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It's the Quiet Ones You've Gotta Watch Out For

Part Three

by Jubilee Girl

Cut to: McMANUS' office
McMANUS stands at his picture window that displays Em City in its entirety 
and looks out, observing.   

Cut to: BLARE in Commons Area (from McMANUS' Point of view)
BLARE wanders around aimlessly, taking his new surroundings in.  He looks up 
and sees McMANUS standing at his window - he begins to stare fixedly at him.

Cut back to: McMANUS
In spite of himself, McMANUS begins to look uncomfortable.  He does all he 
can to pull himself away from the window.

Cut back to: BLARE (still from McMANUS' window POV)
BLARE, still looking up at the window, smirks to himself - it goes unnoticed 
by the other inmates.

COUSHAINE passes by BLARE and BLARE catches his sleeve.

Excuse me...!

COUSHAINE whips around, tugging his arm free from BLARE's grip, looking 
defensive and anxious.

Whoa, whoa!  It's alright.
I'm sorry; I didn't mean to startle you.
I'm new here.  (holds out his hand; smiles)
Hi, I'm Aaron Blare.

COUSHAINE (takes his hand; they shake)
Jonathan Coushaine.

Nice to meet you.  (long pause)
Say, I was just wondering ...  who is
that who works up there...?
(points up to McManus' window).

Tim McManus.  He runs Em City.

BLARE (shakes his hand, smiling and patting his shoulder)
Ahh... thank you.

COUSHAINE walks away and BLARE looks back up at McMANUS' window.

DISSOLVE to: Restroom 
BLARE is standing at a urinal, doing his business.  Another INMATE walks up 
and stands directly behind him, breathing down his neck.  The INMATE is 
several inches taller than BLARE-white and rather pale-with short-shorn 
dark-brown hair.  BLARE finishes up, zips up-he arches his neck and looks 
back at the 

Can I help you?

I want you.

BLARE leans back - pressing himself against the INMATE's chest.  He continues 
looking up over his shoulder at the INMATE.  He pulls his glasses off and 
slips them into the breast pocket of his uniform shirt.   After a moment, 
INMATE's hand runs up to BLARE's throat, grasping it lightly-he parts his 
lips, pressing his brow to BLARE's.  BLARE arches his neck - his flicks his 
tongue over INMATE's lips quickly, suggestively, then slips his tongue into 
his mouth.  They kiss passionately - INMATE running his hands through BLARE's 

Cut to: Stall (shot from the ceiling- angling from the lower right of the 
INMATE drags BLARE into the stall by the front of his shirt.  The door slams 
shut behind them.  

Cut to: Med.  Close - BLARE and INMATE
INMATE shoves BLARE up against the side of the stall, kissing him - BLARE 
kisses back passionately.   INMATE slowly slides down BLARE's front - to 
kneel on the floor in front of him.  He fumbles with his belt and zipper and 
tugs down his trousers.  The CAMERA remains on BLARE as the INMATE begins 
giving him head.  BLARE grinds the heel of his hand into his forehead, trying 
not to moan too loudly-he grasps the top of the partition that separates each 
stall from the other with both hands, arching his head back and letting out a 
long, slow groan.  He looks down, letting out a surprised moan and suddenly, 
we see TIM McMANUS' face looking up at him - he's the one down on his knees 

You taste /so/ good... Aaron.  

{"Aaron" echoes as -}

Smash cut to: BLARE's Pod - Night

BLARE jerks awake, covered with perspiration and gasping for breath.  He sits 
up in his bunk and wipes the sweat off of his face with the palm of his hand. 
 He collapses back onto the bunk with a sigh, resting one of his arms on his 
forehead - still trying to catch his breath.   

Cut to: CO's Desk - The next morning
All of the lights in Oz blink to life.  METZGER stands at the desk, watching 
over everything.

METZGER (shouting for all to hear)
Good morning, ladies!!  You've got five 
minutes to shit, shave, shower...  

Cut to: Wide Shot of both floors of pods on the right side of the CO's desk - 
the doors of all of the pods open and all of the INMATES begin rolling out of 
bed and getting ready to go.

...and get lined up to head to the cafeteria
for breakfast!  Move it, move it!  Move!

Cut to: BLARE's POD

BLARE, clad in his pristine white boxers, rolls out of bed and makes a 
beeline for the sink, while his podmate is still curled up in his top bunk.  
BLARE examines himself in the mirror (squinting his eyes - he doesn't have 
his glasses on) - he splashes some water on his face and rubs his face with 
both of his hands, raking his hands through his hair.  

