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With mining hazards like falling boulders, creepy amoebae, and exploding fireflies, it's no wonder diamonds are so expensive! Boulderdash and Super Boulderdash on the Atari 400/800 challenge you to dig up diamonds or die trying.
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The third edition of the definitive video game history book, Phoenix, is due out this month. Our own Retro Rogue caught up with Phoenix author Leonard Herman for an interview. He tells us what to expect in this new edition.
   Congratulations to Drew Kuespert of Indiana -- the winner of our Donkey Kong Jr. giveaway contest! He shares his reactions to winning a full-sized arcade cabinet.

Arcade Fever is a new coffee table book about the golden age of arcade games, coming this August. We got our hands on an advance copy, and give you the lowdown.
News - July 6, 2001
Jagfest 2K1 Aftermath
July 6, 2001 7:47 | Liberator |
Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions issued his report on Jagfest 2K1. There were a record-breaking 80 attendees. Highlights were a JagVR prototype available to try out and a ten player Battlesphere network. Perhaps the biggest announcement was Protector SE's CD Bypass feature. With this cartridge in your Jaguar console, you can play unencrypted CD's in your Jaguar CD player. No word yet on when the cartridge will be available for purchase.

Game Derby Revisited
July 6, 2001 7:41 | Liberator |
If you've already seen all the trivia questions in Game Derby and are begging for more, you've got it. Game Derby 1.002 has been released. It contains 50% more questions and now three categories: novice, intermediate, and advanced. Top Secret Robots, described as a "cross between Puzzle Bobble and a shooter with very deep game play," is still included.

Zero Wing Stuff
July 6, 2001 7:38 | Liberator |
Did you get hit by the "All your base are belong to us" madness? How'd you like it on a coffee mug, mouse pad, or t-shirt? Well head on over to Zero Wing Stuff and order away.

News - July 5, 2001
New Game Wallpapers
July 5, 2001 16:30 | BenT |
Hosted site Japanese Gaming has added a bunch of new high resolution wallpapers for your PC's desktop. The featured games include Shining Force III, Fausette Amour, Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star Online, and that ecchi favorite, Dragon Knight 4. Just check out the site's Bonus section and download away!