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It's the Quiet Ones You've Gotta Watch Out For

Part One

by Jubilee Girl

("OZ" credits run - Then the sound of iron bars slamming shut is heard - the 
screen goes from black to - )

AUGUSTUS HILL sits in the center of the pod - on the large video screen 
behind him, a gold wheelchair rotates slowly - a headset, equipped with a 
small boom microphone, on his head.

What's worse?  Being remembered for what 
you're like *now* ...  or what you were when they 
last saw you? 

As HILL speaks, the Video Screen behind him fills with FLAMES.  

(As he talks, the flames slowly sputter out ...)

Burn out or fade away? ...  Go out in a blaze of 
glory or go gently into the good night? 

The Video Screen fills with a stock-shot scene of a starry sky and a moon 
wreathed in fog.

Cut to: The camera is now suspended over the glass pod - above HILL's head - 
he looks up and addresses the camera.

To love ...  to hate ...  and to know what separates 
them.  What makes them the different animals they are...  
and how they can still be so hopelessly intertwined.  
They say that to truly hate a person...

The Video Screen behind HILL displays a shot from the 2nd season finale of 
KELLER rolling on the ground with BEECHER.

Cut to: CLOSE UP- HILL - he's deathly solemn.

You have to love them first.

The Video Screen now displays a shot from "Strange Bedfellows" - BEECHER and 
KELLER kissing in the laundry room.   Dissolve to a shot of KELLER in his and 
BEECHER's pod, agonizing over what he's done in the 2nd season finale.


(Rubs at his goatee thoughtfully, pondering the question - speaking 
"Love is hell."  I read that once - scrawled on the wall of 
some john somewhere.   Was that toilet philosopher right?  
Wonder what *he'd* have to say about men's memories...? 

Cut to: Int.  - Em City - Commons Area - Day
A HACK rolls a wheelchair-bound BEECHER into the Commons Area as all of the 
inmates present watch silently - some appear horrified, some appear 
sympathetic, some appear extremely amused.  BEECHER's legs are still encased 
in thick casts, while the casts on his arms have been removed and replaced 
with removable support splints.  He covers his eyes with one hand as best he 
can, looking exhausted.  He lifts his head up for just a moment - his face is 
pale with a three-day scruff beard and there are dark circles under her murky 
blue eyes.  HILL watches solemnly as BEECHER is rolled in - he looks down at 
his own wheelchair.

HILL (softly - to Rebadow)
You think he's okay?

REBADOW (regretfully)
He doesn't look very well.

Yeah...  (looks down into his lap, fidgeting with his hands)

The Commons Area suddenly burbles back to life - people start whispering 
amongst themselves and the people they're sharing tables with.  KAREEM SAID 
watches BEECHER being rolled into Commons Area from the second level of Em 
City by one of the main staircases, a book under one arm - you can't tell 
whether the pained expression on his face is from pity or guilt.  

As the HACK rolls BEECHER in, the camera pans up and over to CHRIS KELLER, 
standing on the second level of Em City - he leans on the railing, watching 
BEECHER silently.  BEECHER looks up and sees KELLER watching him.  KELLER 
smiles ever so slightly, bashfully, (guiltily?) - raises his hand up a bit in 
hesitant greeting - BEECHER's expression remains as cold, broken and angry as 
when he entered - BEECHER looks away.

The HACK rolls BEECHER over to the table occupied by HILL and REBADOW (where 
they are playing checkers) and walks up to the CO desk to turn in BEECHER's 
re-admittance forms from Dr. Nathan.

HILL (two beats, then -)
How you doing, man? You okay?
Doc Nathan treat you good in the infirmary? (roguish grin)

BEECHER (weary, irritated)
Do I look okay?

HILL looks up at him and bites his lip - he's at a loss for words.

How long before you'll be able to walk again?

Doctor Nathan told me I've gotta go into therapy.  
Could take months - could take fuckin' years.  
(shrugs, chuckles bitterly)  Not like I don't have the 
time on my hands, though, right? And actually,
come to think of it- I don't even have time on 
my hands, anymore ...  
(brandishes his splinted arms angrily, raising his voice) ...  
I've got | *these* fuckin' things!

REBADOW and HILL both look away, still not too sure of what would be safe to 
say to BEECHER right now.  RYAN O'REILLY and CYRIL O'REILLY enter from 
(their) left, RYAN's hand on CYRIL's shoulder, leading him.  He grabs an 
empty chair from another table and drags it over to HILL and REBADOW's table. 
 REBADOW, HILL and BEECHER look up at RYAN and CYRIL.  RYAN leads CYRIL over 
to the empty chair and plunks him down in it, next to HILL.