Cut to: BEECHER and KELLER's pod
KELLER hops down off of his bunk - he kneels down next to BEECHER and pats 
him on the stomach, to wake him up.  KELLER carefully pulls BEECHER into his 
arms and helps him into his wheelchair.

Cut to: Cafeteria
Everybody's lined up to get their food, trays in hand.  KELLER and BLARE are 
standing next to each other in line - KELLER holding two trays - one for 
himself, one for BEECHER.  KENNY WANGLER slops a spoon of two different 
food-like substances on KELLER's tray, then two more on BEECHER's.   

BLARE (smiling; to Keller:)
Good morning...!

It's morning, yeah ...  don't know if
there's anything all that friggin' "good" 
about it, though.

WANGLER dumps a couple of spoon-fulls of gray-ish breakfast-glop on BLARE's 
tray - BLARE  looks down at his "food" and blinks.

Uhm...  thank you.

KELLER grabs a couple of half-stale sweet-rolls off of one tray, a couple 
sets of plastic utensils out of another and heads over to his table.  BLARE 
sniffs at his food suspiciously-he picks up a set of utensils and follows 

D'you mind if I sit with you and Toby?

KELLER (shrugging)
You can do whatever you want, man.
It's a free cafeteria.   

BLARE  (smiling brightly)

KELLER (looks at Blare)
Do you always do that?


*Smile* so goddamn much!  Don't look
so fuckin' happy, man!  You're in *prison* -
try to remember that, okay?  

BLARE (smile fading)

BLARE and KELLER make their way over to one of the tables where REBADOW, 
at their food quietly.   BEECHER sits waiting for KELLER to bring him his 
tray.  KELLER plunks down on the bench next to BEECHER (whose wheelchair is 
pulled up to the head of the table), setting his tray in front of him.   

BLARE takes a seat next to KELLER - he unwraps his utensils and places the 
napkin neatly in his lap.   HILL pauses for a moment - chewing his food - and 
looks up at BLARE.  BLARE is examining his food - trying to figure out what 
to eat first-none of it looks very appetizing.  KELLER unwraps BEECHER's 
utensils for him-he tucks the napkin into the front of BEECHER's T-shirt and 
puts the fork in his still-splinted right hand, folding his fingers around it 
as best he can.

There ya go.  That okay?  Got it?

Yeah, I think so ...  thanks.

CYRIL (to Blare; brightly:)

BLARE (looks up, glances around, sees it's Cyril speaking to him)
Hi!  (smiles)

What's your name?  I'm Cyril O'Reilly.

My name's Aaron Blare.   
(wipes his hand on his napkin, reaches across the table)

CYRIL looks over at KELLER - KELLER nods his head and smiles.

It's okay, Cyril.  

CYRIL smiles happily and takes BLARE's hand - they shake.   

I usually sit with Ryan, but Ryan told me 
I should sit with Toby, Chris and Augustus from
now on.  He said they'd watch out for me.  

BLARE nods - he's not sure if he knows who this "Ryan" is that CYRIL's 
talking about, but he smiles and pretends that he does.   Meanwhile, BEECHER 
is having trouble eating - his hand is too bandaged-up to keep wrapped around 
the fork.   He accidentally drops it and bits of food go flying from his tray.

BEECHER (frustrated:)
Goddamnit!  I can't do this!  
(sighs, pushes his tray away)

C'mon, Toby... I'll help ya.

KELLER pulls BEECHER's tray back in front of him, takes BEECHER's fork and 
scoops up a bit of food for him, cupping his hand underneath it so it doesn't 
drip all over the place.   

KELLER (grinning)
And the train goes "toot-toot!"...

BEECHER (chuckles; good-naturedly:)
Fuck you...!

BEECHER leans forward and KELLER carefully slips the fork into his mouth.  
HILL watches this with a grin.

So, when you startin' therapy, Beech-man?

BEECHER (mouth full, chewing)
Soon, I hope.   Soon as they get these
damn things off...
(holds up his arms - noting the splints)...

Right on...!

BLARE (holds out his hand to HILL:)
I don't think we've been formally 
introduced - I'm Aaron Blare.

HILL nods his head in acknowledgement.

Well, "formally," I'm Augustus Hill.  (grins)
(points his fork at Rebadow and Busmalis who are sitting next to him)
That's Bob Rebadow and Agamemnon Busmalis.

