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It's the Quiet Ones You've Gotta Watch Out For

Part Two

by Jubilee Girl

"there's nothin' in my dreams 
but some ugly memories...
kiss me like the ocean breeze.."

Cut to: Commons Area (same day)
KELLER rolls BEECHER back into Commons Area - they're both quiet, but they 
both look contented/happy in the same way.   

Cut To: HILL's table
HILL sees KELLER and BEECHER coming back into Em City.  He quickly rolls over 
to the two men and turns around so he's rolling alongside BEECHER on his left.

You okay?

Yeah.  Doc Nathan said I'll be fine.   
No serious damage done.

That's good!  When's your therapy starting?

Soon as I get my arm casts off and I can maneuver better.

That's cool.  Well, hey if you need anybody to talk 
to, you know my door's open, man.

BEECHER (chuckles, taking his hand in a "soul brother" handshake)
Thanks, man.   

HILL stops and lets BEECHER and KELLER go on by themselves.   

Cut to: CO's Desk - Close-up: METZGER

METZGER (loudly so all can hear)
Lights out!!  Good night, ladies!

Cut to: KELLER and BEECHER's pod.   
The lights in Em City slowly dim out.  BEECHER and KELLER are getting ready 
for bed.  KELLER pulls his shirt off over his head, leaving him clad in only 
his gray shorts and bare feet.  BEECHER is still fully dressed in a yellow 
T-shirt and shorts.

Okay, you take my bunk.  I'll take the top one.

Nah, you can have yours.  I'll be fine.

KELLER (chuckling, hands on hips)
Oh, come on!  What are you gonna do?
Sleep in that chair?  That's bound to be hard
on your ass!  

BEECHER laughs.

C'mon, man, just take my fuckin' bunk!
Lemme help ya, okay?

Oh...  okay.

Okay, lift your arms.

BEECHER obediently lifts his arms.  KELLER reaches down and grabs the hem of 
BEECHER's T-shirt and pulls it up and over his head, tossing it on the floor. 
 BEECHER yawns languorously, stretching his arms up over his head and rolling 
his head around on his neck.  KELLER puts one arm around BEECHER's shoulders, 
the other he slides underneath both of BEECHER's legs.

'Kay...  you ready?


On three.   One ...  two ...  three!!

With great effort and a loud grunt, KELLER lifts BEECHER from his wheelchair, 
rolling it back and out of the way with one of his feet.  He does his best to 
keep his balance, teetering dangerously.

KELLER (chuckles, grunting)
Uhh!  Shit, man!  You're heavy!

BEECHER (laughing)
I am *not*!

Well, we'd better get you in bed, otherwise
I'll fall down and you'll fall on me and 
break both *my* legs!

BEECHER (dreamy voice, moon-eyed)
Is this what it's gonna be like when you 
carry me over the threshold?

BEECHER laughs - it's infectious - KELLER begins to laugh as well.   KELLER 
carefully bends over, BEECHER still in his arms, and lays the upper half of 
his body up on the bed.   

KELLER (still laughing)
Ahh, there we go!

BEECHER (snickering, resting his head on the pillow)

KELLER carefully takes BEECHER's left leg, lifts it and rests it on top of 
the covers and does the same thing with his right leg.  He crawls up the 
length of the bed and lays beside BEECHER, still cackling.   BEECHER takes 
one look at him and his laughter that was before starting to die down, 
bubbles back up again and the two men begin laughing hysterically.  KELLER 
buries his face in BEECHER's shoulder, then looks back up at him - their 
noses are less than an inch apart.  BEECHER's laughter slowly slackens off, 
then quiets completely.  KELLER's laughter stops as well and the two are left 
gazing at one another.

KELLER (softly)
How can you trust me now, after what I did to you?
I wouldn't trust me!

BEECHER (panting slightly)
I don't know.  It's just this feeling I've got.
About you ...about us.  I want to believe you're
telling the truth.  (long pause)  Did you mean it ...?  
What you said before?  Do you...  do you still love me?

KELLER (nodding; emphatic)

BEECHER (reaches up a hand and lovingly strokes Keller's hair)
Would you kiss me? 

