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It's the Quiet Ones You've Gotta Watch Out For

Part Six

by Jubilee Girl

Cut to: Int. Commons Area
BEECHER, KELLER, REBADOW, BUSMALIS and HILL share a table - REBADOW, KELLER and BUSMALIS play cards, BEECHER's reading a book and HILL is listening to something on his walkman. Suddenly, RYAN O'REILLY comes walking into EmCity - he's walking as fast as he can without breaking into a run - he steals a chair from one of the nearby tables, parks it in front of BEECHER's table and straddles it backwards.

O'REILLY (breathlessly)
Holy shit...


You guys will never fuckin' believe who I just saw in the infirmary...

HILL (pulling off his headphones)


Yeah, so? There's nothin' new about that... he was probably just delivering the mail.. right?

Try getting a cast put on his hand. I heard Gloria talkin' to one of the nurses: every bone in his right hand was crushed... it looked like he got it caught in a fuckin' meat-grinder or something.


Who did it?

Nobody knows. Or rather nobody'll say. I got a look at Vern, too. Man, he was shakin' like he'd got 'hold of some bad speed or some shit. Somebody fucked him up - bad. And not just his hand, but his head, too.

McManus was trying to get him to tell him what happened, but every time he tried, all Vern would do is shake his head no. Says he was in the mailroom and somebody dropped a tray of unopened packages on his hand and that's how it got broke, but somebody's put the fear of god into that guy, I tell ya. He is shakin' in his boots and that's no bullshit.

I don't know who did it, but some guy I was talkin' to from Unit B says he thinks it was the new guy...

Which new guy?

Your new pal… the doctor...

BEECHER's brows furrow with confusion - he turns his head and looks over at a table a few yards away - BLARE and CYRIL are playing a game of checkers. BLARE turns and notices BEECHER is looking at him - he raises his hand in a small wave and smiles. O'REILLY gets up from the table and strolls off to tell everybody else his big news. BEECHER turns back to KELLER and leans in close to the table.

BEECHER (whispering)
Aaron? But why? Why would he do a thing like that to Vern?

Who knows? Maybe Vern just picked the wrong guy to fuck with this time. O'Reilly's been goin' around telling everybody that Blare knows all that Bruce Lee, Kung-Fu bullshit.

How did it happen? I mean, did /anybody/ see /anything/?

The guy in Unit B said he'd heard that Vern and a couple of his boys were hassling somebody in the hallway heading out of Sister Pete's office and that whoever it was kicked the shit out of Vern, but let the other two go. Not a scratch on either one of 'em.

And they won't say who did it?

Nah… I think they're just grateful that they didn't end up in the infirmary with anything of theirs broken!

BEECHER (thinks for a moment, then shakes his head)
No, no… it couldn't be. Aaron wouldn't do anything like that.

KELLER frowns and turns to HILL and REBADOW, hoping they'll help him to convince BEECHER that BLARE is truly dangerous. They don't say a word.

Whoever it was, I'm glad they did what they did. Maybe I'll get to thank them face to face, sometime. (long pause) I gotta go. I've got an appointment to go see Dr. Nathan. I'll catch up with you guys later.

BEECHER puts his book in his lap, backs his wheelchair away from the table and rolls away.

KELLER (snarls viciously)

KELLER stands, knocking his chair over, and stalks away in the opposite direction, leaving HILL, REBADOW and BUSMALIS staring at each other again.

HILL (to Busmalis)
Deal me in, man…

BEECHER sits in his wheelchair in front of DR. NATHAN's desk as she sits behind it, leafing through her rounds folders for the day, reading, making occasional notes.

Oh, you've /gotta/ be kidding! And Warden Glynn agreed to this? Man, I must be dreaming. Yeah, I'm dreaming. I'm in my pod and I'm taking a nap right now and I'm dreaming all of this…! Shit, Doc, are you serious?!

DR. NATHAN (laughing)
It's for real, Toby! I just got Warden Glynn to sign the forms this morning. For the next month, you're going to be driven to and from St. Luke's every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you're going to get the physical therapy for your legs there!

This is incredible! So, come on, Doc, level with me… how much did you bribe Glynn? (grins)

There's no strings, Toby! This isn't some kind of deal like Tim McManus would cook up - "do this for me, and I might think about doing this for you." You'll be allowed to bring one person with you to assist the therapist with your recovery. To be honest, I'm surprised that Warden Glynn is going to go along with it - I truly expected him to say no - but he said that he thought you would be no great security risk. I told him that we were horribly understaffed at the moment and don't have the equipment that you'd need to do your therapy properly. I also told him I had a friend at St. Luke's who'd be more than happy to help you and do it for nothing… and so he said yes!


DR. NATHAN (grinning)
Yeah - "wow!" Next time you see Warden Glynn, you might wanna think about thanking him for allowing you to do this.

Oh, I will - when I see him. But right now, I wanna thank you. Thank you for this, Dr. Nathan. Thank you so much.

I'm just doing my job, Toby. No need to thank me. (smiles)

No, really, I mean it. Thank you. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty, just like you always do. You didn't have to do this, but you went to the wire for me and I appreciate it. Not to mention all the months you took care of me after the accident.

Well, you're very welcome. (smiles)

BEECHER begins to back out of the office, smiling.

Oh, and Toby --?


I want you to go ahead and start thinking about who you want to come with you to St. Luke's to help you with your therapy. It won't be too much longer until the casts on your legs can come off and I want to have the forms filled out and ready for Warden Glynn to go over. He wants to be sure that whoever you decide on won't cause any unneccessary problems.

Okay, will do. Thanks again, Doc!

BEECHER comes rolling into the pod, a bright, thrilled smile on his face - KELLER is laying in the bottom bunk, thumbing through a magazine.

BEECHER (excitedly)
Hey, Chris! Guess what --!

KELLER (sits up)
Hey, what the fuck is wrong with you lately, man, huh?

BEECHER (hurt, confused:)
Chris? What are you talking about?

This guy Blare - your new best friend - he's fuckin' dangerous, Toby. Why won't you listen to me? You know that he's the one that fucked Vern up! You /know/ and you act like you don't even give a shit!

No, Chris, I don't know that and neither do you! Why is it, all of the sudden, that you've got it in for Aaron?

I don't 'have it in' for Aaron! I'm telling you, Toby, he's bad news! You'd have to be fuckin' blind not to see it!

BEECHER (as if it's only just dawning on him:)
You're jealous!

KELLER (scoffs)
Jealous?! Why would I be jealous of that asshole?

That's it, isn't it? You're jealous! I've got more in common with Aaron than I ever had with you and it's making you nervous.

KELLER (lying back in his bunk)
Oh, yeah… I'm just shakin' in my boots, Tobe. Can't you tell?

Aw, fuck you, Chris!

KELLER (sitting up again, he throws his magazine against the wall)
No, fuck you, Toby! Fuck /you/! I told you I was gonna do whatever I could to protect you from any bad things I saw that were comin' your way… and this Blare guy… he's a bad thing. A really, really fuckin' bad thing. But if you don't wanna listen to me, that's fine. Go on, fuck off - do whatever you want - I really don't give a shit. Go blow the sonofabitch in front of everybody in EmCity, for all I fuckin' care.

Fine, Chris! Fine! You wanna be that way? That's just fine with me, man.

BEECHER quickly backs out of the pod, leaving KELLER alone, fuming to himself.

Fuck it! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

KELLER pounds his fist into the mattress repeatedly in a rage, then buries his face in his hands.

Continued in Part 7

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