REBADOW (to Blare:)
A pleasure to know you, son.  (smiles a bit)

BUSMALIS (saluting)

BLARE (nods to both of them, smiling)
Pleasure to meet you both.

HILL (to Blare:)
So, what you in for, man?

BLARE (quietly, looking down at his food)
Uhm...  murder in the second degree.

No shit.  Hey - you're that doctor?  
The doctor that -


HILL (looks over at Keller:)

KELLER motions over at CYRIL with his fork and shakes his head.   HILL 
catches his drift and hushes up.

BLARE  (pursing his lips)
Yes ... that was me ... unfortunately.
(finally takes a bite of his food - grimaces at the taste of it)

CYRIL (to Blare:)
Augustus is teaching me how to play checkers!  (smiles happily)

Oh, is he?  Well, that's lovely!  Maybe you and I can 
play a game later, hmm?  If your teacher doesn't mind, 
that is ... (looks over at Hill.)

Would it be okay, Augustus?

Sure, man!  Why not?  (smiles)

All right!  Thanks, Augustus!

Yeah, Cyril's learning real fast!  He's gonna be beatin' me
in no time!  Won't ya?  (nudges Cyril, grinning)  Pretty soon,
we'll be havin' ya play 'em for money ... you'll be whuppin' 
some serious ass then, huh, my man?

CYRIL (chuckling)

Meanwhile, KELLER is still helping BEECHER eat - a couple of SCHILLINGER's 
ARYAN BUDDIES stroll past the table.

Aww, isn't dat sweeeeeet?  Momma 
feedin' baby his breaktast!  Isn't that 


ARYAN 1 (reaches over and pinches Beecher's cheek)
Is it good, baby?

KELLER (glaring at Aryan 1)
Get your fuckin' hand off him!

You gonna make me?  Maybe if 
your boyfriend weren't in that wheelchair, 
*he'd* make me ...!

KELLER stands up from the table, muscles flexing, fists clenching.   ARYAN 1 
lets go of BEECHER's cheek and backs up, both hands held up passively - a 
grotesque smirk on his face.


The ARYANS walk off, laughing to each other - some of them patting ARYAN 1 on 
the back.  KELLER keeps an eye on them as they walk away.  BLARE watches 
KELLER quietly as he watches the Aryans walking off-his eyes glance between 

It's okay, Chris.  It's no big deal.

It's a big deal to me!  I don't want
those back woods pig-fuckers *touching* you!
(mutters to himself)  Fuckin' vultures...!
(turns to Blare)  If there's anybody
you should stay away from, Blare, it's 
*those* bastards.   

BLARE nods solemnly.   

HILL (not-so-subtly changing the subject:)
So, whatcha gonna be doin' in here for work, Blare?

BLARE (looks up)
I've got a choice? (quirks up an eyebrow)

Well ...  kinda.  You can work in the factory with us, or ...
maybe you could help Coushaine teach the rest of
the guys.  You'd have to clear it with McManus, though.


Yeah.  Help 'em get their G.E.D.'s and stuff, y'know?

(to himself almost) Well, I taught my share of classes
while I was at the university ...  hmm.
(nods, smiling a bit)  Thanks, Augustus.  I'll think about it.   

Cut to: Int.  BLARE's POD - NIGHT
BLARE lies sleeping in his bunk - the sheets are twisted and rumpled - he 
tosses and turns, struggling in his sleep against some invisible enemy.

BLARE's eyes pop open and he calls out with shock and confusion.  He's 
forgotten where he is.  He sits up in bed, panicked, and looks around.   He 
now remembers where he is and what it was that put him here.  On his face, we 
see the truth hit home and BLARE's face goes slack - filled with remorse.  He 
turns over on his side in his bunk, in a fetal position, wrapping his arms 
around his pillow.  {The CAMERA begins to pull away} as we see BLARE bury his 
face in his pillow and begin sobbing.

Are you still having nightmares, Aaron?

BLARE (innocently, VO:)
What nightmares?

Cut to: SISTER PETE's OFFICE, the following DAY.  BLARE is seated in the 
chair in front of SISTER PETE's desk - he's holding his glasses in his hand 
as he massages the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, his eyes 
pinched closed.  He's not looking anywhere near as together as he did when he 
first came into Oz.  He looks extremely worn down ... on the edge.  SISTER 
PETE has an open file folder sitting in front of her, but doesn't look at it 
- instead, she watches BLARE.

The ones that have been giving you
those dark circles under your eyes.   
*Those* nightmares.

