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News - 03.26.2001(12:30pm EST)      * *  N e x u s 3  -  S t o n e d  R e l e a s e d  * *

Nexus3 - Stoned is done!! Click on over to the Maps Page for more info and a download link.
Here are two pics to tide you over until the download finishes.. :)



Nexus3 - Stoned Nexus3 - Stoned

News - 03.11.2001(12:30am EST)

Wow.. its finally done!! Nexus3 - Stoned has reached "Release Canidate 1" status.. that means it will be going out to the playtesters soon. Most likely it should be released around the middle of next week, as long as no major problems crop up. Now I bet your wondering, can I help playtest your map?? Well this time it's a private playtest, last time I had a public playtest my unfinished map got distrubuted by a few people... I dont want that to happen again.

I still can't believe I started this map about 2 years ago.. well it will be available soon enough.
Here is a few pics to tide you over until its released.


Nexus3 - Stoned Screenshot Nexus3 - Stoned Screenshot
[click for larger image]

News - 02.18.2001 (3:15am EST)

Well sorry it took so long to get this update up, but I was having a b*tch uploading to PQ's servers!! The Chrono Cross Page is up and working, so click the link to the left or like the Chrono Cross logo above to check it out. Also the newer movies which I have uploaded are all encoded in Windows Media Player v8 beta, so the image quality is much better than the older ones I had posted, also about 25% smaller filesize. Anyone who downloaded a previous movie, may want to grab the new ones.


News - 02.13.2001 (6:15pm EST)

Hello.. anyone miss me?

Well I've been quite busy with my Real-Life, and haven't had any time really to work on maps. But let me bring you up to speed. If you didn't know I work for Gateway, at one of the Country Stores. And things there have been very busy. But I recently got a new computer, yes its a Gateway.. got to take advantage of my discount! :)

Well here are the specs:
Pentium 4 - 1.4GHz
64MB GEForce2 Ultra
IBM 60GB 7200RPM UltraATA 100 HD
16x/48x DVD-ROM
12x/8x/32x CD-RW
SB Live Value Digital
ect... I hate to brag, but this thing is damn fast!!

As of lately I've really gotten into Team Fortress Classic, and back in early December I joined Clan No Holds Barred. I really enjoy playing with the clan, the whole team is top-notch! And I have decided to make a TFC map, I haven't started on this map yet... but I have a great idea for a map. More details on this later.

I know your wondering.. where are the Quake 2/3 maps I haven't finished. Well Nexus3 is sitting on the back-burner for now, I really don't know if or when I will finish this. And well with Quake 3, when I get the desire to acually design a map for it.. you'll see a Q3 map outta me. And also my Motocross Madness 2 track was trashed, I just didn't like the way it turned out. I'm really not sure if I will attempt to make another one. But I'm pretty sure you'll see a TFC map finished before I go back to map for these other games.

Wow.. long update, but its not quite over yet. Back in November 2000, I got Chrono Cross for the Playstation. I must say this is one of my favorite RPGs of all time right after the first game in the series Chrono Trigger, by Squaresoft. I would of finished the game about a week ago if it hadn't been for a power surge that wiped the memory card clean!! Anyway cause this game doesn't seem to be very well known, I have posted a page with something to get you intersted. Click the Chrono Cross logo above, or the link to jump to that page.


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