My Preferred's

So, you are interested in my preferred's, aren't you? Let's see... What else?

I love the mountains, both in winter (I could ski for months), and in summer, with fun walks and climbing (I arrive easily to III degree, unfortunately more difficult things require devoting too much time to specific training, which for the moment I'm missing). I am contrary to the idea of climbing-for-climbing: if I climb, it's only to reach a wonderful place and enjoy a wonderful sight (clouds allowing...).

I love good music: in general I don't have any prejudice against a musical genre, I think there is something really good in every kind of music (and also something really bad...). My greatest pain is thinking of how many brilliant pieces of music are out there and I haven't listened to them yet (and, argh, maybe I'll never do!). Ain't it terrible?

I love dance and ballet, opera and theatre, and musicals. I also love to dance: now I'm at a beginner level in many dances, but I wish to reach expert level in Latin dances and other fascinating dances like e.g. Tango, Cha Cha, Swing. With the big exception of Latin dances, this seems unfortunately to be something not very appealing among most of the girls I know.

I love to travel and see new charming places.

I love to write short stories and short poetries. Unluckily, I haven't had much time for this in the last years.

I love to sing, especially improvising blues and jazz with a Buddy playing the piano. People tell me I've a great voice (bass-baritone).

...and, yes, if the Earth should be destroyed one day and I had to save a book, I'd have no hesitations: Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (... ;-)

Any related interest you'd like to talk about? Don't be afraid to mail me, then...
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