SISTER PETE regards BLARE closely for a minute.  He looks up at her, but 
doesn't speak.  They sit that way for a couple of beats.  SISTER PETE sighs 
to herself and sits back in her chair.  She realizes she's not going to get 
anything else from him about that, right now.

Aaron, I'm curious...

BLARE (eyebrows perking up)
Oh, yes?  What about?

Did you ever use anything else...
besides a belt... while you were having sex?

BLARE (brows furrowing, confused:)
Why do you ask?

Oh, just... morbid curiosity on 
the part of an outdated nun.   (grins)

Oh!  Well ...yes.   I did, actually.


As BLARE speaks, SISTER PETE listens intently - genuinely fascinated.   

Knives... candles...
silk scarves... my ties...

SISTER PETE (nervously)

BLARE (nodding)

What did you use the knives for, Aaron?
You didn't --?

Oh, no, no, no!  I never drew blood with them, ever!
It was just a little danger...  a little spice to heat things
up a bit.  That was all.   (looks down at his lap)
The only time it ever went too far was...  that night.
Believe me, Sister, I deeply regret ever hurting that woman.
I never wanted to hurt her...  never wanted to hurt anybody.

I'm not here to cross-examine you, Aaron.
That's not my job.  That's the job of the prosecutor.   
Perhaps you want me to say, "Oh, you're so meek 
and you sound so innocent.   You couldn't hurt
a fly ...  but you *did* kill a twenty-three year old 
schizophrenic patient of yours that you also happened
to be sleeping with at the time!"  

BLARE buries his face in his left hand.

You want to be punished, brow-beaten.  Maybe even
stoned to death in the town square.  You want to be 
made to feel guiltier.  But I'm not going to do that, Aaron.   
From the looks of it, you're doing a pretty good job of 
making yourself feel guilty, on your own.

BLARE nods slowly, his face still buried in his hand.

No, that's not what I'm here for.  I'm here for *you*.
You have a lot of things you have to work through while
you're here and I want you to understand that you can come
to me whenever you need to talk.  About anything - it doesn't
matter what.  I can help guide you through the rough spots ...  
if you'll let me.  Do you understand?

BLARE (nodding; sniffles softly)
Yes, Sister.


SISTER PETE reaches over and snatches a couple of Kleenex from the box 
sitting on the corner of her desk.   She stands up from her chair, reaching 
across her desk and offers them to BLARE.  He takes them and as he looks up, 
we see his eyes and nose are red; tears glisten on his cheeks.  He quickly 
wipes the tears away, pressing the Kleenex into his eyes as he takes a deep, 
calming breath.

Now, we're almost out of time, here, but
I'm about this far away from sending you
to the med ward for a prescription of something 
or other to help you sleep, you're in such a sorry state.   
Should I?

No, Sister.   I don't think that will be necessary.

You promise you'll try to get some sleep?

I promise.


BLARE (nodding)
Yes, yes!  I promise!

Okay, good.  'Cause I can get your
roommate in here with the snap of my
fingers and ask *him* if you've been sleeping, 
or not ... and don't think I won't do it!

BLARE (chuckles)
I will, Sister.

SISTER PETE (smiling)
Okay.  Now, get on out of here.   
Time's up.

BLARE chuckles to himself softly as he stands up from his chair.  SISTER PETE 
looks after him as he heads to the door.

What's so funny, Aaron?

BLARE (still sniffling a bit, chuckles:)
Well, it's just that... I used to say that to 
all my patients.   Something about the way
you said it - it just ... reminded me.   

SISTER PETE nods and smiles sympathetically.  They stand there for a couple 
beats more as BLARE regards SISTER PETE.

BLARE (softly)
The nightmares ... they're...
they're getting pretty bad.

SISTER PETE (frowns, concerned:)
You want to talk about it?

Oh, no.  You've got another inmate to see.
I won't bother you any more today.   (smiles)

Well, all right.  Will you be okay?

I think so, yeah.  Thanks.  (smiles)

BLARE turns and exits.  SISTER PETE closes the file folder - BLARE's file - 
sitting in front of her.  She steeples her hands together, resting her chin 
on top of them and sighs.  She opens a drawer, sticks his folder in it and 
shuts it.

Cut to: Int.  BLARE's Pod
BLARE is stretched out on his bunk, reading - we can still see dark circles 
under his eyes, behind his glasses.  The pod door sits open.  The upper bunk 
is empty, BLARE's roomie having vacated the pod for unknown parts.  A pair of 
large wheels roll up to the door and a hand knocks.

Hey, hey!!

