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July 6, 2001   

















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First Review: Virtua Fighter 4
SEGA's Virtua Fighter is back, and really IS better than ever. But is it enough to keep gamers interested? Find out in our world-first review of this huge arcade title coming soon to PS2.

Virtua Fighter 4: 85 Movies!
We've played the finished version to death, and bring you tons of movies of such high quality, they may as well be direct feed. This is it!

Preview: ToeJam & Earl III
Update: Take a look at this awesome trailer from E3. You just wouldn't be funky if you didn't.

Preview: Alien Front Online
Update: Independence day may have come and gone, but the nasty alien threat will always remain. All red-blooded humans should check out this awesome footage straight from the frontlines.

Preview: Phantasy Star Online Version 2
Update: We continue the media onslaught with some cool footage of the sequel to Sonic Team's online smash.

Sega of Japan Unplugs Online Titles
Several online playable titles are going offline soon, as users drop off and Sega continues to phase out the Dreamcast.

GamerWeb*NET Goes Live!
Join GamerWeb*NET today for exclusive access to the best game movies anywhere and special membership features.

SA2: Green Hill Zone Movies!
Highlight: The original 16-BIT Green Hill Zone is hidden in SA2, in 3D! We have the first direct-feed screens AND movies, along with other new SA2 movies as well.

Preview: Virtua Fighter 4
Highlight: The ultimate fighter is almost here... check out these new screens and fantastic movies, before our MASSIVE in-game movie footage and full review next week! Forums
Well wouldn't you know it, the weekend is upon us once again. You'll still come visit us in the SegaWeb Forums, right?

Top News

No VF4 Data Card Outside Japan
As per usual, the Japanese get all the awesome stuff. Not that I'm bitter mind you.

Pengo Heads For Zaurus
Hands up if anyone remembers this game. You do? Well, you deserve a cookie my good man.

Infogrames Snags Terminator License
Expect to hear the phrase, "I'll be back" a whole lot more in the near future. Whose idea was this again?

The Power Cosmic Is Coming
Sega Rosso's quirky puzzle title has a price and date. Find out when the madness begins, inside.

New Dreamcast On Its Way
Why won't they just let it die in peace? Leave him alone I tell you! Full details inside.

Top Reviews

Review: Sonic Adventure 2
If Sonic is so quick, why did it take him so long to return? Click through to find out how Yuji Naka's final Dreamcast hurrah turned out.

GBA Review: Chu Chu Rocket
Sonic Team’s popular puzzler of cat and mouse is now playable on GBA, but does it retain its enjoyable, signature gameplay?

Review: Worms World Party
‘Global Worming’ has arrived on the DC and we couldn't be more excited! Find out why Worms World Party is a scorcher in our explosive review.

Review: Crazy Taxi 2
Is cabbie mayhem in the ‘Big Apple’ really all it’s cut out to be? Find out in our craaazzy review!

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Blast the rig’s horn and tell your rivals to get the heck outta the way! Sega’s latest occupational thrill-fest has finally arrived. Check out our domestic review.

Saturn Review: Panzer Dragoon
Has the classic Saturn shooter aged like fine wine, or become a moldy mess? SegaWeb continues its look back at the Saturn's best.

Top Previews

GameCube Preview: Virtua Striker 3
Sega kicks of its GameCube line-up with the latest in a prestigious line of arcade games, and Nintendo's machine is more than a match for it.

Xbox Preview: Jet Set Radio Future
Update: We continue the media deluge with some awesome movies and shots of what could be the Xbox's killer-app.

Preview: Tennis 2K2
Update: We've updated the preview with screens and a few movies of the game which include both in-game and trailer footage. Check it out!

Preview: Rez
A stranger game you'll struggle to find. Find out what is currently known about Tetsuya Mizuguchi's latest. Screens and movies included.

GameCube Preview:
Super Monkey Ball

Sega’s latest GameCube game is looking very promising - and you thought Chu Chu Rocket was weird, ha!

GBA Preview: Advanced Columns
Could Sega's latest brand of block-busting action be good enough to make GBA gamers drop their Tetris DX?

Top Features

Feature: Squawk Box #3:
GBA Hooray!?

Welcome to our regular look at all things gaming. This time we examine the Game Boy Advance.

Summer Days: What to Do?
Today we finish our countdown of the best Dreamcast games to play during summer. Which games took the top two spots?

E3 2001: The Babes of E3
It's time for some shameless exposure of ass and breasts from this year's E3! Bring on the girls...

Squawk Box #2: E3 2001 Part 2: Showdown
Welcome to our regular look at all things gaming. This time we look at the E3 Console War and booth babe politics.

MonkeyWorks: GW Forums / E3
Why are the forums screwed? What goes on behind the scenes of E3? It's not all glitz and glamour. More like porn and poo-flinging.

Release List Update
Find out what you can look forward to in the weeks ahead. Slim pickings indeed.

Weekly Cheats Update
Yeah, it's a day late, but you can blame the country forefathers for that one.

  VF4: The first and most extensive review, with over an hour's worth of movies. The final verdict!  

  SEGA: We speak to Peter Moore, Yu Suzuki, Mizuguchi, Hideki Sato, Greg Thomas and every other R&D; exec in this end-all SEGA blow-out.  

  E3 2001: Take a look at our coverage of the greatest show on earth.  

  PSO Version 2: Thought the original was addictive? Our preview has everything you need to know about Sonic Team's latest PSO offering.  

  Shenmue II: Come see our preview of arguably the most anticipated Dreamcast game to date.  

  Crazy Taxi 2: We get down and dirty in the streets of NY. Our craaazzy review has everything you need to know.  

  Bleem! Archive: From inception to release, we have the most in-depth look at Bleem! anywhere, including a review of the first Bleem! Pack.  

  The Games of 2001: We take a look at what we'll be playing next year. Tip: Start saving now...  

  Grandia II Archive Looking for information on Grandia II? Look no further.  

  Shenmue Archive: Take a look at everything we've ever written about the game.  

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