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Kansas gears up for trip to ´Husker turf

By Jodi M. Smith
Kansan sportswriter

Members of the Kansas football team hope they aren´t putting their heads on the chopping block this weekend.

The Jayhawks travel to Lincoln, Neb., for a 6 p.m. kickoff tomorrow against Nebraska, a team that lost last weekend for the first time in two seasons.

And the Cornhuskers don´t plan to make it two in a row.

The game will be televised on Fox Sports Network.

Kansas running back Dustin Curry said, “Going in after a loss, they´re probably out for some blood, but we´re just going to go up there with some confidence that we can beat them.

That may seem nearly impossible for the 2-4 Jayhawks, who have allowed victory to be stolen from them four times this season.

Nebraska coach Frank Solich said, “As I look at Kansas, they are a fine football team, and they have been in every game right up to the fourth quarter. I think they are a team that can score points on you.”

Nebraska is a team that has either won or shared the national championship three out of the last four years.

The game poses two challenges Kansas has struggled with this season — conference battles and road games.

The Jayhawks, 0-4 in the Big 12 Conference, have only won one road game since coach Terry Allen became coach last year.

And if the Jayhawks have any lingering hopes of a bowl bid, this game is nearly a must-win.

Allen said Kansas needed to have a good game plan.

“That is often hard to do against Nebraska because they are such a well-coached football team,” he said. “I don´t know about the vulnerability of Nebraska, but I understand the recipe of how to beat them.”

Curry said the recipe was consistency.

“I don´t think you want to do anything different,” he said. “I think you kind of want to perfect the things that you have been doing. It´s the little things that are killing us, it´s not our base offense or our base defense. It´s just little things game in and game out that kind of put the opponents over the edge.”

Kansas, though, has at least one starter out.

Cornerback Muhammad Abdul-Rahim will not play because of an ankle injury, and linebacker Steve Bratten´s status is questionable.

Wide receiver Harrison Hill said he was ready to play at Nebraska´s Memorial Stadium.

“I went to a spring game there my junior year, and that´s like a game, and that place was packed with 75,000 people,” wide receiver Harrison Hill said. “It´s going to be loud, a lot of people and an awesome environment.”

But no matter how many Cornhusker fans show up, the Jayhawks are ready to look past the season´s disappointments.

“It´s hard, but this is football,” wide receiver Termaine Fulton said. “This kind of stuff happens. You´ve just got to deal with it, and if you love it, just deal with it. Keep on working hard and make something good come out of it.”



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