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Rez is coming to the PS2 (and hopefully the Dreamcast) later this year. And from what has been shown of the game thus far, you can expect it to be an experience like no other. United Game Artists intends to blend action gaming with music creations in a world made of wireframes and light waves. And it looks amazing...

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Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Adventure 2: The follow-up to the best selling Dreamcast game ever has been released. We've taken an in-depth look at Sonic's new adventure in our brand-new review. Check it out!
Upcoming Releases:
Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern - 7/11
Reel Fishing Wild - 7/12
Soldier of Fortune - 7/17
PBA Tour Bowling 2001 - 7/18

�� News: Saturday - July 7 - 2001
��� Mailbag: Europe, Shenmue II, and More With a PS2 Lover
2:01 PST | digitaltaco |

It's just about time for another edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag... Strike that. It is time for another edition of the PlanetDreamcast Mailbag! Today, you get to take a peek at the first mailbag compiled by me. What does that mean? Well, beyond the fact that it probably sucks, you will see that... well, hmm... You'll see that... No, it probably just sucks, and that's it. Well, if you have more faith in me than I do, then you'll want to check out the latest mailbag. If you hate me and want to watch me fail, you may want to check it out as well. So what are you waiting for? Read the damn thing already!

�� News: Friday - July 6 - 2001
��� Outtrigger - Broadband Adapter And Online Play Info
14:42 PST | Celeryface |

My buddy Jacky Chang from Swirlvision has sent over some new information concerning Outtrigger's online play and Broadband Adapter compatibility. The online play will feature upto 6 players at once, with both Deathmatch and Team Battle 3 vs. 3 modes.

Outtrigger will be compatible with the Broadband Adapter, but not fully. Jacky has informed me that the Broadband Adapter will work with Static IP and DHCP, but not with PPPoE. If you don't know which broadband connection you are on, check with your ISP and they should be able to give you the details.

��� Download New Features For Crazy Taxi 2!
14:10 PST | Celeryface |

Hitmaker has released some new features for Crazy Taxi 2 that can be downloaded via their website. Don't get too excited just yet, these new features aren't gameplay changes or anything similar to that. You can check out the details on the new features here.

One of the download features adds a new scenery to the game, giving a sunset in Around Apple, and a sunrise in Small Apple. Also, passengers will be standing in completely new places throughout New York, so you will get more variety and replayability from the game. Like I said before, these new features are not major gameplay additions, but it is great to see that Hitmaker is still sending out great stuff for Crazy Taxi 2 owners.Thanks goes out to Swirlvision for the heads-up on the info.

��� Ultimate Dreamcast Preview Guide
10:28 PST | Celeryface |

IGN-DC has whipped up another Ultimate Dreamcast Preview Guide covering many of the big Dreamcast titles coming to the US this year. This preview guide covers games from all genres, which should interest a wide range of gamers. Hit this link to check it out.

��� Sega Discusses Crazy Taxi Movie
9:33 PST | Celeryface |

The Director of licensing for Sega of America recently discussed the Crazy Taxi movie with GameSpot. During the interview they discuss the ideas behind the movie, the licensing deal, and videogame movies in general. Here is a snip from the interview:

GameSpot: How did this deal come about?

Jane Thompson: We were shopping Crazy Taxi to a company to develop toys, T-shirts, and the whole entertainment gamut. Basically, the philosophy is that you start with an entertainment property and work from there on out. So, we were talking to a company about a few other things and they happened to have a relationship with Goodman-Rosen Productions. Goodman-Rosen saw the property and got excited about Crazy Taxi. So, they in turn have a first-look deal with Richard Donner. They presented the movie idea to Donner, who loved it.
Generally videogame movies have not been well received by critics or the public, but personally I enjoyed a few of them like Mortal Kombat and Lara Croft:Tomb Raider. Next week Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within will be hitting theatres, and from what I have seen from the previews, this movie will put videogame movies on the map and hopefully make many people forget about the Mario Bros. and Double Dragon movies. :P
��� Super Monkey Ball Wallpaper And Movies
8:52 PST | Celeryface |

The-GIA has got a hold of new Super Monkey Ball wallpaper to decorate your desktop. This wallpaper is available in multiple resolutions ranging from 800x600 upto 1280x960, for you high resolution junkies. You can grab the wallpaper from here.

