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It's the Quiet Ones You've Gotta Watch Out For

Part Seven

by Jubilee Girl

Cut to: Int. INFIRMARY - DAY
BEECHER sits and waits patiently as DR. NATHAN, wearing a pair of protective goggles, cuts his casts off of his legs with the surgical saw. His other leg, the cast already having been sawed off, dangles over the side of the bench - BEECHER wiggles his toes and flexes his leg, trying to get the feeling back into it.

DR. NATHAN (uncertainly:)
So, you want Aaron Blare to go with you to St. Luke's?

BEECHER (nodding)

I thought for sure that you'd want Keller to go with you?

BEECHER (shaking his head; vehemently:)
No, I don't want him.

Well, Toby… Blare only just got here a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if Warden Glynn will approve him as your therapy aide or not.

BEECHER (firmly)
I want Aaron, Doc.

Well, I'll talk to Sister Pete and Mr. McManus about it. Then, we'll go to Warden Glynn and see what we can do. Okay?

BEECHER (smiles)
Yeah, Doc. Thanks.

SISTER PETE and DR. NATHAN sit in the two chairs in front of GLYNN's desk, while GLYNN is standing by his window. McMANUS perches on the corner of GLYNN's desk next to DR. NATHAN.

You have gotta be kidding me, Gloria! Aaron Blare? I can't approve this! No way! The guy's been here for less than a month and you want me to sign a piece of paper giving you permission to *let him out again*? Somebody please tell me that you all are just jerking me around! April Fool's Day has already come and gone, people!

DR. NATHAN (shrugging helplessly)
Toby wants him to be his therapy aide at St. Luke's.

Aaron has improved considerably over the past couple of weeks since he first arrived, Leo. He's not having nightmares anymore, he's making friends in EmCity…

Cut to: Int. Commons Area
CYRIL and BLARE are playing checkers - CYRIL wins and BLARE holds his hand out to CYRIL for a congratulatory high five. CYRIL smiles brightly and gives him a high five.

…and seems to have acclimated himself to his new surroundings better than I ever could have anticipated!


She's right, Leo. So far, Aaron's making himself out to be a model prisoner. He has a great attitude and there have been zero complaints made about him from the CO's that have been on shift in EmCity. I know; I checked.

Cut to: Int. EmCity CLASSROOM
BLARE paces back and forth at the front of the makeshift classroom, a piece of chalk cradled in his hand, speaking animatedly to his students - we see notice that "WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE" and several other literary terms with their definitions are scribbled on the blackboard behind him.

Coushaine tells me that Aaron's making major breakthroughs with the guys in his classes. Since he's taken over half of Coushaine's class load, those men are doing a hundred times better than they ever did before.

AN INMATE sitting towards the front of BLARE's class raises his hand - BLARE points to him and the INMATE asks him a question. BLARE smiles and gives him the answer to his question - a good number of the other INMATE/students listen intently, some are even taking notes.

Cut back to: Int. WARDEN GLYNN's OFFICE

GLYNN turns to McMANUS and tosses BLARE's file on top of his desk.

Tim, I'm gonna leave this up to you. Blare is in EmCity and EmCity is your baby, so it's your call. But let me ask you this, first: Do you really think Blare's ready to accompany Tobias Beecher to St. Luke's for his therapy?

Cut to: Int. CAFETERIA - DAY
SCHILLINGER is carrying his food tray with his good hand - his other is in a cast up to his forearm. As he's walking to his table, he notices BLARE sitting at a table with BEECHER (now using a cane, his legs in medical braces), KELLER, CYRIL O'REILLY, HILL, REBADOW and BUSMALIS. BLARE takes a bite of his sandwich, notices SCHILLINGER is watching him and give him a little wave, smiling brightly. He begins licking his lips and making kissy faces at SCHILLINGER.

SCHILLINGER looks angry for just a moment, but then turns and continues on to his table.

Honestly, Leo? Yes. Yes, I do.

Cut back to: Int. WARDEN GLYNN's OFFICE

Well, then, it's settled. Blare and Beecher are cleared to go to St. Luke's starting next week. But remember, Tim - if something goes wrong, you'll be expected to take full responsibility for it. Understand?

No problem.

Cut back to: CAFETERIA
HILL notices BLARE taunting SCHILLINGER - he shakes his head and chuckles.

You are one truly twisted dude, Blare. I don't know what the hell you did to Vern, but every time he lays eyes on you, lately, it looks like he's about to shit his pants!

BLARE (taking a bite of his sandwich, innocently)
I didn't do a thing! But still, it's fuckin' great, innit? (grins wickedly)

HILL (holding his hand out to Blare for a high five)
Right on, man! Right on!