KELLER (hesitantly)
Oh...  I - I don't know...

Chris ...  please?

KELLER leans forward slowly, his hand on BEECHER's shoulder.  He leans in a 
bit more until their lips are almost touching, their eyes locked together.


KELLER presses his lips to BEECHER's as he continues to stroke KELLER's hair. 
 KELLER parts his lips and deepens the kiss a bit, his body melting more and 
more into BEECHER's.  KELLER looks over his shoulder at the door of the pod - 
then turns back to BEECHER.  KELLER slowly runs the tips of his fingers over 
BEECHER's face - his forehead, his temple, his cheek, his lips, his chin - 
then leans in and begins teasing BEECHER's lips with his own.  BEECHER wraps 
both arms around KELLER as best he can and pulls him close, kissing him back 

"You are my salvation from chaos ...  to look at your face 
is to see my own absolution.   To hold you is to see the doors 
that are now locked against me be flung open wide ... the cool 
breeze hitting my face once again after so long away from the world..."

KELLER and BEECHER continue kissing - KELLER cupping BEECHER's face in both 
of his hands as BEECHER runs his hands down KELLER's bare back.   

"You are my relief from agony ... there is no pain 
when you are near me.  I reach out and you're there...  
holding me again.  You are my comfort when all other 
doors are locked..."

KELLER slowly begins to slide down BEECHER's torso - kissing as he goes ...  
BEECHER's throat, his chest, and his stomach ...

"I put aside every fear ...  every hesitation ...  
and let myself become lost..."
The camera stops at BEECHER's stomach as KELLER disappears, going even 
further down ...  
Cut to: Close-up BEECHER

BEECHER closes his eyes and relaxes his head against the pillow, smiling 
distantly.  He arches his neck against the pillow, his eyes pinched shut.

"...In you..."

Dissolve to Black
Cut to: Commons Area (the following day)
The murmur of the inmates talking fills the room, echoing off of the walls, 
as METZGER and another CO watch over it all quietly from their hack roost.  
The CAMERA works lazy circles above their heads, dipping in and out from 
table to table.  The microphone catches snippets of conversations, but not 
much more...  the CAMERA glides over and pauses on RYAN O'REILLY.   He's 
loitering by his pod, while his roommate, TIMMY, lies on his bunk inside and 
flips through a nudie magazine.   RYAN'S brother CYRIL stands next to him.

The fuck broke his leg again!
Gloria had to put a new cast on it!

(TIMMY shakes his head with disbelief.)
The CAMERA veers off again - to HILL's table, which he shares with REBADOW 

What the hell was Schillinger doin' in here?!

He was on mail duty.

HILL (frustrated, angry:)

The CAMERA veers off and up once again - to SAID.  He stands with a pair of 
his Muslim BROTHERS on the second level of EmCity.

Schillinger has stepped over the line one 
too many times.  Someone will stand up to 
him sooner or later...  and I cannot wait to see it!
The meek shall prevail, my brothers.
Oh yes... the meek shall prevail.

The two BROTHERS nod in fervent agreement as the camera slides away again, 
back to RYAN O'REILLY.

RYAN (turns his head; a mixture of amazement and praise:)
Shit - here they come!

CYRIL (happily)

TIMMY hops up from his bunk and joins RYAN outside their pod.  The camera 
flashes between many of the previous inmates mentioned - they all turn their 
heads, wherever they are seated - and look.

Cut to: Door of BEECHER and KELLER's POD

KELLER wheels BEECHER into the COMMONS AREA.  Both men have irrepressibly 
happy looks on their faces.   KELLER rolls BEECHER to the first row of seats 
lined up in front of the bank of TV screens under the CO's Desk (where no 
other men are sitting at the moment).  He rolls BEECHER into the aisle, 
adjacent to the last chair in the aisle (closest to the TV sets), then he 
takes a seat in that chair.  There is a small scattering of other inmates 
watching TV behind them, headphones on, but the majority of them have given 
up watching the TV to watch BEECHER and KELLER.   Some exchange curious looks 
between one another, but they remain silent.     