RYAN (to Cyril)
Sit.  I'll be back in a minute.

CYRIL (starting to look anxious)
Where are you going, Ryan?

Don't you worry about that.  I'll be 
back soon.  (to Hill) Watch him for me?

HILL (smiles)
Sure, no problem.

RYAN goes OFFSCREEN (his right).  HILL claps CYRIL on the shoulder amiably 
and smiles.  CYRIL jumps slightly, but then settles when he sees HILL's smile.

How you doing, my man? 


Everybody treatin' you nice around here?

Uh, yeah ...  I've been hanging around with Ryan.  (cracks a smile) 
I like being with Ryan.  That other place wasn't so nice...  
(His face falls noticeably as he thinks about what happened with Schillinger)

Well, if anybody gives you any trouble, you 
just let me or Beecher or Rebadow here know, okay?

Okay! (smiles)

HILL (chuckles)
We'll kick the shit out of 'em for ya...!
Hell, me and Beecher will roll over 'em!

HILL rolls his chair back and forth for a moment - doing a wheely on his two 
larger back wheels.

CYRIL laughs.  BEECHER chuckles softly, shaking his head, cracking a slight 

Thank you!

No problem, man! 
Say - you know how to play checkers?

CYRIL (a little lost)

No?  Well, how 'bout Rebadow and I teach ya?

Okay!  I'd like that! (smiles)

All right...!! Okay, so ...  what you do, see, is....

As HILL resets the checkerboard, putting all of the pieces back in place, the 
camera veers off to the left smoothly, sweeping over to another table.   

Cut back to: HILL and CYRIL the table across the Commons Area with REBADOW 
and BEECHER.   Some time has gone by - a half-hour, maybe more.  CYRIL's 
reaches over to HILL's side of the board and picks up one of HILL's pieces, 
about to make a move.

Like this?

HILL (laughs; patiently:)
No, now, that's my side.  You can't move
those pieces  Only I can move those pieces, okay?

Oh.  I did it wrong?
(sadly) I'm sorry!

HILL (pats him on the back, smiling reassuringly)
Oh, hey!  That's okay.   No big deal, partner.

RYAN walks over from OFFSCREEN (their right) and walks up to HILL and CYRIL.

Okay, c'mon, Cyril.   Let's go.

Oh, Ryan!  Is it okay if I stay here with Augustus?
He's teaching me how to play checkers! (smiles happily)

Oh yeah?  Checkers, huh?
(looks at the checkerboard, then at HILL)
How's he doing?  Behavin' himself?

Oh yeah!  He's doin' just great, man!
He's learnin' real fast ...  (smile)

RYAN (to Cyril)
You sure you wanna stay?

Can I? Please??

Well ...  okay.   But don't move from this table, you hear me?
I'll come and get you myself when you're done or Rebadow here
will bring ya back to our pod.  Don't go with anybody but us, okay, Cyril?
And don't give Hill or Rebadow any shit.  You understandin' me, bro?

CYRIL (nodding vigorously)
No, I won't, Ryan!  I promise!

RYAN (patting him on the shoulder)
Okay, good.  Have fun.  I'll see you in a bit.

RYAN walks away hesitantly, looking over his shoulder at CYRIL and around at 
the other inmates around the Commons Area before turning around and heading 
over to his own pod.  HILL goes back to teaching CYRIL the rules of checkers. 
 REBADOW watches them, offering assistance every moment or so.

Camera PANS over to BEECHER again.  He's sitting quietly, appearing to be 
lost in his own thoughts.

CHRIS KELLER slips up behind BEECHER and leans over, his lips just barely 
touching BEECHER's ear.  REBADOW, CYRIL and HILL are distracted and don't see 
KELLER approach.

KELLER (whispers)
Feeling better?

BEECHER whips around in his chair and gapes at KELLER.

BEECHER (his face turning to stone again)
Fuck off.

You didn't miss me?

Oh, no...  I thought about you every day...
(holds up his bandaged arms)...  you and 
your darling pal, Vern...

KELLER remains silent.  BEECHER stares at him in disbelief, then chuckles - a 
touch of the old mania creeping into his laugh.  His laughter stops abruptly 
and KELLER looks up at him - their gazes locking.  By now, REBADOW, CYRIL and 
HILL have now stopped what they were doing and all three watch
the scene.

