Miscellaneous Anson County Records

Miscellaneous records collected over the years. The following are abstracts of names mentioned in the following wills.

Will of Phillip Henry, October 1847, Anson county, NC
daughter Jane Huntley, wife of Robert Huntley
daughter Martha Lockhart
daughter Matilda Grooves, wife of Phillip Grooves
daughter Elinor Flake, wife of Thomas Flake
"beloved" Temperance Jackson, wife of John Jackson
son William K. Henry
son Benjamin D. Henry
son Andrew J. Henry
son Phillip Henry

Will of Charles West, July 1857, Anson county, NC
daughter Fanny
daughter Nancy Henry, wife of Reuben Henry
granddaughter Caroline
son Hampton R. West

Will of John C. Henry, April 1873, Anson county, NC
daughter Martha I. Henry
wife Lottie E. Henry
son Walter S. Henry
son Ernest E. Henry
brother Joseph Henry

Will of Reuben Henry, April 1880, Anson county, NC
son Hampton P. Henry
son E.M. Henry
son Julius A. Henry
son Furman D. Henry
daughter Cornelia A. Carpenter
daughter Dora Rushing
daughter Jane Rushing
daughter Elizabeth Bodnhiemer
daughter Jane M. Carter
granddaughter Ellen J. Bird
friends as executors E.G. Flagler and B.F. Clark

Will of Henderson D. Seago, December 1856, Anson county, NC
will divided "among daughters of James Seago, Irpie Seago, Jerimiah Henry and William Henry".

Will of Victoria Z. Henry, January 1912, Anson county, NC
nephew Boyce Henry
nephew Ossie Henry
nephew W. Coxe
nephew U. Coxe
nephew W. Coxe
niece Mary Coxe Ratliffe
also named but relationship not identified:
J.C. Henry
Ray Henry
Jewel M. Henry
B.H. Henry, Jr.
Bright Henry

Will of J.B. Henry, October 1919, Anson county, NC
daughter Rosa Ussery, wife of Eli Ussery
daughter Mattie Henry
daughter Orpha Henry
daughter Madge Henry
daughter Lula Ussery, wife of Frank Ussery
daughter Berta Henry
son Shalvor Henry
son Robert Dewey Henry
Robert L. Sampley

Random Notes:
From the Book of Gravestones and Cemeteries in Anson county, NC:
Misc. Records of Anson co. NC:

Pg. 26,
Caroline Henry, wife of Rueben Henry, died Oct. 15, 1832 (age about 20 years)
Buried at West Graveyard, between Wadesboro and Lilesville, NC

Pg. 35,
Cyrus Henry, son of G.H. and M.J. Henry 1899-1900
Buried in McLaurin Graveyard 1 miles south of Morven, NC

Lillian Henry, Granddaughter of G. and M.J Henry 12-27-1888 to 11-20-1903

Pg. 37,
Charlie, son of D.L. and Nettie Henry, 1900-1902
Buried in the Seago Graveyard, Ballast Pit Road, Anson county, NC

Pg. 59,
Buried in Eastview Cemetery in Wadesboro, NC
Byron Vance Henry, 3-15-1889 to 8-22-1922
James M. Henry, Co.I, 43 NC Reg. USA (no date)
Tidal Beecher Henry, 2-25-1846 to 7-29-1910 Co. B. 6 NC
Henry, wife Lila Lucas, 5-25-1866 to 12-3-1931

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