Pre-game hype angered defense


After Saturday's game was over, the hits continued, as Nebraska linebacker Ed Stewart used the post-game press conference to exact some revenge against K-State.

"They talked a lot of stuff all week," Stewart said. "I don't know for what reason they were saying that stuff for.

"They tried to make this thing a rivalry, but what I think people have to remember is that we're still Nebraska, and they're still Kansas State."

Stewart was then asked what the Wildcats were saying in the papers.

"The stuff that was going on in the papers all week wasn't that classy," he said. "Well, they were talking about how they were going to rip us apart, and we suck. It was all in the papers."

Then the topic with Stewart turned toward respect for the Cats.

"I guess no one had any for us before the game," he said. "I wouldn't say that this was an ugly win. Before the game, everyone said that they were all that, and we were nothing. So supposedly we sucked.

"They were talking about how they were going to whip us and all that."

n In last season's game, the Huskers allowed the K-State offense to rack up over 500 yards. This included 489 passing yards by K-State quarterback Chad May.

This season's game was a different story, as the Nebraska defense held the Cats to just six points, and negative seven yards rushing.

"We just brought it to them," Stewart said. "We screwed them up with the things that we were doing. Our coaches put together a good package for us to go against their offense."

Nebraska coach Tom Osborne said the Nebraska defense played extremely well.

"Overall, I'm just really pleased with the effort of our team," Osborne said. "We showed a lot of poise today.

"Our defense really stepped it up today. We played a lot of man-to-man coverage, and we kept Chad May off-balance by showing blitz, and not coming all the time. I think our defensive staff did a real good job."

The blitzing that Osborne talked about resulted in six sacks of May, one interception and two fumbles.

"We gave them a lot of different looks, and we got some good shots on May," Stewart said. "I don't think that they knew exactly what defense we were in."

Another reason for the success of the Nebraska defense had to do with the play of the Huskers secondary.

After having several blown coverages last season, the Huskers had only one mix up on Saturday, Nebraska cornerback Barron Miles said.

"We played a gang of man-to-man today," Miles said. "We got a hold of ourselves and came back and played hard."

K-State receiver Kevin Lockett said he thought the Husker defense was motivated after last season's game.

"They put a lot more rush on us than they did last year," Lockett said. "I think that enables them to do more things.

"I definitely think that they had something to prove after last season's game."

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