Just leave me alone.   Go find some other
guy to break.   Or actually, if you want, I've
still got some bones you didn't fracture or split...
want to have a go at those?  Oh, I know! Here - here! 
How about my jaw? (Thrusts his chin out towards Keller.)
Or my nose?  Wanna maybe try your luck cracking a few
of my ribs?  *Huh?* (Keller remains silent.) 
If not, then fuck off.  

KELLER backs away, although from the look on his face, it seems that he 
doesn't want to - he'd rather talk things out with BEECHER.  But he holds up 
his hands as if to say "I surrender for now," turns, and walks back over to 
their pod.  BEECHER watches KELLER as he goes - his face full of confusion, 
hurt and barely contained rage.   A steady, childlike voice calls him back to 
himself ...

Does it hurt?

BEECHER (turning his head, looking at Cyril; almost defensive)

Your arms and your legs.   Do they hurt?
I broke my arm once.  It hurt real bad.  
I didn't like it!

BEECHER (chuckles)
Yeah, sport...  they do hurt.  You'd think I'd
be used to the pain by now, wouldn't ya?

CYRIL (trying to be helpful)
My mom gave me ice cream when I broke my arm!
Maybe you could have some ice cream...?  That'd make
you feel better!

HILL looks at CYRIL and smiles warmly, knowing that he doesn't really 
understand BEECHER's situation.

BEECHER (quiet and sad again)
Yeah ...  maybe.  

BEECHER looks over his shoulder in the direction of the pod he still shares 
with KELLER - looks down at his arms and legs - his face a mass of torment.

Cut back to: Commons Area (same day) - later
CYRIL rolls BEECHER over to a quiet, dark corner of the Commons Area, under 
one of the main staircases.

Are you sure you don't want me to stay?
We could talk?  Or play checkers?

BEECHER (grins)
Nah...  I'm fine here.  You go ahead and go, sport.
Just stick by Augustus, Bob and your brother and 
you'll be fine.   I'm just gonna sit here for a while.
Need some time to think.

Okay.   Well, bye!

BEECHER (raising his hand a bit)
See ya later, Cyril.

CYRIL walks OFFSCREEN, leaving BEECHER by himself, as the hustle and bustle 
around Commons Area continues.  On the staircase behind BEECHER, we hear the 
clanging of slow footsteps.  BEECHER takes no notice.  

Cut to: Close-up - BEECHER's shoulder
A hand reaches out and grasps BEECHER's shoulder, hard.

Hey, now this is something I've never seen before...
BEECHER whips around and sees it's VERN SCHILLINGER, his old roomie.

A prag on wheels! (chuckles)
(in a patronizing tone) How ya doin', Toby?

BEECHER (quietly)
Go away.   Leave me alone.

Awww...  (clucks his tongue)
You're not happy to see me, are you?
Well, that's a shame.  I was just delivering
the mail and thought I'd see how my favorite
roommate was healing up!  You doin' all right? 
Legs giving you any trouble?


How about your arms?  They okay?


And how are you likin' your chair?
Comfy enough?

It's fine!  Now, will you just leave me 
the fuck alone?!

Cut to: BEECHER and KELLER's pod
KELLER is lounging in his bunk, flipping through a magazine.

Cut back to: Stairwell
SCHILLINGER (bending over, examining the wheelchair)
Wait ...  what's this ...?  Well, well!  
It looks like you're getting a flat tire, boy!

SCHILLINGER reaches down and grabs BEECHER's left leg, giving it a quick, 
sharp turn - the sound of a freshly healed bone breaking again can be heard.  
BEECHER lets out a loud scream, but then bites his lower lip, rocking back 
and forth with tears coming to his eyes - trying not to scream again.  

Cut back to:  BEECHER and KELLER's pod
KELLER jumps when he hears BEECHER scream.  He quickly hops down from his 
bunk and runs over to the window of his pod, looking to see where the sound 
came from.  The camera vaults from side to side in a panic from KELLER's 
point-of-view, then finally halts abruptly by the staircase, seeing 

Cut back to: Stair well

Let's just check under the hood and see what we can 
do for ya, hmm?

SCHILLINGER grabs both of the armrests on BEECHER's wheelchair and pulls the 
chair to the floor on it's side, leaving BEECHER on the floor, struggling not 
to cry out, yet trying to pull himself up.

