Profile: Originally an animator of OVA style animes (picture & motion drawings). His first work on games was creating artwork for adventure games on the PC Engine (Turbo Graphics 16). And then a fighting game (character design and graphics) for the PC9801, Mahjong games (art and graphics, direction and art direction) and others.

Previous Work: See above


Q: What was your part on the motion team and which characters did you work on?

Shibue: Mainly throws for Ivy, Astaroth, Kilik and Nightmare.


Q: Which motions would you like players to check out?

Shibue: Try the throws on an opponent's back. Though they are difficult these are great motions. We made special hit motions for these so you maybe want to spend the extra money or get help from the 2P side.


Q: Some comments for the players please.

Shibue: Please enjoy controlling the characters, not being particular to win or lose.


Q: How are you doing in these days?

Shibue: I am melting... (Ed. I guess it must be hot)

Soul Calibur
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