BLARE looks up from his book and smiles.  He sits up and rakes his hands 
through his hair, setting his book next to him on his bunk.

Hi, Toby!

Hey, there... I just thought
I'd stop by and ... see how you're
getting along so far.

I'm doing okay.  The decor and cuisine
will take some getting used to, but I think 
I'll be able to handle it.  (grins)

You're lucky.  I got a pretty bad case 
of culture shock when I first got here.   (chuckles)

Why?  What were you doing before you came in here?

I was a lawyer.  And you ...  you were a-

A doctor.  A psychologist.

Oh, yeah.  You told me that already!  (Grins)

BLARE (looks around behind Beecher)
So ... where's your other half? 

BEECHER (brows furrowing)

Your roommate, Chris.  (grins)  It's kind of 
odd seeing you by yourself.  Where there's 
one, the other's usually not too far behind.   

Oh!  Well, he just had to do some laundry.

BLARE (nodding slowly)
Ahh, I see.   (points to something in Beecher's lap)
And what's that you've got, there?

Oh, this!  (picks up a book from his lap) 
It's why I decided to pay you a visit, in the first place!
Thought you might like to borrow it.  Give you something
to keep your brain busy and give you a little bit of background
about what we've been up to in EmCity.

BEECHER tosses BLARE the book.   BLARE turns it to read the cover.

"Riot" ...  by Kareem Said.
Now, why does that name sound so familiar?

Probably because you've heard it on the news.
I think damn near everybody knows who he is!
He's an author, a well-respected Muslim luminary 
and is currently a resident of Oswald Penitentiary.

BLARE (looks up at Beecher)
He's a prisoner here?!


BEECHER jerks his thumb back towards the Commons Area of EmCity and BLARE 
looks over BEECHER's shoulder in the direction of his pointing.  SAID and his 
Muslim BROTHERS are in the middle of their mid-morning prayer ritual.   

We've got a couple of well-respected authors 
in our midst, here.  Poet, Said ...  Christ, I think 
McManus would write a book if he thought it'd 
get him a ticket out of this shithole.  (laughs)


Ahh, you'll meet him soon enough, don't worry.
He reads his work every now and then in the cafeteria, 
during lunch... that's the Warden's idea of culture.

Oh, so they're resorting to rhyme, now, 
to soothe the savage beasties?  (grins)

BEECHER (chuckles)
Yeah, yeah ... somethin' like that.
So, what's that you're reading?

BLARE (picks up other book laying beside him)
Oh.. Shakespeare.  (holds up book)

Oh, yeah?

Yeah...  uh, Richard III.

"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse," right?

Yeah...!  You know Shakespeare, hmm?

Yeah, well, everybody knows at least that much 
of it, but yeah.  I did Hamlet when I was in college.

BLARE (smiling)

Oh yeah!  The dramatic pauses, the tights...  (grins.)

BLARE chuckles softly, then sit silently for a moment, regarding BEECHER and 
his general condition - arms bound in casts up to the elbows, legs bound in 
casts up to just past his knees.   

Toby, I've been meaning to ask you something...

What's that?

Well, I was just wondering... how did you end
up in that wheelchair like that...?

BEECHER's smiles slackens away and he pinches his eyes shut.  He sees 
flashbacks from his beating behind his eyelids.   

Flash to: Gym
Vern SCHILLINGER stands over him while a CO, METZGER, holds his left leg down 
with his foot and Chris KELLER, lying on the floor with BEECHER, has his arms 
wrapped around BEECHER's upper body to hold him still.   

Sieg heil, baby!
Sieg fuckin' heil!

We can hear BEECHER's bones breaking and him wailing in pain.   

{Flash back}  METZGER holds BEECHER still while KELLER heartlessly taunts 

I don't love you!
I never loved you, not for a second!

BEECHER whimpers pitifully and strains to break free from METZGER's grip, but 
it's no use.

BEECHER sits back in his seat, the pain easy to see on his face.

BEECHER (almost apologetically:)
Aaron, I ... I can't-

Oh, it's okay.  It's okay.  I was just curious.
You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to.

Thanks.  It's just a really hard thing for me
to talk about... yet.   

BEECHER turns a bit in his chair and sees KELLER in the laundry room, folding 
up some of his clothes sitting on top of the dryer - a rumpled pile of 
freshly dried clothes sitting next to him to be folded.   KELLER looks up and 
smiles, gives BEECHER a little wave.  BLARE watches quietly as BEECHER does 

Well, like I said, if you ever 
want to talk, I'm here... Toby.