Super Monkey Ball is Sega's first venture onto the Gamecube and was recently announced to be included as a launch title. The Gamecube will launch in Japan on September 14th, and you will see Super Monkey Ball on launch day. IGN-Cube has posted a preview of the game, and has included some direct feed movies of the game. Hit this link to check it out!

��� Japanese Dreamcast Release Dates And Info
8:31 PST | Celeryface |

The-MagicBox recently posted some new info and release dates on upcoming Japanese Dreamcast games. If you are a serious importer, or live in Japan you might be interested in checking out this info. Check it out:

Zero Gunner 2 - September 6, for 5800 yen
Cosmic Smash - September 13, for 2800 yen
Candy Stripe - September 27, for 6800 yen
Run=Dim: As BlackSoul - September 27, for 5800 yen
Emperor Dream Pachislot Olympiasp - September 27, for 5800 yen
As most of these Japanese Dreamcast wont be making it to the US, some still look very interesting most notably Cosmic Smash. From the creators of arcade games like Star Wars Arcade and Sega Rally 2 Championship, Sega Rosso brings you this squash/Breakout game. Interested in the game? Head over to the official Cosmic Smash website to check it out.

�� News: Thursday - July 5 - 2001
��� Editorial: Broadband Schmrodband
0:26 PST | digitaltaco | 9 Comments

Since high-speed, broadband internet access has been available to home users on the personal computing level, the question of how fast broadband would hit console gaming was raised. When Sega answered the question and announced that they would release a Broadband Adapter for use with Dreamcast games, we all praised their decision and awaited the day when we too would have low pings and high-speed downloads. But now that has come and and basically gone, it sad to see what has happened to broadband gaming on the Dreamcast. In today's editorial, we've taken a look at the BBA, the games that support it, and what went wrong. Take a look at the feature right here. And tell us what you think about broadband gaming in the forums.

��� Sega Opens Outrigger Site
12:48 PST | Celeryface |

Sega has officially opened the Outrigger website today, to anticipate the upcoming release of the game. Due to hit shelves on July 24th, Outrigger is a fast paced shooter that offers both first and third person perspectives. The game features online gameplay, where you can recruit new members for your Outrigger team and go head-to-head against other teams to compete for the top spot. Here is some more details on the game straight from the official website:

  • Hone your skills with training missions. Then go online, recruit members, and become the number one Outtrigger team!
  • Includes all of the great arcade features, plus exclusive Dreamcast stages. Split-screen action lets up to 4 players battle onscreen at the same.
  • 1st and 3rd person perspectives, multiple controller setups, and the auto-assist targeting function provide a variety of gameplay options.
  • Single Player mode with unlockable weapons, a character edit option, and scenario-driven missions
  • Compatible with the Dreamcast keyboard and mouse.
  • After playing the demo of Outrigger and hearing about all the great features I can say that I am really excited about this game and looking forward to giving it a purchase. I received a classified email from Sega today pointing me to this website, so head on over to check it out. ;)
    ��� Tennis 2K2 - Screenshots
    12:16 PST | Celeryface |

    SegaWeb has whipped up a nice preview of the sequel to last summer's smash-hit Virtua Tennis. Tennis 2K2, as it is now known, will feature the same fast-paced gameplay as its prequel, but will include a create a player feature, World Circuit Mode, mixed doubles matches, and at least 16 men and woman players including: Lindsay Davenport, Magnus Norman, Mary Pierce, Jelena Dokic, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, Alexandra Stevenson, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Tim Henman, and Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

    Great to see that both men and woman players will be playable in Tennis 2K2. No word yet if the mini-games will make it into the latest installment of the series. Lets hope Sega will included the mini-games, as they added a great deal of replayability to the game. SegaWeb has also posted a few screenshots in their preview, you can check them out here.