RYAN (to Timmy:)
Man, that guy's got balls!  (Timmy nods in agreement)

Everybody tries to look like they're getting back to what they're doing, even 
though - for the most part - they keep their eyes on KELLER and BEECHER.   
Cut back to BEECHER and KELLER.

KELLER hands BEECHER a pair of headphones - as he does so, their hands touch 
- KELLER's hand slipping over BEECHER's fingers with deliberate slowness.  
BEECHER looks over at KELLER and grins after a moment.   KELLER gives BEECHER 
a wink as he puts on his own headphones and they direct their attentions to 
the TV.   

Cut back to: SAID
He makes his way down the steps and heads over to where BEECHER and KELLER 
are seated, his two Muslim compadres following in short order.  SAID reaches 
out a hand and touches BEECHER's shoulder.   BEECHER cries out with surprise 
and turns around in his chair, seeing where the touch came from and who it 
was that touched him.  When BEECHER cries out, KELLER instantly goes on the 
defensive - he hops up from his seat and whips around, fists held up at the 

SAID (holding up both of his hands; to Keller:)
Calm yourself, my brother!  I mean no harm to your friend!
I wish only to speak with him.  Would that be agreeable to you?

KELLER (long thoughtful pause:)
O- ...  okay.   

KELLER takes his seat again (sitting on the edge), turned towards BEECHER and 
SAID, watching their exchange.

Thank you.   
(turns to BEECHER)
As salaamu 'alaykum!  
Are you feeling any better, my friend?

BEECHER (pulls off his headphones; a bit surprised that Said's talking to him)
Wa 'alaykum al-salaam!  I'm-I'm not as bad as I was.   
Not ready to tap-dance yet, but I'm getting there...  
(glances at Keller and smiles, keeping the smile on for Said)

SAID (smiles back; bows slightly)
That's good to hear!  The brothers and I were pulling
for you the whole time you were in the infirmary.

BEECHER (sheepishly)
Said, I ...  I wanna apologize for what I said to you before...
before I got hurt.  And getting up in your face  I-I was out
of line...  I wasn't thinking straight.   Can you accept my apology?

SAID pauses for a beat, thinking, his eyes trained on the CO's desk directly 
in front of him.  BEECHER watches him quietly.  SAID turns back to BEECHER 
and holds out his hand.  BEECHER looks at the offered hand for a moment, but 
then puts his own hand (still in its splint) in SAID's hand.  SAID smiles and 
shakes BEECHER's hand.

Apology accepted, my brother.
You get better, now, you hear?

Thanks.  I will!  

SAID (pats Beecher on the shoulder; nods to Keller:)
Very well, then!  Talk to you later!

BEECHER (still a bit bewildered - raises his hand)
See ya...!

SAID and the two BROTHERS walk out of the shot, leaving BEECHER awestruck.  
He turns to KELLER and chuckles, shaking his head.  KELLER grins at him and 
puts his headphones back on, slouching back into his original sitting 
position.  BEECHER keeps his headphones off, he seems content to watch TV 
without the sound for now.  A few beats go by, then -

Cut to: Close-up: BEECHER's mid-section
KELLER's right hand sneaks over and touches BEECHER's upper thigh (the part 
that isn't covered with cast).  He strokes BEECHER's upper thigh with the 
length of his index finger.   

Cut to: Medium Close-up: Beecher and Keller
KELLER's face remains quiet and unreadable while BEECHER has one eyebrow 
arched.  BEECHER glances over at KELLER for a moment, then leans in and 
whispers in his ear.

BEECHER (trying his hardest not to laugh:)
Would you cut it out?

KELLER pays no attention to him - he continues stroking BEECHER's thigh.  
BEECHER finally taps KELLER on the shoulder.


KELLER pulls his headphones off and looks at BEECHER - he leans in towards 
him as if he couldn't hear him at all before (when we know that he could).

What's that you say?

BEECHER (grinning:)
Would you mind cutting that out...?

KELLER (playfully:)
Cutting what out...?

BEECHER (a little more anxious; writhing in his seat a bit:)
You're gonna give me a hard-on, man!

That's the whole idea...!  Stop bein' such
a spoil-sport...

BEECHER shakes his head and laughs.

