July 1, 2001 - ninety nominees announced! voting has begun...

Welcome to the third annual KANGA awards! Or, Kangarooland's Annual Nine Glimmer Awards. You may prefer to use the KANGA term. This KANGA Hanson Award competition, is proudly brought to you by Kangarooland's Hanson Website.

The 1st KANGA Awards (1999) and 2nd KANGA AWARDS (2000) were quite a success and top Hanson webmasters were honored with the title they deserved! This year we look forward to recognizing even more great Hanson websites and their dedicated webmasters!

(( july 1, 2001 update )) - LORDY! What a task that was :) I've somehow managed to get through all of the wonderful submissions that you guys sent in and was able to choose the final nominees for each of the nine categories (for more info on each category, please refer to the table below). Picking the nominees this year was so crazy, there were just TOO many great sites to choose from... so seeing as though I make the rules around here *snicker* I decided it wouldn't hurt to make all nine categories have 10 possible nominees (as opposed to previous years where i've only had five for most categories). I honestly don't think I could of picked five for each of them if I had to! Wait until you see these sites... you'll feel my pain!! haha... but seriously guys, I want to comment on how proud I am as a Hanson fan right now. The overwhelming support of Hanson webmasters and their visitors was so amazing.. I literally received well over 3,000 submissions! Isn't that fantastic? Can you feel the love in this room? Furthermore, these sites are AMAZING! I can't believe how talented and dedicated so many fans are... it was quite the experience for me as not only a webmaster.. but as a fan... to visit so many sites and see how much the fans still love this band and still are there supporting them every step of the way. So I want to thank all of you who submitted your sites, and those of you who submitted site that you admire... I truly enjoyed visiting them all and I would love to recognize all of you for your hard work through this award competition.. but well.. that would make it pointless now, wouldn't it? haha. I want you all to know that your hard work and effort is well worth it! I know Ike, Tay and Zac would be so proud of all of you!

Having said that, I present to you the FINAL ninety.. (yes.. ninety! i swear next year it's gonna be in the thousands.. haha..) nominees! I strongly urge all of you to surf through these sites and truly appreciate what Hanson fan dedication is. I promise you won't regret it!! Congratulations to all of the final nominees... please encourage your visitors to vote for your site! ( if you did not recieve a voting banner through e-mail, please let me know). Everyone, please continue to scroll down the page to vote for your choices in each of the nine categories... and have fun choosing one from each, trust me.. it's difficult!!

I also want to comment that some categories (weirdest title, best graphics, etc.) don't really commend the hard work that is put into these sites. I want to say that I also took the effort of not only picking the top 10 best sites for each of those non-content related categories... but I also took into account the incredible hard work and effort that has also gone into the sites themselves. So basically, those sites were also judged on site content among other things as well. I want to let all of those webmasters know that we appreciate your site much more than just for it's title, graphics, theme, etc.!!

Thanks again to everyone who has taken part in submitting and advertising for KANGA 2001 - your efforts are truly appreciated!! Okay, I think I'm finished rambling... time to vote!

I will stop taking votes on August 1st, 2001! Winners will also be announced then.


There are nine categories that sites have been nominated under. Please refer to the table below to see what each category requires and consider these descriptions when choosing the site you feel best represents the category.

category description
most originality x site has a original title, content, graphics, etc.
best ike/tay/zac site x site is just about one of three brothers
best fanfic x site hosts or contains only fan fiction
best campaign x site is a campaign regarding hanson or hanson fans
best graphics x site which makes graphics for other sites, or just a site with great graphics
best theme x site with an overall theme that runs throughout all pages and content.
weirdest title x example : isaac's morning toenail peanut butter (?)
best multimedia site x site with content that is mainly pictures / sounds / videos
best overall site x site is just the best darn thing since sliced bread.


Please select a page from EACH of the nine categories. :) To vote, simply click the circle to the left of the page title to vote. After you've selected your nine choices, please click the "submit vote" button at the bottom. If you would like to view the pages before you decide your vote, just click on the title and the page will open for you in a new window.

