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"Monger" by Tim Goernert from RPM Studios Inc.
Elven Birth in a new Window by Eklettica
Mr. WaterMonkey in a new Window by Matthew Zaidan
Tribal in a new Window by Simon Philpott
Orochi Blood Ri... in a new Window by Jacob Paul
Skullplain in a new Window by Simon Philpott
Chemical Babe in a new Window by Tim Goernert

A pre-release version of the Gimp 1.2.2 is available on its ftp site

Norbyte releases version 2.0.1 of its RainbowPainter for Macintosh

Maxon releases the MacOSX version of its Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D

Wacom releases driver version 4.60-2 for Windows (includes Windows XP b2 support). For Mac 4.60-6 drivers are available

The guys at MacGimp managed to compile and run version 1.2 under OSX. Several screenshots are available

Wacom releases version 3.02 of its PenTools for Windows

Miss the good old 8-bit-color feeling? We're a programming team producing kick-ass games in QB, and we're always in nee...
By Sane (6/13/2001)

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Web Page Art...
Hi, I recently posted a ´pic of the day´ at Planet Deus Ex (http://www.planetde...
By Jake Stolle. (6/30/2001)

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