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An ominous monument in it's own right, the Q3A symbol makes a bold statement no matter where it is. Thanks go to [sak'savior] for today's new wallpaper. Tonight at midnight ET is the close of the PQ Wallpaper Contest and you can really look forward to seeing what's come in. WoW!
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When The Brothers Grim release a model, you know it's going to be awesome. Such is just the case with Grim Demon, a fantastic demon player model that's this week's Model of the Week.
Ever read Dear Mynx and just gone, "Now what the hell does that mean?" Well here's your chance to figure out exactly what she ment with this Retro Mynx entitled: Mynxisms.

   Saturday, July 7, 2001
True Combat Screens
Quake III Arena News | 7/7/2001 | 15:19 PST - Pappy-R
The True Combat crew is getting close, and I mean real close to the release of Beta 045. To keep you in the mood for the kind of action True Combat can bring, there's four new screenshots posted.
  • Shot 1
  • Shot
  • Shot 3
  • Shot 4
  • Full Metal Trailer
    Quake III Arena News | 7/7/2001 | 14:22 PST - Pappy-R
    The Full Metal Jacket team has released 9 new pics and a 24 mb flick (mpg) showing off just what this Quake III conversion has to offer. The Full Metal Jacket site has also had an "mod update" page added so that you can see changes and additions top the project for the next public version release. Today's treat is definately the video though and you should give it a look at the Full Metal Jacket site.

    Going Tribal
    Quake III Arena News | 7/7/2001 | 11:22 PST - Pappy-R
    One of the most nicely done Quake III mods has landed on the big, fuzzy Planet and we're happy to announce the new Tribal CTF site is open for business. This three team CTF mod takes full advantage of the Quake III for graphics and hard hitting gameplay. You can hit the new Tribal CTF site for info regarding the next public release, Beta 2.0. If you've yet to try Tribal CTF, there's the first beta available to get you a taste of what makes it tick.

    Getting More Eternal
    Quake III Arena News | 7/7/2001 | 7:29 PST - Pappy-R
    The Eternal Arena mod for Q3A has hit v4.7 today with some bug fixes, more features and a new game mode. Always moving ahead, the Eternal Arena mod is a real reflection of it's players. Here's what's new in version 4.7:

  • New weapons configuration screen Carnage gamemode - excessive blood and gibs, and big explosions
  • New gfx and snd packs by Fusion
  • New pre-defined game configs, ready to launch from ingame
  • Some old options removed
  • Player settings back on mainmenu
  • Demos put on setup menu
  • Slight change to the background menu gfx
  • bugfix - Deaths on scoreboard removed, until I can fix them
  • bugfix - Rocket Duel starting ammo now 30
  • bugfix - Quadwhore random spawning in other gamemodes
  • Flag Snag Weekend
    Quake III Arena News | 7/7/2001 | 7:22 PST - Pappy-R
    With things coming out slowly due to the season of beaches and vacation time, it's a great time to just play. I've had the Pappy's Bunker server at set for Q3 CTF for the weekend. Standard CTF play on Q3 v1.29f with Zoid's Q3A Threewave CTF Levels in the rotation. I'll be in and out of the server all weekend long so jump in and join us for some good CTF action. Info on the server can always be seen on my PQ page and at

    007 Quake 2 Launcher
    Quake II News | 7/7/2001 | 6:19 PST - Pappy-R
    It's even easier now to get inot some secret agent fragging with the new 007 Quake 2 Laincher. Available with the mod or on it's own if you've already got the 007 Quake 2 files, you can now get into your game with settings you want using this helpful utility. Get it from the 007 Quake 2 home.

       Friday, July 6, 2001
    Q3CTF At QuakeCon
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 17:08 PST - Pappy-R
    The eSports-America site has news of a Quake III CTF tournament to be held at QuakeCon 2001 in August.
    eSports-America is proud to announce the first ever professional Quake3CTF LAN event taking place at QuakeCon 2001 August 9th-12th in Mesquite, TX. The tournament will take place in the BYOC so either bring your computer or borrow a friends, just make sure to sign up in advance! We have over 15 teams confirmed and expect a minimum signup of 25, with 5 of the top 6 East Coast Q3CTF teams already consented. The only catch is that we have no way to guarantee BYOC spots at the event, but according to Quakecon's webpage, "anyone who shows up with a computer won't be turned away." We do have a backup plan in case they start kicking people out, so if you guys show up on the day of the event, I guarantee you a tournament and a great time. Check out the tournament's official webpage here.

