GE AC6000 CW™ Locomotive

It's the most powerful locomotive we've ever developed. The AC6000 offers major advantages in tractive effort, speed and reliability-advantages that deliver unprecedented productivity in intermodal transport applications.

The GE 7HDL™, a 16-cylinder, twin turbocharged, electronically fuel-injected engine powers the AC6000. This 6,250 ghp diesel engine is designed and manufactured for higher horsepower, greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions, improved reliability and easier maintenance. Elastic mounts isolate the engine and alternator from the platform to reduce platform-induced vibration This isolation reduces stress on locomotive components and creates a more comfortable environment for operators.

We bring good things to lifeTraction System
For high-performance control, separate, computer-controlled inverters-one per axle--regulate the AC traction motors. This single-inverter-per-axle technology assures maximum tractive effort, independent of wheel diameter variation. It offers the most reliable adhesion to the rail in all-weather conditions. The system's ability to accommodate varying wheel sizes also minimizes maintenance.

Control Capabilities
The new control system seamlessly integrates locomotive electronics with train control functions, serves as the platform for electronic braking and distributed power capabilities. The system's "open architecture" allows for integrating additional capabilities, as they become available, including technologies such as Expert On-Board™ Diagnostics, Locomotive Tracking, Positive Train SeparationTM (PTS), and Precision Train ControlTM (PTC).