KELLER (grins)
I've gotta go, anyway.
There's some new guys comin' in
today and McManus asked me if I'd
sponsor one of 'em...

McManus asked *you* to sponsor 

KELLER (shrugging)
Go figure, right?
(leans in close and whispers in Beecher's ear)
I'll see you later...  

BEECHER (softly)

KELLER glances around him for a second and then lightly flicks the tip of his 
tongue out, touching BEECHER's cheek.  BEECHER shivers and sucks in a soft, 
gasping breath; KELLER chuckles.



The sound of prison bars ROLLING and SLAMMING SHUT can be heard.   
Cut to: HILL in the glass pod

Extreme Close-up - HILL's mouth on the Video Screen

Video HILL
Passion.  Is it an emotion ... or the driving
force for insanity?  

Cut to: The real HILL 
He sits quietly in the center of the pod, hands in his lap, while his video 
counterpart narrates, nodding occasionally to his own statements.

Video HILL
They say people commit crimes of passion.   

VIDEO HILL disappears and on the Video SCREEN behind HILL now, a scene begins 
to play - a handsome, dark-haired MAN and an equally stunning blond WOMAN 
having slightly rough sex in a dim, candlelit room - the shot is shown 
vertically, although they're both laying down.   

Or "I was caught up in the heat of passion!"  
Is passion an emotion ... or just a smooth cop-out?
Another type of mania?  If it's a mania, then
that means that it's something that can be cured!

The CAMERA closes in tight on the video screen - the scene becoming slightly 
pixilated -  in the scene the MAN reaches his hand over the edge of the bed 
(off-camera) - he pulls a belt up into the shot.

*Kink.*  Noun.  Meaning: whim,
a mental or physical peculiarity...

The MAN slips the belt into its buckle, forming a loop, which he slips over 
his partner's head.  He tightens it around her throat and as he does so, 
their lovemaking becomes even more frenzied as he tightens the belt even 
tighter around her neck.  The WOMAN claws at the MAN's hand, trying to get 
him to stop - but he's too caught up in the moment to notice.  The WOMAN's 
face has begun to turn blue.  The MAN wraps the belt around his hand, pulling 
it ever tighter.

...eccentricity.  Quirk.
An imperfection likely to cause difficulties 
in the operation of something.

The MAN's body begins to quiver and shake with orgasm as the speed of his 
thrusting is trebled.  As he orgasms, he wrenches the belt - hard.  A small 
snapping sound can be heard.  As his body begins to relax, the MAN buries his 
face in the crook of his partner's throat, breathing heavily.  He smiles and 
lifts his face up to look at the WOMAN.   

And what this man is about to learn...

The MAN shrinks back for a moment when he realizes what's happened.  He's 
still lying on top of the WOMAN, the belt wrapped lethally tight around her 
neck.  He runs a hand gently down her face - once, twice, then a third time - 
then slides it down to her neck to check her pulse.  He can see from the way 
her eyes are glazed, the pupils dilated, that she's dead.  He looks quiet - 
rather peaceful - considering what he's just done.   

...  is that kink and passion rarely go 
hand in hand...

The MAN tilts the WOMAN's head towards him - tears have run down and dried on 
her cheeks.  He wipes away the tears with the pads of his thumbs, leans in 
and kisses her deeply and passionately - his tongue sliding between her 
still-warm lips as he runs his hands through her hair.

...without some *serious* - and sometimes
even life altering - consequences.

Cut to: Receiving Area between Em City and GenPop
The sound of prison bars ROLLING and SLAMMING SHUT can be heard once again.   
A MAN's back - swathed in an expensive tailored suit - is facing the CAMERA.  
He turns around and faces the CAMERA as the doors slam shut.   We now see 
it's the same handsome, dark-haired MAN from the clip that was playing behind 
HILL on the Video Screen-DR.  AARON BLARE, Ph.D.  He's extremely pale-skinned 
and sharp-featured with piercing blue-green eyes framed by gold wire-rimmed 
glasses, his longish, nearly-black naturally curly hair brushed back away 
from his face.  METZGER strolls back and forth across the floor, giving them 
the typical Oswald welcome speech, observing the new arrivals as they try to 
acquaint themselves with their new surroundings.  BLARE is as cool as a 
cucumber.  A twenty-something YOUNG MAN sitting next to BLARE glances around 
nervously.  His eyes ricochet around the room and eventually meet BLARE's - 
BLARE glances over at him and smiles easily, sympathetically.   

