It was a 13-year-old boy who gave JAS a fantastic present!

JASb777.gif Mr. Watanabe is in the 2nd grade of middle school living nearby Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. He loves airplanes so much that he could guess the kinds by just listening to the sound of engine flying over his home. He found about the competition in the newspaper, and got the application form right away. He finished designing within a few hours.

He thought that the symmetrical design would not be interesting, so he designed on the whole body as a ribbon winding around from the nose to the tail. Nobody had this idea, and it became the brandnew marking design to be introduced.

��The judges' comments

Akira Kurosawa
The youngsters' unrestricted idea is fantastic. It will be interesting to see how this unsymmetrical design will look like from all the direction.

Masuo Ikeda
The idea is unique, yet it also has orthodox composure.

Kenshi Hirogane
Unlike the mascot plane, the design will not become weary for a long time.

Yoshiko Sakurai
Flying in this plane will feel like a heavenly maiden wearing a rainbow robe of feathers.

Yusuke Kaji
It follows the design of Akira kurosawa, but it surpassed Kurosawa's design with his unique idea.

2nd grade of middle school in Hokkaido
Masatomo Watanabe

Rainbow777 Grand-Debut!

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