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Who's the Master ?

by JK

Christopher Keller was having a great dream. Nothing sexy, he was playing fetch with a puppy. Well maybe a little sexy, as he was showered with an impromptu burst of wet puppy kisses and licks. But a sudden insistent pressure followed by a jolt of pain woke him and made him realize it wasn't all a dream after all.

[Hey, down boy, heel]

He laughed at the voice in his head and the associated image of Toby as puppy, complete with collar around his neck, fetching after a stick. Immediately he tried to settle his reaction before verbalizing a translation that wouldn't cause Toby to do permanent damage to the part of his body receiving the troubling attention. He'd learned his lesson with the bitch comment and he didn't quite trust the ummm fury of a spurned and insulted Tobias Beecher, particularly while that piece of anatomy was in his clutches. Settling on the best choice, he sat up on his elbow and spoke softly, almost a growl.

"Easy there pal."

"Hmm, Oh good, you're awake"

Beecher's words resulting in a momentary pause in his actions. The sudden lack of sensation broke Keller's train of thought. As Toby's attention resumed with apt zeal, Keller returned to the whimsical comparison of Beecher as puppy.

[He follows me everywhere and he is awfully eager. He doesn't fucking listen. And he bites. But at least he's housebroken that's a plus]

Keller's widening grin caught the attention of the man between his legs and replacing his mouth with his equally adept hand, Beecher rose once again with a question.

"Am I wasting my time down here? I mean, I'm glad your happy and all but a gleeful chuckle wasn't quite the reaction I was hoping for."

Chris applied the necessary tugging, sweeping Toby into his arms, pulling him up close and stretching their bodies together.

"No that was nice," He reassured swallowing his lover's grin and response from his lips with a light kiss before continuing.

"Better than nice, I was just...thinking."

"Exacting my point , thinking wasn't exactly the reaction I was hoping for either."

Toby's grin widened and he was silenced once again with a deeper kiss.

Changing tactics, Chris could barely contain his own laughter as he spoke the hollow protests, especially as Toby's hand trailed down to tease his armpit.

"Gee whiz Toby, I'm trying to talk to you here. Trying to share myself. Is that so bad, most couples talk. When did this become all about sex. Is that all I am to you a toy?"

Satisfied he had made a point Toby's hand changed direction, fastening again on Chris's still smoldering erection. Toby was rewarded with an involuntary shudder and audible sigh from Keller. Finally pleased, a gloating Tobias Beecher released his grasp and settled back alongside Chris.

"Now that's what I've been hoping for all along. Sorry, honey what were you saying?"

The final words partially lost in Beecher's sarcastic inbreeding of laughter and guffaw. He enjoyed ignoring the growing protest for a moment, before rolling easily atop the groaning man grinding their bodies together steadily. Moments later the fleeting remnants of his grin turned into a moan as rippling waves of pleasure echoed below chasing away Keller's last thought.

[If I'm keeping him he definitely needs obedience classes]

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