In Emerald City, we got rules.  We got a lot more rules than 
anywhere else in Oz.  Your cell is your home - keep it 
clean, spotless.  You are to exercise regularly, attend 
classes, go to drug and alcohol counseling.  You are to work 
in one of the prison factories.  You are to follow the routine
we set up for you.  You sleep when we tell you, you eat when we
tell you, you piss when we tell you.  There is no yelling, no fighting 
and no fucking.  Follow the rules and we'll all get along just hunky dory.   
Now, get out of your street clothes and get into the standard Oswald 
prisoner's uniform - on the double!

ALL of the new INMATES begin undressing.  BLARE undresses slowly, starting 
with his tie.  He removes his glasses and sets them on the seat next to him 
as he slips his tie off over his head, folds it meticulously and lays it on 
the seat.  A slightly bug-eyed, rather stoned new INMATE stumbles over to 
BLARE's bench and picks up his glasses.  BLARE takes no notice of it for the 
moment and continues to undress, removing his suit jacket.

For those of you that are going to Em City, we'll be pairing you up with 
your sponsors, who'll be arriving in a minute.  For those of you that 
are going to Gen-Pop, there will be COs to direct you to your 
cells here momentarily.  Enjoy your stay, ladies.

BLARE turns and looks at the bug-eyed INMATE messing with his glasses as he's 
unbuttoning his dress shirt.   The INMATE twists the ears of BLARE's glasses 
and laughs to himself gleefully, like he's found a brand new toy.   He peers 
through the lenses and blinks, his eyes appearing myopic behind the lenses.   
BLARE's eyes narrow with suspicion.   When he finally speaks, it is instantly 
apparent that he's English.

Excuse me, but those are my glasses.

Yeah, man?  So fuckin' what?

BLARE (not intimidated in the slightest)
I can't see without them.  May I have them 
back, please?

Fuck off, man.

BLARE (a low growl, but still calm)
If you persist with this childish behavior
I shall be forced to inflict pain on you the
likes of which you shall remember only 
in your darkest of nightmares and will
have you pissing your sheets like a pre-schooler.   
Do I make myself clear?

(looks up at Blare, shocked)
Y-yeah...  yeah, okay, man.  Here.
(hands Blare back his glasses.)

BLARE (back to his original smooth, calm tone)
Thank you.  (smiles courteously)

BLARE goes back to undressing - he slips his glasses back on his face as he 
tugs his dress shirt off and folds it neatly over the bench as the BUG-EYED 
INMATE wanders off in a daze - BLARE looking and behaving as if nothing ever 

HILL (Voice Over)
Prisoner number 99B827.  
Doctor Aaron Blare, Ph.D.   

Cut to: HILL in his glass pod
As HILL speaks, the image of BLARE's mug shot is displayed on the Video 
Screen - sans glasses.  He still looks dangerously handsome.

Convicted 1-20-99, second degree murder.
Sentence: life in prison. Up for parole ...  in 10.

Cut back to: Receiving Area
BLARE, now dressed in the standard Oz uniform, hands his neatly folded 
street-clothes to RYAN 
O'REILLY and smiles.

BLARE (smiling amiably)
If you'd be so kind, please be gentle with
that suit.  It cost me two thousand dollars.

O'REILLY  (handing him his essentials - blanket, toilet paper, etc.)
Yeah, right.  Here, man.

BLARE (firmly)
I don't think you understand me... I asked
you - rather nicely, I might add - to be careful
with my suit.

What's your problem, man?  
What are you, a fuckin' limey?!

As a matter of fact I am English, yes.

O'REILLY (shakes his head)
Christ, just what we need.  Just get 
the fuck out of my face, man!

BLARE bows slightly at the waist, takes his parcel of essentials and strolls 
away again.   As he does, METZGER clears his throat - a call for attention.  
The doors going into Em City open and a handful of inmates walk in, CHRIS 
KELLER being one of them.   