    On The Throne
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 8:49 PST - Pappy-R
    The Temple of Arena has a screenshot available for the next map in the line up, the Dark Throne. The egyptian style level comes with a real life shot of the architecture used as inspiration. Shop and compare for your next Throne.

    Rampant Radiant Testing
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 8:00 PST - Pappy-R
    The QERadiant home has announced that nightly builds will be available for the GtkRadiant editor to get new features tested. Here's the scoop:

    In an effort to make the latest improvements to GtkRadiant available to everyone, we are starting to release compiled versions of the current CVS source. We will update those setups regularly on the nightly builds page.

    Please note that the nightly builds are fairly untested binaries, and that they are not meant to replace the stable release of GtkRadiant (1.1-TA).

    LvL Gets Juz Happy
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 6:20 PST - Pappy-R
    The LvL - Q3A has six levels posted up for you today and they're all from Juz's list. You've got CTF, Dm and some tourney to try today, so point your rocket at the LvL - Q3A for these:

  • Offworld by [Kona] (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • LDAQ3A00CTF by Lee David Ash (Space CTF 4-8 player)
  • Dracula by Priv (DM 4-8 player)
  • Vert2 by [Ice B] (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
  • The Tourney by Emaentra (Space DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
  • just2fast by johnboy (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • Alliance Reviewed
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 6:14 PST - Pappy-R
    The Q3Center has done a review of Alliance Q3, the massive Dm, CTf and more mod from Alliance Games. The v2.5 review covers weapons, features and maps. You can get a bit more detail on the levels as well right here (maps 1 to 14 so far).

    Feeling The Pain
    Community News | 7/6/2001 | 5:54 PST - Pappy-R
    What effects can over zealous gaming have on you physically? Check out the latest Top Ten at 3DActionPlanet for some info on what to watch for. The Top 10 Gaming-Related Ailments list was not done by doctors, in fact it should be considered "doctored" since it's Stonewolf and CitizenC handing out the advice. Grab your medical insurance card and slip into that paper gown.

    Playing Winamp Dress Up
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 5:44 PST - Pappy-R
    If you're always looking for a new skin for your Winamp player, try Quake3Daily for 16 new Quake III themed skins. I'm still grabbing from this lot as I type this, there's some very good work in here. Find something new for yours from the offering at Quake3Daily.

    Drivin' Tunes
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 5:37 PST - Pappy-R
    There's some new tunes waiting at the Quake III Rally site with the release of the main Q3 Rally score. You can grab the MP3 and give it a listen by hitting Quake III Rally where there's also word of an upcoming SFX pack release mentioned.

    Terror Q3 Progress
    Quake III Arena News | 7/6/2001 | 5:29 PST - Pappy-R
    The Terror Q3 conversion site has been updated with a progress update complete with some pics. Since I still haven't had my second coffee yet, I'll just post the list of new juice from the Terror Q3 site.

  • SKINNED: .50 AE Desert Eagle
  • SKINNED: Glock 18C full auto
  • 5 brand new pics of West Marvinvile
  • 5 brand new pics of Downtown Marvinvile
  • a 360 view on the Subway Duel Map
  • 2 360 views on the Downtown Marvinvile
  • a 360 view on the West Marvinvile
  • Updated forums!
  • Some Play By Play
    Community News | 7/6/2001 | 5:26 PST - Pappy-R
    The Savage UK crew has created a 24 hour audio feed that is stocked with commentary from their latest league games. Currently the games you can hear the play by play on is Quake 2 CTF with more on the way. Just open use your favourite online player to listen to

       Thursday, July 5, 2001
    Wallpaper to Click For
    Community News | 7/5/2001 | 18:39 PST - Pappy-R
    Quite off beat for The DaZ Dranz Level Cave, but kool is kool. DaZ has cooked up a very nice FPS themed wallpaper that you really have to see to appreciate. It's well worth a look and a snag.

    The Agony of Alcatraz
    Quake III Arena News | 7/5/2001 | 18:33 PST - Pappy-R
    Alcatraz of The BigHouse has released a level tonight instead of posting a review. His first Quake III effort is the "Source of Agony level that uses custom textures from various sources to create an industrial flavoured Dm level. After a quick couple minutes in the map, I think it would kick some serious booty for Q3 FFA. Scoop this one, it's a hell of a first attempt.

