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Sonnal thaan kadhala

Director: T.Rajender
Cast: T. Rajender, Murali, Roja, Mumtaz, Khushbu, Swati, Karan, Vadivelu.

It must have been the impending elections that had distracted him. For, in T. Rajender's new film (which he produces, directs, pens the dialogue, story, screenplay, lyrics, cranks the camera, and composes the music) his usual style is missing. No doubt the usual alternatives are there, and Rajender's role of the disillusioned lover is very much like his earlier roles. But the rest of it is like a straight lift from a V. Sekhar film. It's like trying to blend two different stories, handled by two different people.

Roja handles the central role, but the performance is flat. There is not much variation in it. Rajender's older son Silambarasan dances a couple of numbers. His younger son Kuralarasan makes a confident acting debut as Roja's younger brother. There are many artistes like Khushbu, in the film, but they have been wasted. There are quite a few songs too, the title one being the catchier number. Mumtaz, who made her acting debut as heroine in a T. Rajender's earlier film, is used the same way as other directors - nothing to mention about. She has an apology of a role, costumes leaving little to the imagination, and a sizzling dance number to perform.

T.R. (Rajender) is an investigative journalist who runs a music troupe, in which Roja (Roja) is the lead female singer. Roja works in a finance firm, and has a big family of three sisters, a brother, an alcoholic father and a mother to support. Murali (Murali) her office colleague loves Roja, and makes his intention clear in every opportunity that he gets. But Roja has no time for him. T.R. has a sister (Swati) who is married to a corrupt cop (Karan). The cop, furious about Rajender exposing him in his newspaper, harasses the sister, egged on by his avaricious mother and sister. The burden of taking care of the family becomes a little too much for Roja. Finally T.R. advises Roja to accept Murali's love. Too many characters, and it is a hotchpotch of situations. T.Rajender's fans will be definitely disappointed!

Malini Mannath


pls dont waste others valuable..... - vidyaram, detroit, u.s.a, 7/1/2001
hai viewers it is an excellent..... - M.Mohamed Asif, coimbatore, 6/8/2001
pls dont ever see this movie.p..... - pooja, chennai........warning.........., 5/30/2001
It is an excellent movie which..... - Gowtham, Chennai, 5/25/2001
NADIPPU PUYAL NADANA CHUDAMANI..... - varadharajan.v, chennai, 5/25/2001

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