Cut to: KELLER 
He watches as SCHILLINGER roughly tips BEECHER's wheelchair over.   Something 
surfaces on his face - fear.   He walks quickly - threatening to break into a 
full-tilt sprint - across the Commons Area of Em City, heading towards the 
stair well where BEECHER and SCHILLINGER are.

Cut back to: Stair well
SCHILLINGER (looking at his bare wrist as if checking a watch)
Oh, darn.  Look at the time!  Well, I gotta get going! 
I've got a thing.   Catchya later, Bitch-er...  

BEECHER grabs at SCHILLINGER's pant leg as he walks away, tears rolling down 
his face.

You son of a bitch, get back here!

SCHILLINGER walks off, tugging his pants leg free of BEECHER's grasp.   He 
makes himself scarce before a CO comes by and sees him.  

Close up: BEECHER
BEECHER rests his head on the hard floor, his face bright red and covered 
with sweat, tears rolling down his cheeks.  Soon, we hear another set of 
footsteps - much faster, almost panicked - and we see a pair of hiking boots 
approach the spot where BEECHER lies.   BEECHER tries to raise his head but 
gives up after a moment, letting it rest on the cold concrete again.

Oh, my god.  Toby, are you okay?

Close up: BEECHER
We see KELLER's hands reaching and trying to pull BEECHER up.   BEECHER's 
eyes go wide and his body tenses up.

BEECHER (in a panic)
Stay away from me!
Don't touch me, don't touch me!

Cut to: Stairwell (medium close of BEECHER and KELLER)
KELLER (calmly)
I'm only trying to help!  Let me help you.

BEECHER relaxes, letting out a frustrated sigh.  KELLER seats himself on the 
concrete next to BEECHER and carefully pulls him into his arms.  KELLER sets 
BEECHER's wheelchair upright again with his free hand, then slowly stands, 
pulling BEECHER up with him and eases him into it.  
HILL rolls into the opening of the stair well.

Hey, what's goin' on in here? You guys okay? 
Beech, you all right, man?

KELLER, setting Beecher in his chair properly, looks over his shoulder, and 

It's ...  it's okay...  I got him.

You sure?  Beech?

BEECHER (nodding, turning his face away)
Yeah, I'm fine, Augustus.  Go on.

Well, all right...

HILL slowly turns around and rolls himself away, looking over his shoulder 
for a moment at the two men.  KELLER takes the handles of BEECHER's chair and 
begins rolling the chair further into the shady corner of the stairwell as 
BEECHER remains silent.  KELLER kneels down beside BEECHER and looks up at 
him, still concerned.  He reaches up and cups the left side of BEECHER's face 
in his hand.

Are you okay?

Tears continue to roll down BEECHER's cheeks, he sniffles softly.   KELLER 
wraps his left arm around BEECHER and pulls him close - as BEECHER quietly 
breaks down, resting his head on KELLER's shoulder and wrapping his splinted 
arm around KELLER's shoulder.  KELLER strokes BEECHER's
hair, trying to soothe him.  

Shhh...  it's okay.  It's okay.  

KELLER and BEECHER hold each other tight in silence as BEECHER's sobs begin 
to wane.  BEECHER sits up and he and KELLER's faces are less than an inch 
apart.  They press their foreheads together, their eyes pinched tightly 
closed.  KELLER slowly tilts his face upwards, to press his lips to 
BEECHER's, but just as he's about to, BEECHER sits back.

No.   I ...  can't.


Why?!  It's not enough for you that you broke my
legs and arms? You wanna break my heart, too?
I told you I loved you and I meant it.  
And you ...  you wrecked me.   You fuckin' sold
me up the river...

Toby, I ...

No, don't.   Don't try and explain it.  
And don't call me that.   Not anymore.  
Just ...  just *stay away from me*.

Toby, I'm sorry!  You don't understand!
You wanna hear the truth?  Okay, I'll tell you.
Okay, look...  (takes a deep breath)...  I owed Schillinger ...  okay?
I owed him.   I owed him big.   And ...  he wanted to see you hurt...  
(he cups Beecher's face in both of his hands)
...  and I hurt you ...  (his eyes well up with tears)
but you've gotta believe me.   I didn't *want* to.

As KELLER talks, BEECHER's eyes well up with tears again - he pulls away.

No...  no...!

(takes BEECHER's face in his hands again)
Yes!  Yes, Toby!  Yes!  When I told you I loved you I 
meant it ...  I did mean it!  You have to believe that, Toby.   
You have to! 