    Pappy-R Gets Talkin'
    Community News | 7/5/2001 | 9:51 PST - HellChick
    Because Pappy's too shy to talk about himself, I'm here to tell you guys about the spotlight just did on him. He's been outrunning us for a while on an interview, but we wore him down and he finally relented. So if you're looking to find out more about your favorite site director and mine, head over to GameSpy! Then email him and tell him what a smooth talker he is.

    Wolf Talk
    Community News | 7/5/2001 | 7:55 PST - Pappy-R
    Not quite Quake, but near and dear to many a Quake fan is the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein by Grey Matter. There's a new interview at "Achtung Wolfenstein!" where Thrrrpptt! gets to quiz the crew behind the Quake III TA powered sequel.

    Thrrrpptt!: Are there any surprises left? Are there any kind of enemies, weapons, or environments that we haven't heard about yet?

    Gray Matter: Of course there are! But you don't really think I'd let you in on all of them would you? Some of the most 'killer' enemies haven't been revealed yet� and won't be until you experience them for the first time when playing the game. It's the same with some of the weapons, environments and other characters in the game (not all of whom are BJ's enemies). In the tradition of Wolfenstein there will be quite the handful of surprises in all aspects of the game. Most of which will need to be uncovered as the story unfolds.

    PCZone Gets To Thinking
    Community News | 7/5/2001 | 7:12 PST - Pappy-R
    Following on the heels of the press release that got so many people thinking due to the topic and it's shear lack of info:


    QUAKECON 2001

    AUG. 9 - 12 -- MESQUITE, TEXAS
    The PCZone UK got to thinking about the whole thing very deeply and have come up with a theory. It's all in print as "Prepare For Quake4?", but what do you think?

    Sampling XWar
    Quake News | 7/5/2001 | 6:19 PST - Pappy-R
    I got a mail in that there's a demo for XWar for GLQuake (Quake 1 OpenGL). This is going to be a new game using the engine under the license agreement, and there's really no info on the site or the demo as to what's coming or how much is all new, but it's a pretty sweet little demo none the less. Quake 1 nuts should give this one a look. Any info you have or can get on XWar, just drop me a line.

    Looking For Action?
    Community News | 7/5/2001 | 5:46 PST - Pappy-R
    In a fresh article at 3DActionPlanet, Stonewolf lays out some options for action this summer since there's so few new action game releases slated. Mods for your favourite games and even a trip to the bargain bin help make for some new ways to keep you fragging. Get some ideas from "What To Play This Summer".

    Bubba's Flounder
    Quake III Arena News | 7/5/2001 | 5:27 PST - Pappy-R
    Map and model maker, Bubba is trying something a bit different, and quite bold for a Quake III map.

    My next map (Cetacean) will take at least two months to complete. I'll post the progress on a weekly basis so you can see the development of the map and models. It will be a scale model of the Monterey Bay Aquarium with the Round-About from the Stienhart in San Francisco. A bold project but it will be a trip to see and play!
    You can check out some shots today of a few fish models, layout pics and textures right at Bubba's Arena.

       Wednesday, July 4, 2001
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 17:46 PST - Pappy-R
    The PADMAN has one very sweet basket of treats tonight with Quake III eye candy galore. First up, ENTE himself has posted five new skins for the PADMAN Quake 3 model. These were inspired by his recent contest, and speaking of that, you can now grab seven different versions of the PADMAN skin "Pelvis" that was a contest entry. Get your desktops all warmed up while you're grabbing the new skins because there's a batch of new wallpapers inspired by the new skins. Lots of candy from the The PADMAN tonight.

    Are Friends Gothic?
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 16:03 PST - Pappy-R
    Kit Carson's latest level is a gothic little slice for Quake III that aims to blend some interesting qualities. "Are Friends Gothic?" is a mesh of the stylings found in early Quake III test screenshots and the play of some classic Quake 1 levels. The result is some tourney play you'll want to see for yourself. Pay Kit a visit for the goods.

    Making Q3 Go Pop!
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 15:32 PST - Pappy-R
    The always willing to party guys from Warbird Productions have released a little "Wham Bam" this evening with the new Quake III 4th Pack to celebrate the US fourth of July. The features of the pack are on display in pics on the Warbird Productions page and this thing just looks like a party. Do some festive fragging with Warbird Productions and their kool little pack.

    Q2FE Freeware
    Quake II News | 7/4/2001 | 15:24 PST - Pappy-R
    The big news on RastaWorld right now is the release of version 3.5 of the Q2 Front End utility as freeware. Just point and scoop this bad boy to get your Quake 2 server doing what you need. The full C++ source code has also been made available upon request and it's all at RastaWorld.