METZGER (reading from a clipboard)
All right, ladies!  Line it up on the double!
Listen up for your unit and sponsor assignments!  
Derringer; Adebisi.  Cross; Rebadow.
Shirley; Hoyt.  Blare; Keller.   

Each of the sponsors walks over to their assigned prisoners.  BLARE and 
KELLER's eyes lock - KELLER doesn't move.  They stand there for a moment 
quietly, sizing each other up.  A mild, amiable smile curls the corner of 
BLARE's mouth while KELLER continues to stare fixedly at him.  KELLER crosses 
over to him and takes his bundle of gear, tucking it under his arm.   

BLARE (sticking out his hand)
Nice to meet you.  I'm Aaron Blare.
And you are?

Chris.  Chris Keller.   

BLARE (smiles charmingly)
My last name is spelled "B-l-a-r-e".
You know, "blare"?  Like noise?

KELLER (not really interested)

METZGER glances around to make sure all of the new arrivals have gotten 
paired up with their sponsors.

If I didn't read your name in connection
with a fellow prisoner, you're going over
the rainbow into other units of Oz.  Have 
fun, girls!  All Em City-assigned prisoners 
and their sponsors, follow me!

The gates into Em City roll open and METZGER leads all of the new prisoners 
and their sponsors back into Em City.   

Yeah, but why did you want Blare, McManus?
This guy sounds like a pretty sick twist to me!

Cut to: Int.  WARDEN GLYNN's office

Sick, yes, but I think he'd be a good influence on
the rest of the men in Em City.  He was a psychologist.

McMANUS hands BLARE's case file over to SISTER PETE, sitting in the chair to 
his left.   She opens it and takes a look at his mug shots.  

SISTER PETE (flipping through the pages in the file) 
Yeah, a psychologist that was making whoopee
with one of his own disturbed patients!  
Accidentally snapped her neck while they were 
engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation.  

He's not a no-necked, trailer trash felon, Leo.   
In fact, he's nothin' like any of the other inmates
here in Oz.  Blare can speak fluent Japanese, German 
*and* Spanish, he has a Masters and a Doctorate 
in Psychology, a fistful of degrees in Philosophy, 
Literature, Art-

Sounds like you're trying to set me up 
for a blind date with the guy, Tim.
Now, just what the hell is "autoerotic 

SISTER PETE (looks up)
He wrapped a belt around her neck while he was 
having sex with her to cut off her oxygen.  Some 
fetishists believe that a lack of oxygen during sex 
increases their pleasure.

GLYNN (horrified)

Only this gentleman was playing a bit too rough.
And damn him, if he isn't a handsome devil!

"Devil" is a very fitting word, Sister.  
This man is extremely sick.

Well, even though he experimented sexually, there's 
no reason you should say he's-

He fucked her body after she was dead.  That sick enough for you?

SISTER PETE glances over at McMANUS, nearly turning green.

My God.

Oh, yeah!  He's gonna be a really good influence
on the boys in Em City, McManus.   

Despite what he did to get in here, the one thing that
both makes me get the feeling he'd be good for Em City
and conversely terrifies the living shit out of me is that he seems
completely normal.  After he killed his patient, he called
up the police - as calm as anything - while she was still
lying in his bed and waited for them to show up!

And it also says here he put up no resistance during the arrest.

Well, no matter what, let's keep an eye on this Dr. Aaron Blare.
As calm as he might have been when they arrested him, god only
knows what he'll do once he's been in Em City for a day or two.
So make sure your men watch him, McManus.

Cut to: Em City
The sound of prison bars ROLLING and SLAMMING SHUT.
KELLER walks BLARE into Em City - he hands his bundle back to him.

Welcome to the Emerald City.

Cut to: Ext.  Close-up - BLARE



KELLER walks BLARE into EmCity - all of the inmates begin to whisper.  The 
CAMERA sweeps off to the right (the viewers' right) and follows JAZ HOYT as 
he walks over and rejoins his BIKER friends - gathered around their usual 
table, playing poker (but mostly staring at the new arrivals).  They exchange 
their greetings (nods).

HOYT (to Biker 1)
See that new dude over there?

