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Welcome to the new home page of the Regular Sovereign Sanctuary of the Rite of Memphis, North American Jurisdiction!

The Rite of Memphis is the fastest growing Masonic organization in the United States.  Perhaps this is due to its dynamic core of young, well educated professionals, with an average age of 35.  The Rite is unlike any other Masonic organization in that it propagates a Libertarian philosophy and openly discusses its ideology, symbols, and work in open Lodge.  It is a place where one can openly and without fear of retribution speak out about his interpretations, beliefs, and ideas surrounding Freemasonry, Religion, Politics and the world around him.  It is an organization dedicated to universal tolerance and freedom.

The Rite of Memphis requires an active role by each of its members to retain membership within the order.  Petitioning for membership is also a more demanding process in that it makes each of its potential members submit essays on various Masonic subjects to show their ability to comprehend its principals and philosophy, and to insure social acceptance within the group.   The cost of membership is commiserate to the value of the order and its offerings.  The Rite of Memphis is dedicated to the ancient and true study of the art of our craft; there are no "one day" classes that allow you to complete the work.  Each candidate must work his way through the degrees and prove proficiency before being allowed to advance to the next level. 

The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis is universal, and is open to every Master Mason who is in good standing under a constitutional Grand Lodge and believes in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. The only other qualification which it requires of its Neophyte is probity and honor, and it esteems Masonic worth, ability, and learning above social and personal distinctions.  Seeking by means of its comprehensive ceremonials to extend Masonic knowledge, Morality and justice, and to enforce all those great principles which distinguish true Masons at all times.

The Rite of Memphis is unlike all of the other Rites and Orders of Freemasonry in that it puts Masonic principles and ideas into action.  It is the true practice of Masonic ideology.  

The rituals are based upon those of the  craft universal; they explain its symbols, develop its mystic philosophy, exemplify its morality, examine its legends, tracing them to their primitive source, and dealing fairly and truthfully with the historical features of symbolical Masonry; they contain nothing in their teaching but what Mohammedan, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Parsee may alike acknowledge. Strictly un-sectarian, it offers an intellectual treat of the highest order to the Masonic inquirer, whether he be a literal student of Masonic history or a philosophical seeker of abstruse truth. It forms a pyramid whose base is that universal craft: Masonry, which has covered the Globe, its time-worn ascents are the  Masonic virtues, its apex the seat of eternal truth.

The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis: Masonry's Messiah?

“Try” says Marcus Aurelius, “to persuade men, and if that cannot be, do-even despite them- that which justice demands of you”

The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis is the one true link in the traditions, the perpetual connection between the Hierophants of old and our current era. The Antient Rite is Masonry on the collegiate level; the depth of knowledge and the diversity of Rites, Obedience’s and Traditions composing our ‘Sacred Ark’ is uncompromisingly the most complete, accurate, and awe-inspiring collection of Masonic lore preserved throughout the ages. 

Freemasonry is composed of three traditions, to wit; the written tradition which composes the monitorial portions of our ritual and the philosophic speculations of individual brethren along the lines of Ashmole, Bacon, Marconis, Yarker, Pike, Mackey, Macoy, Waite, Wescott and countless others who have contributed to Masonry’s heritage. The next is the oral tradition, being the mouth to ear portions that may only be received in the tiled recesses of the Lodge. The third is the esoteric working, the true “seed of gold” within our institution, intimated at by numerous writers on Masonic symbolism yet understood by few. The esoteric tradition is the heart and the soul of our beloved Masonry. It is relatively easy, to remember a few handshakes, exchange a couple words, and memorize a catechism of lecture. These simple traits of the blue lodge are not the secrets of Masonry as so ridiculously supposed. However, they do begin to plant the seeds to higher learning by beginning to develop the fundamental traits of concentration, and introspection, so essential to any greater pursuit of Masonic Symbolism. 

These higher practices, while virtually extinct in Freemasonry of the modern era are actively preserved and perpetuated within the bosom of the Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis. The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancient Sages has assumed many names behind many, many veils throughout various ages. The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis today is but one vehicle to disseminate these sacred teachings.  

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