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The 7FDL Engine

The heart of the GE Transportation Systems (GETS) locomotive is the GE 7FDL prime mover. This efficient four-stroke diesel engine has performed for many years in various cylinder and horsepower configurations.

The GETS engine has a long history of industry-leading efficiency and reliability that stems from a robust Cooper Bessemer-based design. Beginning with the U25 locomotive and carrying through to the DASH 7, DASH 8, DASH 9 and AC4400 locomotives, the 7FDL engine has proven that it is the industry's four-stroke workhorse. Today's engine is available with split cooling, electronic fuel injection and various turbochargers.

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The 7HDL Engine

The latest addition to GETS' stable of engines is the 7HDL, 16-cylinder engine. The "big brother" to GETS' 7FDL engine, the 7HDL delivers 6,250 ghp to the alternator. That makes this new engine the highest horsepower, production freight locomotive engine in the world.

The 7HDL engine is designed for efficiency and reliability, with isolation from the platform that eliminates the largest source of vibration in the locomotive. The twin turbochargers feed air into the 16 15.7-liter cylinders to provide a level of power for the most demanding applications. And all of this power comes in a package no larger than the 4,500 ghp 7FDL engine.

The design of the 7HDL engine provides a path to the future, with a growth platform to meet emissions and customer requirements.

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