BIKER 1  (looking around blankly)
Which new dude?

HOYT (smacking Biker 1 in the back of the head)
The geeky one in da glasses, numb-nuts!  (points)  Over there!

Cut to: BLARE and KELLER 
KELLER walks BLARE over to the pod he'll be sharing with an unidentified 
INMATE.  BLARE shakes KELLER's hand and goes into the pod and begins putting 
his things away.

Oh, that one.  What about him?

He strangled some chick.  He was uh...  
a, uh ...  psychologist, psychiatrist - one of them
"psycho" doctors - whatever the fuck ya call 'em.   


Cut back to: HOYT and BIKERS at their table.

The chick he killed was a patient of his!
Wrapped a belt around her neck and-
(makes a sharp jerking motion with both hands)
crack!  Killed her like dat.

BIKER 2  (wincing; rubbing his own neck)

Them quiet types are always the real sick fucks.
They're more dangerous than any o'the others, too, 'cause 
ya can't ever see it in 'em!  Always real harmless-like, 
pettin' puppy dogs, helpin' old ladies across da street.   
Shit like dat.  Then, next thing ya know - boom!  Winds 
up in Em City wit' us.

BIKER 1 (in awe, with just a touch of admiration:)
Christ!  He looks like a fuckin' librarian!

HOYT and his BIKER buddies laugh it up.

Cut to: BEECHER and KELLER's Pod
BEECHER is trying to reach a book that's sitting up on the edge of KELLER's 
bunk.  He's reaching up - straining up out of his wheelchair to reach it.  He 
snags the edge of the book's spine with his fingertip and tries to pull it 
closer-it moves closer towards the edge of the bunk, but BEECHER still can't 
grab hold of it.

BEECHER (grumbling to himself)
Aww, shit!  Come on!

BEECHER hooks the tip of his finger on the spine of the book again and gives 
it a hard, frustrated nudge.   It falls off of the bunk and lands flat on the 
floor close to BEECHER's wheelchair with a loud slapping sound as it hits the 
concrete.  BEECHER looks down at the book on the floor and sighs wearily, his 
shoulders slumping as he sits back in his chair, beads of sweat on his 

Need some help?

BEECHER looks up-BLARE is leaning against the doorframe of his pod and 

Here, let me.

No, you don't have to-

Oh, nonsense!  It's no bother at all!  Here...

BLARE enters the pod and kneels down on one knee at the foot of BEECHER's 
wheelchair to get the book.   He picks up the book and hands it to BEECHER 
with a gallant smile.  The minute BEECHER looks into BLARE's eyes, he 
realizes that this man is different from all of the other men in Em City.  
There's just something about him - he can't tell quite yet what it is, but 
it's mesmerizing all the same.   


BLARE (nods; still on one knee)
Happy to be of service.
(holds out his hand)
Doc -- (sighs softly; pauses for a beat)...  Aaron Blare.
Sorry, have to get used to being plain old 
Aaron Blare now.  No medical practice
for me, anymore, I'm afraid.  (grins ruefully)

(takes Blare's hand and they shake)
Tobias Beecher.  You're the new guy?

BLARE (nodding)
One of them, yes.
Who's your sponsor?

BLARE (stands, brushes dirt off of the knee of his trousers)
A chap named Chris Keller.
Know him, by any chance?

Yeah!  He's my roommate! 

BLARE (looks Beecher over; licks his lips thoughtfully, subtly)
Oh, really...?  Well, well...  what a small world!
(after a moment)  Well, I guess I'll be going.   
(puts a hand on Beecher's shoulder and gives it a squeeze)
If you need any more help ..  with anything...  
just let me know ...  okay?  Anything at all.

Yeah, sure.  Thanks.

BLARE bows slightly at the waist, turns and EXITS.   KELLER soon makes his 
way around the corner and into the pod.

KELLER (jerking his thumb towards the door)
Hey, wasn't that --?

Yeah ...Aaron Blare.

KELLER turns around and leans on the doorframe, watching BLARE go back to his 
pod - watching everyone watching BLARE.  His eyes narrow for a moment, but 
then he shrugs it off.   

Continued in Part Three

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