    ��� Sega Of Japan To Close Down Online Game Server?
    0:06 PST | Celeryface |

    According to The-MagicBox, Sega and ISAO network have announced that they will be closing down the online game server that hosts four online Dreamcast games. On August 31st the online game server that hosts Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2, Let's Play Pro Baseball Team Net and Sega Professional Tennis: Power Smash will be closed down.

    Good news is that from now until August 31st, usage of the server will be free of charge. Future online Dreamcast titles like Atsume Onsen 2 and Sakura Taisen Online will also have a free online game server, courtesy of Sega and ISAO network. This announcement is for Japanese online Dreamcast games and there have been no announcements regarding US Dreamcast game servers. So there is no need to worry, you will still have your Phantasy Star Online and Daytona USA online games hoping across the US servers for a long time. Thanks goes to The-MagicBox for the heads on the info.

    �� News: Wednesday - July 4 - 2001
    ��� DC Hard-Drive By Underground Developers
    1:32 PST | Celeryface |

    Core Magazine has reported that a few underground Dreamcast developers from Nagoya University have made a functional Dreamcast hard-drive. You can also check out some pics of the drive here. Here is some info on the hard-drive:

    The drive is connected through the modem port on the Dreamcast utilizing a homemade IDE interface board and the NetBSD operating system.
    This is great to see that underground Dreamcast development community is started to grow. Many great things have come out of the community: direct ports of PC games like Quake, operating systems such as Linux and NetBSD have been ported to the Dreamcast, mp3 players, and even emulators of your favorite consoles have been developed for Dreamcast. If you are into programming, or are just interested in the subject, a great Dreamcast development site called Dreamcast Emulation has been up for awhile and is one of my personal favorites. Check it out.
    ��� Rez - Screenshots And A New Video
    1:02 PST | Celeryface |

    Gamespot has got a hold of some new screenshots and a new video of United Game Artists' upcoming rhythm shooter Rez. The game formerly known as K-Project, is set to be simultaneously released on Dreamcast and Playstation 2. We will keep you informed on a release date once the info is released, stayed tuned. You can check out those screenshots and video of Rez here.

    ��� World Series Baseball 2K2 = No Broadband
    0:41 PST | Celeryface |

    IGN-DC has reported that Visual Concepts' upcoming Sega Sports title, World Series Baseball 2K2, will not support the Broadband Adapter accessory for online play. As many of Visual Concepts' online games like NFL 2K1 and NBA 2K1 all work great on Dreamcast's 56K modem, but many broadband users will be disappointed that their $60 adapter will not be functional during an online game of WSB 2K2.

    The Broadband Adapter is starting to fade out as it is only supported by a small handfull of games, and future support isn't looking too well. Sega has taken The Broadband Adapter off of their online store, so the adapter will surely become a nice collector's item, or maybe it will make a nice door stop. :)

    ��� New Dreamcast Model Coming To Japan
    0:26 PST | Celeryface |

    Sega of Japan has announced that they will be releasing an "R-7" (Regulation 7) Dreamcast model. This model will be colored black, and will sport a spiffy "R-7" logo on both the hardware unit and controller. Here is what's included with this Dreamcast model:

  • R7 Dreamcast
  • R7 Dreamcast controller
  • Dream passport 3
  • Dream passport 3 guidebook
  • Power source cable
  • Modular cable (5m)
  • Stereo AV cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Extra instruction manual
  • The "R-7" Dreamcast model will be released on September 6th in Japan and will sell for 9,900 yen (about $80 US). Thanks goes to Swirlvision for the info.

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