*please note that some of the pages are down right now, a lot of them are in the middle of changing servers for some reason! :)

CATEGORY 01_ site with the most originality
01 Another Dimension
02 Aww... Muffin
03 barelysane.com
04 Center Stage
05 glassysurface.net
06 HansonMusic
07 Hanson*Starz
08 uncontrollable.org
09 self-proclaimed dorks
10 stupid

CATEGORY 02_ best ike, tay or zac site
01 itsincredible.com (Zac)
02 Charm Attack (Zac)
03 Day Tripper (Tay)
04 Dreams (Ike)
05 More Than Anything (Ike)
06 Perfection: Taylor Hanson (Tay)
07 rockstar (Ike)
08 Taylor Blue Eyes (Tay)
09 Taylor Illusion (Tay)
10 Zacky Farms (Zac)

CATEGORY 03_ best fan fiction site
01 a different point of inspiration
02 Beyond the Shadow of Grace
03 Cocaine Loads for the Teenage Soul
04 Ethreal
05 footsteps-down-the-hall
06 Hello Gone Awry
07 Paint It Red
08 Something Unpredictable/The Time Of Your Life
09 Shine
10 With Every Breath

CATEGORY 04_ best campaign
01 Don't Forget
02 Guy Hanson Fans
03 fans living w/ cystic fibrosis
04 Four
05 Hanson Family Privacy
06 never backing down
07 Not Just Another Boy Band
08 Proud Fanson
09 Where Did The Respect Go?
10 Where's The Love

CATEGORY 05_ best graphics
01 Bridges of Stone
02 brightandbeautiful.org
03 Crosstown Traffic
04 First Listen
05 fitzhap
06 In The Moment Designs
07 just play mmmbop
08 Sun Has Fallen
09 The Galaxy of Hanson
10 undecided designs

CATEGORY 06_ best theme
01 blueshampoo.com
02 Cdhitz Campus Latinoamerica
03 Hansonal Enquirer
04 hansonstage.com
05 HITZ Studio
06 Honey
07 In The City
08 mmmbop hanson don't stop
09 never backing down
10 The Blue Yonder

CATEGORY 07_ weirdest title
01 A Corny Hanson Fan Page Title Goes Here
02 Albertane Cable Car
03 .blond haired imperfections.
04 Blue Cheese On A Carburetor
05 Free The Wonga
06 hanPLUSon
07 Halo On Fire
08 Hanson are Spunky
09 mmmbop insanity
10 Sky Is Falling...

CATEGORY 08_ best multimedia site
01 facelesscrowd.com
02 Hanson Addicts Anonymous
03 Hanson Candy
04 Hanson Chile
05 Hanson Rocks America
06 hansonhotel.com
07 hansonhouse.com
08 HITZ Diary
09 HITZ Pics
10 weirdncrazy.com

CATEGORY 09_ best overall site
01 Angels
02 badubop.net
03 Distorted Mirages
04 Hanson Magic
05 lonelyeyes.com
06 magicalplace.com
07 Route 66
08 Somebody Save Me
09 stars shining bright
10 tubularistical

ATTENTION SHOPPERS! (?) // Please make sure you have chosen one from each category before you submit! Uncomplete forms will be trashed. (the whole point is to keep the voting even between all categories!) Also, PLEASE do not press the submit button twice! PLEASE! Thank you!

Winners will be announced August 1st, 2001!


I would also really appreciate it if you could help me advertise KANGA 2001! Since I will be personally checking out all the sites submitted, it wouldn't hurt to have the banner up. You don't have to, but it will make me smile if you do. *wink* Thank you if you do put it up, I really appreciate your help. Here's the codes for the banners:

This banner is small and is for advertising KANGA 2001. If you just want to help spread the word, please put this one on your site

please copy this code:

<center> <a href=http://www.kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga/ target=_top><img src=http://www.kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga/banner2001_2.gif border=0 alt="KANGA 2001"></A> </center>

it should look like this:

KANGA 2001

This banner is small and is for advertising KANGA 2001. If you just want to help spread the word, please put this one on your site

please copy this code:

<center> <a href=http://www.kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga/ target=_top><img src=http://www.kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga/banner2001_3.gif border=0 alt="KANGA 2001"></A> </center>

it should look like this:

KANGA 2001

Here's a more crazy banner for advertising KANGA 2001. If you just want to help spread the word, please put this one on your site

please copy this code:

<center> <a href=http://www.kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga/ target=_top><img src=http://www.kangarooland.com/hanson/kanga/banner.jpg border=0 alt="KANGA 2001"></A> </center>

it should look like this:

KANGA 2001

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