BEECHER looks back at BLARE and smiles stiffly.


BLARE (trying to change the subject to something less touchy)
So, when are your casts coming off?  (smiles)

Oh!  Well, Dr. Nathan said that the ones on my arms
will be able to come off real soon ... maybe even next week!

Hey, that's great!

Yeah... I've got big plans for celebration when these things 
come off... (grins)

I daren't ask what it involves, but I'm sure it's got something to
do with Mr.  Keller...  am I correct? 
(arches a brow, grins wickedly, secretively)

BEECHER (almost blushing)
Actually, come to think of it, it just might.

Well, it's comforting to know that there are some
men in here that aren't strangers to that sort of thing... (smiles)
How long have you known you were gay?

Me?  Oh, I'm not gay...

Just in love with a man... a fellow inmate, no less.

BEECHER shifts in his seat a bit, beginning to look uncomfortable.  BLARE's 
pegged him perfectly in less than five minutes.

BLARE (cont'd)
(chuckles softly)  So, do you have a wife...?  Kids?

I've got two kids... but my wife, Genevieve... she...  
(sighs, shaking his head) she killed herself about 3 months ago.   

Oh, Toby... I'm so sorry.   

BEECHER nods, looking down in his lap.

BLARE (sarcastically)
Now, y'see... that's what I get for being a trained
interrogator!  I manage to dredge up month's worth
of pain in a matter of minutes...!  Very nice going, Aaron!
I do believe you've set a world record, there, m'lad!
(sighs ruefully; shakes his head)

Hey...  hey!  You didn't know... it's not your fault!

I ought not be so damned nosy, but ... you're one 
of the only people that's been truly nice to me so far.
I guess, in my own strange way and with all my prying 
questions - I was just trying to get to know you better...

BLARE buries his face in his hands and lets out a tired, almost aggravated 

BEECHER (softly)
Well, there's ... nothing wrong with that....

BLARE (his voice muffled by his hands:)
When does it stop?

When does what stop?

When does the instinct of doing what I did 
for a living on the outside stop taking over?  
When am I finally going to realize that I'm 
in prison, now - not in some university lecture hall,
or in my office, taking care of patients....  
when do I start acting like *them*?

BEECHER carefully rolls forward into the pod, trying not to bump his chair or 
his hands on the doorway as he goes through it.  He rolls up to BLARE and 
sits quietly, watching him - BLARE's almost on the verge of tears.

You don't want to be like them, Aaron.
I can see how it would be easy to give in
and do that ... I did.

BLARE pulls his face from his hands and rests his elbows on his knees, 
watching BEECHER.  He lowers his head and sighs softly.

When am I going to be able to get through
just one night-without nightmares?

I don't know ... I haven't reached that point, yet, 
and I've been here for two years, already.

BLARE chuckles lightly... he laces his hands together and brings them to his 
chin.  He rubs at the dark circles under his eyes gingerly with his thumbs.

It isn't going to be easy, I can tell you that.
But you will get used to it... you'll get used to count,
you'll get used to being locked in by five every afternoon,
you'll get used to standing in line for your food,
you'll get used to asking for permission to take a shit,
or to wash your clothes, or to go to the library...
you'll get used to all of the things that normal men 
don't have to get used to out in the real world.

If I were normal, I wouldn't have ended up in here 
in the first bloody place, would I?  (sighs)
But I do see your point.  I've just got to deal with it.

Physician, heal thyself!  
(grins, chuckling - Blare laughs as well)
Yeah ...  exactly.

A quiet moment settles over the two men... BEECHER clears his throat a bit 
and smiles at BLARE.

Well, I ... I guess I'll be going.

BLARE (looks up - nodding)
Oh, okay.   

I guess I'll see you around.

Yeah, I'll be kinda hard to miss, in here.   (grins)

BEECHER chuckles as he carefully backs himself out of the pod.

Oh - and Toby?

BEECHER (stopping - looks over at Blare)


Welcome.  (smiles)

BEECHER backs the rest of the way out, pilots his chair around and rolls in 
the direction of the laundry room.  KELLER's just now walking out of the 
laundry room, having finished doing their wash.  KELLER smiles as BEECHER 
rolls towards him - he sets their hamper of laundry in BEECHER's lap and 
takes the handles of his wheelchair, pushing him back to their pod.

BLARE stands in the doorway of his pod, watching the two of them quietly.  He 
lowers his eyes, sighs, turns and goes back into his pod, slowly shutting the 
door behind him.

Continued in Part 4

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