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Get started listening to Internet radio, MP3s, and other digital music formats.
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Hunt down your favorite music on the Net with these tools and how-tos.
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We'll show you how to take charge of that unwieldy music collection.
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Convert, record, rip, and encode your tunes in the latest digital formats.

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Get started with Audiogalaxy Satellite

No need for Napster
Get started with Audiogalaxy Satellite
This Napster alternative uses a Web-based interface and optimized peer selection to find your favorite tunes. You have yet another option now that Napster is filtering out many of the songs on its network.

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Music News
Napster upgrade clips some clones

Ticketmaster to lay off 90 at CitySearch

From the Web
Rethinking music security

EMusic lets you download an MP3 album free of charge

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