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Planned Parenthood Founder:
Margaret Sanger

In 1913, when Margaret Sanger wrote her series of birth control-related articles titled "What Every Girl Should Know," writing about such matters was considered obscene -- and illegal. Not that the law was much of a deterrant to Sanger, who was arrested eight times. Haunted by the image of her mother, who died after 18 pregnancies and 11 children, Sanger fought tirelessly for the right of women to not only be informed about birth control options, but to have them available. She opened the country's first birth control clinic in Brownsville, Brooklyn in 1916. Later, she established the Margaret Sanger Research Bureau, which counseled women on legal issues and led to the founding of Planned Parenthood. It wasn't until 1937 that a federal court legalized contraception. Sanger remained active in the International Planned Parenthood until her death in 1972.