(tiny, sobbing)
Then why did you let him hurt me...?

KELLER begins crying as well.   He wraps his arms around BEECHER and gently 
presses his lips to BEECHER's forehead.

I'm sorry, Toby.   I'm so sorry.

KELLER and BEECHER hold each other quietly for a few moments, each one trying 
to soothe the other.   BEECHER tries to move and lets out a grunt of pain.

Ahh!  Shit!

(parts from Beecher and looks down at his leg)
What, what is it?  What did he do to you?

BEECHER (looks down, groaning)
My ...  my leg.   I think he's broken it again.

Oh, god.   We've gotta get you to the infirmary.

KELLER takes the handles of BEECHER's wheelchair and carefully pushes him 
over to the opening of the stairwell.

But wait - wait!

BEECHER (sniffling, wiping away tears with the back of his hand)

What are we going to tell Dr. Nathan?

Cut to: The infirmary (examining room)
Close up - BEECHER's LEG 
DR. GLORIA NATHAN has sawed open BEECHER's cast - his leg lays, looking white 
and pale, on the table.  

And how exactly did you do this again, Beecher?

Cut to: Close up - KELLER - he looks extremely concerned.

He was, uh ...   trying to get something 
from the bookshelf across from his bunk 
and he fell off.  Twisted his leg underneath him.

I asked Beecher.  (looks at Beecher)  Well?

Just like he said.  I was reaching for my book 
and I fell.  I thought I could reach the goddamned thing.   
Guess I was wrong ...  (grins)

DR. NATHAN (smiling)
Okay, well, we'll have to reset it, but lucky for you, 
the fall didn't do too much damage.  Let me just get 
some new plaster and bandages and we'll get started.

DR. NATHAN EXITS to get the necessary provisions.  KELLER takes BEECHER's 
hand.  BEECHER looks up at KELLER and smiles.  KELLER gives his hand a 

You're gonna be fine.  Just fine.
From now on, I'm gonna do all I can to
keep Vern Schillinger away from you.   I 
promise.   Even if I have to tear the Nazi 
fuck's throat out with my bear hands, I'll do it.   

BEECHER (grinning wryly)
You're so macho.

KELLER chuckles.  BEECHER grabs the front of KELLER's shirt and pulls him 
down to him, pressing his lips to KELLER's.  KELLER responds in kind, parting 
his lips and kissing BEECHER back passionately.   DR. NATHAN walks back into 
the examining room with the cast bandages and plaster supplies in her arms 
and stops dead in her tracks.  She quietly watches the two men kissing each 
other with obvious ardor and smiles to herself a little.  She turns around 
and exits, then comes back in slowly.  


KELLER and BEECHER quickly pull away.  KELLER wipes his lips with the back of 
his hand and steps a foot or so away from BEECHER.  BEECHER clears his throat 
and tries to look innocent.

DR. NATHAN (casually; as if she hasn't seen anything)
Okay, here we go.  Have everything we need here.

KELLER starts for the door - he pulls the door open and DR. NATHAN turns and 
calls after him.

You can stay, if you like, Chris.   (smiles)

Oh, nah...  that's okay.  This stuff kinda gives me 
the willies.  I'll just wait outside, if that's okay.
I'll take Toby back to Em City when he's ready.   
(looks over at Beecher; smiles)


KELLER EXITS, pulling the door shut behind him, leaving BEECHER alone with 
DR. NATHAN.   DR.  NATHAN begins carefully wrapping BEECHER's left leg with 
gauze.  They sit in silence for a few moments as DR. NATHAN works on 
BEECHER's leg, then -

So...  you wanna tell me about it?


You and Keller.   

There's nothin' to tell, Doc.

Well, then, what I saw going on between 
you two when I came back in here must be 
about the biggest bunch of 'nothin' I've 
ever seen, Toby.   (grins)

BEECHER (chuckles)
Really ...  I - I wouldn't know where 
to start, Dr. Nathan.

Do you love him?

I ...  (pauses for a moment) ...  yeah.   Yeah, I do.
But ...  you w-won't ...  you won't-

Let's not forget, we have a lovely little 
thing in the medical profession called 
"patient confidentiality," Beecher.   
It won't leave this room.   As your physician, 
I can promise you that.

BEECHER (letting out a relieved breath)
Thanks.   (smiles)

DR. NATHAN smiles at BEECHER as she continues working on his cast.

Continued in Part Two

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