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October 19, 1998

Infonautics Launches Preview Version of Company Sleuth to Provide Free 'Inside Information' from Seldom-Tapped Online Sources

New Service Automatically Uncovers Competitive Intelligence By Scanning Financial, Regulatory, Investment and Business Information

Infonautics, Inc. announces the launch of a preview version of Company Sleuth, a free service that uncovers hard-to-find and seemingly hidden business information on the Internet. The service, from the creator of the award-winning Electric Library service, is designed to provide investors, entrepreneurs, marketers and corporate executives with the advance information they need to make informed financial and business decisions. The service is accessible from

With Company Sleuth, users receive a daily e-mail report detailing the business activities, financial moves and Internet dealings of selected companies -- often before they are officially announced or reported. Currently, Company Sleuth tracks U.S.-based, publicly traded companies and plans to track private companies soon. Company Sleuth searches the Internet and delivers financial and business news and information on a particular user's competitors, investments, prospects and clients.

``In today's information age, companies are leaving a paper trail of information online,'' said Joshua Kopelman, executive vice president of Infonautics. ``Company Sleuth uncovers hard-to-find and seemingly hidden business news and information for users so they don't have to simply rely on old news or intuition when making investment and business decisions.''

Company Sleuth would have found the scoop when Open Market registered its first patent on e-commerce and when Walt Disney Company and Microsoft registered the domain names ``'' and ``,'' respectively. Moreover, Company Sleuth has uncovered's recent registration of the domain names ``'' and ``amazontelevision'' and that the Coca-Cola Company has filed for the trademark ``JAVALAIT'' in the frozen-coffee beverage category.

Highlights of Company Sleuth include:

  • Checks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for issued patents
  • Delivers results from the U.S. trademark office on newly applied for and registered trademarks
  • Tracks Usenet news groups for breaking news and information
  • Reports on Securities and Exchange Commission filings
  • Tracks and reports newly registered domain names
  • Reports on recent postings on popular Yahoo! and Motley Fool message boards
  • Uncovers online job postings
  • Provides stock market reports
  • Delivers business headlines and press releases on selected companies
  • Reports on changes in analyst recommendations and earnings estimates
  • Highlights stock transactions from company insiders, officers and directors

About Infonautics

Infonautics Inc. is a rapidly growing Internet information company that provides online information services for schools, libraries, consumers and businesses. Its award-winning Electric Library service was the first reference service of its type on the Internet, and today is the fastest growing electronic reference product for schools and libraries, serving more than 9,500 institutions in all 50 states. Electric Library is also one of the largest paid subscription sites on the Web with more than 50,000 paying subscribers. The company also provides custom content-management and online archive services to major publishers and other content creators. Infonautics was founded in November 1992, and is headquartered in Wayne, PA.

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