BLARE laughs, reaches across the table and gives HILL a high five. BLARE looks over his shoulder and watches as SCHILLINGER makes his way over to his usual table, along with all of his ARYAN BROTHERS.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Hey, guys, check it out! (pointing over his shoulder)

HILL pushes himself up in his seat a bit so he can see what's going on as everyone else turns their heads or looks up from their trays.

The ARYAN BROTHERS are booing and hissing at SCHILLINGER and throwing paper napkins, plastic utensils and bits of food at him. He tries to protect his face and head with his good arm as he hurries away from the table, cussing colorfully at his former friends.

The rest of the INMATES hoot, holler and catcall at SCHILLINGER as he shuffles away to an empty table and sits by himself.

KELLER (mumbling - talking with his mouth full:)
Vern has been officially banished from the Aryan Brotherhood. They don't want to have a fuckin' thing to do with him, now I don't know what happened, but they mutinee'd like a son of a bitch. Kicked his white-trash ass straight out to the curb. Ever since then, those two Aryan fucks that got away after Vern got the shit beat out of him have been spreading the rumor of the "mysterious avenger."

And, still, nobody knows who did it? That I find *so* hard to believe…!

BLARE (taking a bite of his sandwich)
Vern may be a rednecked primate, but he's not stupid. He's never gonna tell anybody what happened.

You don't think?

BLARE shakes his head - he has it on good authority that Vern won't talk.

Cut to: Int. EmCity
BEECHER tries to catch up with BLARE as all the INMATES walk back from lunch.

Hey, Aaron?

BLARE (turns, looking around to see who's called him)
Yeah? Oh, hey, Toby!

Aaron, can I talk to you for a minute?

Oh, sure!

BLARE takes BEECHER's arm and helps him shuffle out of the way of the other INMATES passing by. BLARE leans back against the wall and crosses his arms over his chest.

BLARE (cont'd)
So how are your legs feeling?

Good, good. I feel a little wobbly, but I haven't fallen over yet, so… (grins)

BLARE (chuckles)
What did you need to talk to me about?

You know I went to see Dr. Nathan, right?


Well, she told me that basically after a lot of begging, she got me in to a special therapy program at St. Luke's Hospital.

BLARE (smiling)
Oh, hey, that's great! Congratulations! What can I do to help?

Well, see, that's just it. Dr. Nathan says I can bring along one person with me to help me out with my therapy and I was just wondering if … you'd … like to go? I mean, you don't have to, if you don't want to, but if you would, I'd really…

Really? You want me to go with you?

BEECHER (smiling)

What about Chris?

BEECHER (his smile fading)
What *about* Chris?

Well, I thought that you and he were… (Beecher frowns) Forget I ever said anything, yeah? None of my business, anyway. Uh… yeah, sure! I'd love to.


Oh, yeah! Yeah, sure! To be honest, I'm touched that you'd even think to ask me… (smiles)

BEECHER (almost blushing)

So, when does your therapy start?

Next Wednesday.

Well, fortunately for you, I'm free then! (chuckles) Did Doctor Nathan tell you how long you'll need to go?

A whole month! Can you believe it? Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a whole month. Do you know it's been over two years since I've been outside this place? It's been so long since I've laid eyes on a tree or grass or even the sky. It'll be nice to get out, even … if it's just for a little while. (sighs)

I'm sure it will be. (smiles) So what can I do to help you?

Dr. Nathan told me that she'd make sure to give you some stuff to look over before we go, so you know what you're doing.


And she said she would talk with Sister Pete, McManus and Warden Glynn to see about getting your temporary release forms approved and signed. She said she wasn't sure if they'd agree to loosen your leash so soon, but hopefully, she can convince them, because… I don't want anybody else.

BLARE (smiles bashfully)
Thank you, Toby…

A CO strolls over and taps BEECHER on the shoulder. BEECHER turns around and faces the CO.

Are you about finished? (to Blare:) So what's the verdict? Did you agree to go steady with him, sweetheart?

Now, wait a minute.

No, *you* wait a minute. (shouting) MOVE it! What the fuck d'you think this is? A singles bar? Get back to your units - NOW!

Okay, okay. We're going. We don't want any trouble, all right? We're going.

BLARE takes BEECHER's arm and helps him down the hallway - the CO puts his hands on his hips, not letting them out of his sight.

As soon as they get far enough down the hallway, BLARE and BEECHER take one look at each other and start laughing... first quietly, then hysterically.

Continued in Part 8

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