Free library for the Win32 API

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  2. Installing the library
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Release information

Version 0.1.5 released on Jan 8, 1999.
Please note: this is an old release, look for a more recent library at Mumit Khan's GNU Win32 related projects page. Mumit is maintaining the library at the moment.


  1. Nearly complete core API (some NT specifics are not complete), including Windows Networking, winsock, printer/spooler and NT services.
  2. Complete set of import libraries
  3. Common controls (including richedit + richole), common dialogs and shell API.
  4. DDE API.
  5. Multimedia API (mmsystem).
  7. Wininet (MS internet services)
  8. COM support + full shell interface for W9x and NT 4
  9. Basic OLE2 support
  10. Windows cryptographic services (wincrypt)
  11. LAN Manager API.

Installing the library

If you are using the source distribution you may install the library by executing the command
`make install prefix=<dir>'
where <dir> is the directory that holds the include and lib directories, default is /usr/local. If you want to install only the headers or import libraries you may do so with the commands `make install-headers' and `make install-libs' respectively.
Building the import libraries requires that you have recent version of dlltool, binutils, GNU make and EGCS in your PATH.

Download library


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Anders Norlander
Updated: Apr. 17 1999