President Clinton's resurgence in the polls, revived his moniker, "The Comeback Kid" and Newt Gingrich held on for a wild ride. The race was on for the White House as several candidates hit the campaign trail and others stepped off.

Scorekeepers might have found that the Republicans and Democrats claimed an equal number of victories and embarrassments in 1995. In other words, it was politics as usual.
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Sports Year in Review


When it comes to asking people to pick their top 10 sports stories of the year, the only thing that is consistent is inconsistency!

So, having said that, here is our humble but subjective opinion of what we think were the top 10 sports stories of 1995 -- starting with number 10 and working our way to the most important story of the year. Agree or disagree, but enjoy!
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World News Year in Review

World News

The winds of war died down in 1995, as cease-fires ended the bloodshed in Bosnia and slowed the fighting in the breakaway Russian republic of Chechnya. There were also signs of progress toward peace in the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

It would be the first Christmas of its kind in Bethlehem and the first time in a long time that peace reigned on Christmas Day in Sarajevo.

It was a year in which divorce was sanctioned in Ireland, and within the halls of Buckingham Palace. It was also a year that Israel's prime minister would die with a song of peace on his lips.
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U.S. News

U.S. News Year in Review

Tragic, frustrating, shocking, addictive ... those are words that describe the year's top stories in the United States. From the Oklahoma City bombing to the verdict heard round the world in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, U.S. headlines have stunned as well as captivated. As 1995 comes to a close, Americans find themselves in the middle of a second government shutdown and at the beginning of a peace mission in Bosnia. Here, you'll find the stories that we believe helped define 1995 in the United States.
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Business Year in Review

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1995 has been a year of record stock prices, tumbling interest rates, and slowing economic growth. Political revolution branded the landscape in Washington, and corporate evolution made it a record year for mergers. It was a bustling year for Asian business as well, while in Europe change was the keyword. Can't remember everything that happened? Here are the most memorable events in the world of business for 1995.
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Science & Nature Year in Review

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If this were Trivial Pursuit, the category would be Science and Nature. And you would have to answer a question like, "What was the magnitude of the earthquake that struck Kobe, Japan?" But lucky for you, this isn't a game, and you don't have to know the answer. It is right here for you to peruse, along with other tidbits of the scientific and/or natural kind from 1995.
- 1995 Highlights -

Showbiz Year in Review

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According to Forrest Gump's mom, life is like a box of chocolates -- and in the entertainment world, it was hard to say what you were going to get in 1995. Tony Bennett won a Grammy, Miss America is keeping the swimsuits, the Beatles are back and a new James Bond took to the silver screen.

But some of the biggest news was the creation of mega-media companies as ABC/Capital Cities joined Disney, Westinghouse united with CBS, and Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner announced a merger deal.
- 1995 Highlights -

Other Retrospectives

For a point-and-click look at some of CNN Interactive's top stories, check out the CNN Interactive Timeline. (Graphics intensive, and requires a tables-capable browser.) A text-only version is also available. Or you can take your own unguided tour through the last several months by using our search engine.

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