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Creatures 3

Reviewer: Rita Courtney
Reviewed Date:

If one word could describe a game, the one for this game would be CUTE!


Click for screen shot 1 of Creatures 3
Click for screen shot 2 of Creatures 3
Click for screen shot 3 of Creatures 3
Click for screen shot 4 of Creatures 3
Creatures 3

Publisher: Mindscape
click here for complete game info page

GZ Review Ratings:
 Game Play 8
 Graphics 7
 Sound 8
 Difficulty 7
 Concept 7
 Installation Easy
 Overall 8

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Creatures 3

You want to create something but you aren't sure what, so you go to the computer and see what's there. AH HA! Bells ring and lights flash as you see the game Creatures 3 pop up on the start menu, it's just what you wanted!! You can create your own little creatures (called Norns) on your own little world.  You can hatch them yourself or start with a pre-hatched pair. Whichever option you choose, they are still yours to name, teach and care for.  The ones you hatch are a little more difficult because you have to teach them everything, just like you would a baby! 

The keyword here would be patience, because as with anything that's brand new (like a baby) the little creatures learn by repetition and sometimes it seems they will never learn! They do grow up, however, and will soon create their own little Norns! So, get creative here, think of names for your world and your Norns and wander off to a land that you created. There are alot of places and things for your Norns to visit and do and many other creatures for them to meet and interact with.  Beware though, as with any world there are dangers that can sneak right up on you! 

If one word could describe a game, the one for this game would be CUTE! It's a great interactive game with internet options if you choose to use them. It also has plenty of room for everyone to create their own worlds and the option for you to password protect your world if you don't want anyone to see what you are up to!  System requirements aren't too bad and installation was a breeze. The graphics are very good, as were the sound effects (especially the giggle the Norns have when you tickle them). The instruction booklet included with the game is very helpful and concise, which always makes things a lot easier. 

The only problems I had with the game were the facts that your Norns will die after about 7 hours, and it seems to take forever to load a newly created world (but I'm an impatient sort anyhow!).


Game play: 8
The Norns are captivating

Graphics: 7
 A little spread out, but good.

Sound: 8
You will want to giggle right along with the Norns

Difficulty: 7
Patience is the key here.

Concept: 7
You definitely get involved in creating you own world!

Overall rating: 8

Game worth VS actual cost: If you enjoy this type of game, it's worth it.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95/98
Pentium 200 MMX (or equivalent)
350 MB free hard drive space
DirectX compatible sound and graphics
2 MB 16 bit SVGA Display (800x600 resolution minimum)
4x Speed CD ROM
Windows compatible Mouse and Keyboard

Test System:
CPU - Pentium Pro RAM - 64MB
Video - ES 1869 CD - 32X
Hard Drive - Award OS - Win 98
Sound - Audio ESS Tech. ES-1869 Modem - 56K

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