    Checking Dead Cells
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 10:13 PST - Pappy-R
    A new Quake III Dm level, Dead Cells, has been released by QuakerX from the Madness crew. The small FFA/tourney level also has a special Madness mod version available that offers new powerups and weapons that the mod uses. The Madness team is working on making Madness versions of their previous maps as well so watch for those.

    Wallpaper Wanted!
    Community News | 7/4/2001 | 10:01 PST - Pappy-R
    There's still a few digital days left before the closing of the PQ Wallpaper Contest so it's not too late to get your finger paints out. All we want is what you've got to give and full details are on the contest page. Hit Quake The Wall to see just how kool these things can be.

    Doin' The Admin Shuffle
    Community News | 7/4/2001 | 9:54 PST - Pappy-R
    In a new interview at PnP, things get down to the basics on the topic of server admins, cheating and online gaming in general with Dekard of sites like Game Admins and Antibotics.

    PnP: When selecting admin(s) for your server what do you look for in a person?

    Dekard: Maturity, responsibility and of course they have to be a regular. I don't want someone who just jumps on the server and has a nice ping and says HEY I WANT RCON J00!!

    Got Time To Speculate?
    Community News | 7/4/2001 | 9:50 PST - Pappy-R
    I just saw at Stomped's Redwood posted a "blurb" of a PR mail he got saying that id Software would have "New Games" to show off at QuakeCon 2001. For the full press release which is oddly small, hit this page at Stomped.

    New Q2 Duel In Town
    Quake II News | 7/4/2001 | 7:39 PST - Pappy-R
    In the latest Quake 2 level review at, loTTe ohm is very convinced that there's a new hot shot in town for Quake 2 1 on 1 matches. The level is The Chastity Belt Duel by JaLisk0 and looks to be a real treat for some Q2 tourney. Find out what's so tasty about it at

    UT Server Admins Rejoice
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 7:36 PST - Pappy-R
    The Q3-UT Runner has a new version out today, and some big new juice has been injected into this tool. Start yourQ3 Urban Terror Beta 2 server can now be cranked up even easier and with more options.

    Version .6 beta of the server utility for Quake 3's Urban Terror has been released, this version includes some minor UI and code tweaks but more importantly adds bot support, you can name your own bots, set a skill level and assign a team from the any of the 16 Urban Terror models available, bot configs can then be saved and loaded as required. A new online help has also been added, this should be very good news for the newbie Urban Terror admin.

    The Many Flavours of Levels
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 6:23 PST - Pappy-R
    The LvL - Q3A is getting to be a bit like "31 Flavours" with today's list of Quake III levels for you to grab and rate. In a list of just half a dozen maps, there should be something for everyone. Just take a peek.

  • Operation: MINDCRIME by RivrStyx (RA3 2-32 player)
  • Stronghold Opposition (TA) by SithLord (Team Arena 6-12 player)
  • Chromos Propaganda by Equino-x Forever (CTF 4-8 player)
  • Survivor by Rebel Assault (DM/Tourney 2-6 player)
  • Under My Skin by wviperw (DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
  • Abandonment by Maddman99 (DM 3-5 player)
  • Sven's Double Trouble
    Quake II News | 7/4/2001 | 5:36 PST - Pappy-R
    Sven has a couple new Quake 2 levels ready for you today 'cause this guy's more than just reviews. New in the list today is the BFG Arena 2 level , a real sequel for an odd original, and a very kool looking black and white version of The Death Ray. The Both of these levels are worth a look and you can get a good long look at Sven's.

    Dteam With Stuff
    Quake III Arena News | 7/4/2001 | 5:24 PST - Pappy-R
    Somebody slapped the Dteam with a stick and brought them back to life with the newly opened Dteam Design Guild. They've got a new tutorial on "how to quickly update your levels with new entities without recompiling your maps" and a new utility for changing normal Id Software levels to be used with PainKeep Arena. You may even find a fresh Poll to vote in as well so kick it off with a visit to the Dteam Design Guild.



    Christian Antkow7/6
    Graeme Devine7/5
    Paul Jaquays6/20
    Robert Duffy6/18
    Jim Dos�4/26

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    Find a new Source of Agony, like the new one at The BigHouse. Give Alcatraz's first Q3 level a shot, it's worth the ammo.

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